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Air traffic control at NATS

Sweden 'secretly blames' hackers – not solar flares – for taking out air traffic control

Sweden suspects a hacker group linked to Russian intelligence was responsible for an attack on its air traffic control systems last November, it is claimed. Air traffic control systems across much of Sweden were unavailable on November 4. Computer problems meant air traffic controllers were unable to use their displays, an …
John Leyden, 12 Apr 2016
The future of air war

US and UK declare red-team CYBER WAR – on EACH OTHER

The US and the UK are planning a series of joint war games involving cyber-warriors from either side attacking each other in a bid to expose security weaknesses before they are abused by criminal hackers or hostile governments. The exercises, which will initially test the security defences and procedures at banks on Wall …
John Leyden, 16 Jan 2015
DARPA logo

DARPA crazytech crew want to create HUMAN-FREE cyber defence systems

American secret squirrel military research outfit DARPA has launched a competition to find the autonomous cyber-defence systems of the future. More than 30 teams will participate in the Cyber Grand Challenge, which is described as a "first of its kind tournament" designed to kickstart the development of automated security …
Jasper Hamill, 3 Jun 2014

These lucky people get paid to play CYBER WAR GAMES

Some lucky infosec professionals will be taking part in a cyber war game designed to test the readiness of NATO countries to respond to "large scale cyber attacks targeting information infrastructures" in the pretty city of Tartu in Estonia. Cyber Coalition 2013, a three-day exercise which starts today, will involve staff from …
John Leyden, 26 Nov 2013 open to hiring EX-CON hackers for cyber reserves

The UK army of cyber reservists is open to the idea of hiring convicted hackers into its ranks. The new head of the Joint Cyber Reserve Unit, Lieutenant Colonel Michael White, told BBC Newsnight that applicants would be assessed on their skills and capabilities, rather than personality traits or past histories. Asked whether …
John Leyden, 23 Oct 2013
Kim Jong-un

NORKS cyber mayhem cost South Korea £500 MEEELLION

North Korea’s supposed 3,000-strong army of highly trained hackers has caused financial damage to its southern neighbour amounting to over £500 million over the past four years, according to a South Korean lawmaker. Citing figures provided by the defence ministry’s cyber warfare unit, Chung Hee-soo of the ruling Saenuri Party …
Phil Muncaster, 16 Oct 2013

Cyber jihad as Indonesia and Bangladesh BLOW EACH OTHER off the web

A cyber-jihad has erupted between groups of rival Islamic hackers in Bangladesh and Indonesia, resulting in attacks on hundreds of sites. The rival hackers have abandoned their normal pursuit of Israeli targets and have instead turned on each other. It is unclear which side started the war, although the Bangladeshi group have …
Jasper Hamill, 30 Jul 2013
South Korean soldiers commemorating the Korean War

North and South Korea hit by cyber-blitz on Korean War anniversary

Both North and South Korea are under cyber attack from a group of unidentified hackers who blitzed senior government officials' websites and a group of media companies. The website of the South Korean presidential office and prime minister's office were among the sites hit on Tuesday morning. "The government confirms there …
John Leyden, 25 Jun 2013

Social media off to war with propaganda posts

Social media posts which lure readers with the promise of illegal, amoral or forbidden products and services may become a cold war cyber weapon, according to Kaspersky Labs CEO Eugene Kaspersky. Speaking to The Register in Sydney yesterday Kaspersky said the usual suspects – Duqu, Stuxnet, whatever happened in Estonia and the …
Simon Sharwood, 22 May 2012
The Register breaking news

North Korean GPS blocking sparks cyber war fears

South Korea will lodge an official complaint with the UN over its reclusive neighbour after GPS-blocking by the North for over a week disrupted hundreds of flights, in what some officials are worried could be the first signs of a looming cyber war. Over 500 aircraft flying to or from South Korea’s main airports of Incheon and …
Phil Muncaster, 11 May 2012
The Register breaking news

The cyber-weapons paradox: 'They're not that dangerous'

When it comes to bombs, the more powerful they are, the bigger their impact. With a cyber-weapon, the opposite is true: the more powerful it is, the more limited the damage it causes. The deeper a bug can get into any given system, the less likely it is to trouble anything else. And that's why cyber-weapons aren't real weapons …
Anna Leach, 24 Feb 2012
The Register breaking news

Schneier: Teens and treaties - our cyber-war saviors

We can expect at least another 10 years of unbridled and irrational fear about the threat of cyber war before things calm down. That's according to security expert Bruce Schneier, who reckons it will be people's attitudes to the threat of hackers, terrorists and rogue nations that will grow up first, and essentially help make …
Gavin Clarke, 29 Nov 2011
The Register breaking news

War boffin: Killer cyber attacks won't happen

People worried about a cyber-war should calm down and stop worrying because it will never happen, a war studies academic has said. In the paper Cyber War Will Not Take Place Dr Thomas Rid confidently argues that hacking and computer viruses never actually kill people. An act of war must have the potential to be lethal, says Dr …
Anna Leach, 20 Oct 2011
The Register breaking news

US forced to redesign secret weapon after cyber breach

The United States may be forced to redesign an unnamed new weapon system now under development – because tech specs and plans were stolen from a defence contractor's databases. Reuters and Aviation Week report on the revelation by US Deputy Defense Secretary William Lynn, made in the course of announcing beefed-up cyber …
Lewis Page, 15 Jul 2011
The Register breaking news

Defence Minister 'to big up electropulse threat' - report

New UK defence minister Liam Fox has fallen into the clutches of fearmongering armsbiz lobbyists, according to reports. The Telegraph reports on a behind-closed-doors speech by Dr Fox at an event today organised by Avi Schnurr, a lobbyist known for pushing the idea that various expensive defence technologies should be …
Lewis Page, 20 Sep 2010
The Register breaking news

NSA setting up secret 'Perfect Citizen' spy system

The US National Security Agency (NSA) is embarking on a secret domestic surveillance project dubbed "Perfect Citizen", intended to monitor and protect important national infrastructure such as power grids and transport systems. The Wall Street Journal, citing unnamed government and industry sources, says that the NSA has …
Lewis Page, 8 Jul 2010
The Register breaking news

US cyber-combat Top Gun training details emerge

Details are emerging of the training programme that will produce the US military's new elite corps of cyberwarfare operatives. According to a Department of Defense statement, the undergraduate cyber training course for career field 17DX "cyber operations officers" in the US Air Force was launched last week at Keesler airforce …
Lewis Page, 23 Jun 2010
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US netwar-force Cyber Wings badge unveiled

The US Air Force - perhaps the keenest of America's armed forces to get stuck into network warfare - has unveiled the cyber "wings" which will be worn on the chests of its digital warriors. The US Air Force Cyberspace Badge. Credit: USAF Cyber wings upon their chests/These are men**, our geekiest The new "Cyberspace Badge …
Lewis Page, 4 May 2010

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