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OpenStack makes Zuul continuous delivery tool its second indie project

The OpenStack Foundation has launched its Zuul continuous delivery and integration tool as a discrete project. Zuul is therefore Foundation’s second project other than OpenStack itself. The first was Kata Containers. Making Zuul a standalone effort therefore advance’s the Foundation’s ambition to become a bit like the Linux …
Simon Sharwood, 22 May 2018
Oracle OpenWorld/JavaOne

Solaris becomes Solaris 11.4, but new features aren’t set

Much of the world tunes out between Christmas and New Year, and The Register shuts down. But Oracle decided that was the perfect time to reveal a little more about the future of its Solaris operating system. The guts of its twin holiday season posts on the OS were that it plans to give the world Solaris 11.4 some time in 2018 …

DevOps hype? Sometimes a pizza really is just a pizza

Opinion Stop me if you’ve heard this one before. Four friends are sitting on a sofa, and one says to the others, “I’m hungry, I want to learn how to make pizza.” The first friend responds: “90 per cent of my fiends who ate pizza in 2016 were 80 per cent less hungry.” The second: “I can make you pizza, 30 per cent quicker and 10 per …
John Clapham, 28 Mar 2017
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Continuous Lifecycle London: Save over 25% with early bird tickets

We're bringing some of the finest brains from the worlds of DevOps, Containers, Agile and Continuous Delivery to London in May, and if you're quick you can join us AND save over a quarter off the full-fat ticket price. If you move now, you can secure your place for just £665 plus VAT, a big saving on the full price of £900. …
Team Register, 24 Jan 2017

Solaris plan brings continuous delivery of OS upgrades

Oracle has released a little more detail about the future of its Solaris operating system, after last week suddenly revealing a planned version 12 would be canned. In a new post, the company says “Oracle Solaris is moving to a continuous delivery model using more frequent updates to deliver the latest features faster, while …
Simon Sharwood, 24 Jan 2017
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Is security keeping pace with continuous delivery?

Broadcast On the September 27 2016 at 11am we're running a live broadcast that will explore the changing game of application security. The thinking is that the world has moved on in terms of how applications are created and deployed — two-year development cycles are being replaced by fast-moving, integrated processes delivered by …
Phil Mitchell, 22 Aug 2016

Automic lets big firms play with DevOps in private sandbox

Automation vendor Automic has sought to counter the DevOps “whatevs” folk by offering a try-as-you-buy taste of its technology, as part of a slew of initiatives to entice companies to tuck into its full fat product line. The vendor is offering a try before you buy sandbox service for customers, operated on its own cloud, so …
Joe Fay, 4 Apr 2016
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Jenkins 'fesses up after inadvertently slurping users' usage stats

The Jenkins project has issued an advisory to users that a couple of recent versions had been sending usage stats to the mothership, whether admins had hit the opt-out button for the continuous delivery platform or not. The advisory said: “A bug was introduced in Jenkins versions 1.645 and 1.642.2 which caused Jenkins to send …
Joe Fay, 1 Apr 2016
Continuous Lifecycle London 2016 logo

Continuous Lifecycle: The final countdown

There’s barely a month to go until Continuous Lifecycle London, and if you’re thinking of joining us, act now, as tickets are running out fast. Which is hardly surprising given the breadth and depth of our speaker lineup. Jez Humble will kick off proceedings on May 3 with a keynote speech that will show “how to use continuous …
Joe Fay, 1 Apr 2016
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Tutum technology bobs back to surface as Docker Cloud

The Tutum technology Docker borged late last year has resurfaced in the form of Docker Cloud. Docker bought NY-based Tutum back in October, for an undisclosed sum. At the time, Tutum had under ten employees, and was pushing its service as a "limitless" free beta. Back then, Docker described its new buy as a complete platform …
Joe Fay, 1 Mar 2016

Shippable dives into pipeline to get beyond continuous integration

DevOps and conitnuous integration outfit Shippable has restyled itself as an end-to-end delivery platform, with tighter Git integration, container support and expanded cloudy options. The vendor has been pushing its platform into the continuous integration space for a couple of years, and recently bolstered its top ranks with …
Joe Fay, 1 Mar 2016
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One weekend left to save big on Continuous Lifecycle

Before you slow down for the weekend, just consider this: you’ve got three days to save a bundle of cash on tickets for Continuous Lifecycle London, the three day conference covering continuous delivery, agile, DevOps and containerization. We’ve got a cracking lineup that will keep you on the edge of your seat whether you’re …
Joe Fay, 26 Feb 2016
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Cloudbees serves up Jenkins private SaaSy style

Cloudbees has expanded its product range by 50 per cent, adding a Private SaaS version of its Jenkins-based continuous delivery platform that will run on AWS and OpenStack, with Azure support likely by the summer. Cloudbees Jenkins Platform Private Saas joins the existing Enterprise Edition and Jenkins in the Cloud products. …
Joe Fay, 23 Feb 2016
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Can DevOps be applied to the whole company?

Reg Events We’re crossing off the days until the early bird ticket offer for Continuous Lifecycle London closes, so if you want to hear from the likes of Etsy’s Katherine Daniels, and save hundreds into the bargain, you should really click now. Katherine will be discussing how much of DevOps to date has been about how to bring …
Joe Fay, 19 Feb 2016

Getting a grip on Puppet: A guide for beginners

QA's Kat McIvor will be taking to the stage at Continuous Lifecycle London to talk about automating security. But her skills don't end there. If config management's your thing, here's Kat's take on getting started with Puppet. Puppet is another configuration management tool available as part of the DevOps toolbox. It uses a …
Kat McIvor, 9 Feb 2016
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Continuous Lifecycle London: Early bird tickets fly off in 15 days

There are 21 days until our early bird offer on tickets for Continuous Lifecycle expires, so if you want to save £100s on the best in DevOps, Agile Development and Continuous Delivery, consider yourself warned. Our early bird offers cover both the conference on May 3 and 4 and our workshops on May 5, so the more you learn, the …
Joe Fay, 8 Feb 2016
Plate spinning routine by Henrik Bothe

Cloudbees banks on Jenkins 2.0 to help double revs this year

Cloudbees is looking to build out its services partner lineup as it banks on further growth in the enterprise space this year, when the Jenkins platform it bases its business on finally hits version 2.0. The continuous delivery specialist delivered an update yesterday in which it hailed the signing of 13 new partners in the …
Joe Fay, 29 Jan 2016
Continuous Lifecycle London 2016 logo

Continuous Lifecycle: Bursting with DevOps and CD goodness

The conference schedule for Continuous Lifecycle is virtually complete, with something for everyone - as long as they want to get deep into DevOps, Continuous Delivery, Agile and Microservices. We’ve had a steady stream of additions to the programme over the last week, with talks covering databases and devops, going deep into …
Joe Fay, 28 Jan 2016

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