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D-Wave wins the quantum-classical horse race, kind of

It's official, it seems: the D-Wave isn't a “real” quantum computer, but it does handle some classes of problems a lot faster than a classical desktop computer. That's the result of the first attempt to benchmark the company's adibiatic quantum computer, but it comes with caveats. But first, some background. D-Wave is a …
Shot of D-Wave's 16 qubit chip

D-Wave goes public with 81-qubit protein modeling

D-Wave – whose claims to have a working quantum computer have been met with skepticism and major contracts in equal measure – has published a paper in Nature in which it demonstrates the application of quantum annealing to protein folding analysis. Protein folding is a difficult problem in the classical world, because of the …
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Google demos image rec 'quantum computer'

Google says it has developed a kind of quantum computer capable of identifying objects that appear in digital photos and videos. According to the company, the system outperforms the classical algorithms running across its current network of worldwide data centers. Hartmut Neven, Google technical lead manager for image …
Cade Metz, 15 Dec 2009
Broken CD with wrench

Quantum computing firm D-Wave bags $17m more in funding

D-Wave Systems has attracted a lot of criticism from computer scientists over claims it has developed a way to create a marketable quantum computer. But whether its technology will ever be viable outside of a laboratory setting or not, investors seem to be eating it up. The company announced this week that it received $17m in …
Austin Modine, 2 Feb 2008

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