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Docker may be the dumbest thing you do today

It’s clear that Docker is on a tear as it ushers in a brave new world of DevOps. What’s less clear is whether this is a good idea. At least, today. After all, for most enterprises, most of the time, Docker and its container peers are simply not ready for primetime, assuming “primetime” means “standard enterprise apps.” While …
Matt Asay, 4 Mar 2016
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Continuous Lifecycle: Early bird tickets leaping off their perches

Our early bird tickets offer for Continuous Lifecycle ends today, so if you want to save on our two day conference or our all day workshops, or both, you need to get moving fast. With almost 40 conference sessions over two days, and four deep dive workshops on day three, you’re really spoilt for choice when it comes to the …
Joe Fay, 29 Feb 2016
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Continuous Lifecycle Early Bird: Less than seven days left

There’s less than a week left to snag early bird tickets for Continuous Lifecycle, which will save you hundreds on three days of the best in Continuous Delivery, DevOps, Containerization and Agile. We’ve added more speakers to lineup, and another workshop, so there’s even more reason to join us in London from May 3 to 5. Just …
Joe Fay, 23 Feb 2016
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Become an Andre Previn in your time: DevOps for star conductors

When we talk about "full stack" software, we are most commonly talking about the disciplines and elements (and their associated competencies) that span the complete smokestack of software application development as we typically define it. Laurence Gellert's well-composed piece in 2012 nicely clarified this stack as the strata …
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Docker revs up Engine, hits 1.10

Docker pushed the latest version of its eponymous containerization platform out the door late yesterday, with a heavy emphasis on security. The latest version of Docker Engine finally drops the zero after the decimal point - yes, it's a whole 1.10 release. Companies in this space seem loath to actually commit to anything …
Joe Fay, 5 Feb 2016
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Docker for OS X devs: 'Easier' containers spun up for Apple Macs

A web developer turned real-time software maker has produced code to simplify Docker for OS X devs. &yet has released code for DLite, software that lets you virtualize without sweating the environment variables and setup. The idea is that DLite is simpler to use than boot2docker and docker-machine for Mac. DLite is the work …
Gavin Clarke, 26 Jan 2016
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Containers! Containers! Containers! And RHEL 7.2. Employ as you wish

Review Red Hat closed 2015 with an update to Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) that bumps the venerable distro to version 7.2. That might sound innocuous but don't let the minor version number fool you, with huge leaps in software versions, a newfound love of all things cloud container and systemd updates under the hood, this is one of …
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Structure this: Open-source containers project unboxed

An open-source project for vendor-neutral containers has come to life. The Open Container Initiative (OCI) has been ushered into existence with the creation of a technical governance structure. Also, nine new companies have joined the group’s original founding members – Dell is among the latest signups. The new structure …
Gavin Clarke, 10 Dec 2015
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Docker launches Universal Control Plane at enterprises

Docker flew from the cloud into on-premise computing with the unwrapping of its Universal Control Plane 1.0, which it promised would allow real companies to deploy real containerized apps in real data centres. The vendor said the product/service/whatever - debuted at the DockerCon EU event in Barcelona - would give IT ops folk …
Joe Fay, 17 Nov 2015

Old, not obsolete: IBM takes Linux mainframes back to the future

IBM introduced several significant new elements for its Linux server stack last month: support for KVM on its z Systems mainframes, Linux-only models in both the z Systems and Power Systems ranges, and a new purchasing model. The most technically interesting new development is mainframe support for KVM, the Linux kernel’s …
Liam Proven, 2 Nov 2015

Stuck in Amazon's web tentacles yet? You will be soon

Comment Cloud portability desperately wants to be a thing, but there’s a far greater force pushing against it. It’s called Amazon Web Services (AWS), and chances are you’re already stuck. Oh, sure, you can cling to containers as a way out, as Bloomberg’s Olga Kharif recently wrote. But containers won’t help you. Not when you’ve given …
Matt Asay, 10 Sep 2015
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Now listen, Gartner – virtualisation and containers ARE different

Comment Gartner recently released its Magic Quadrant for x86 Server Virtualisation Infrastructure. In it, the mega analyst lumps together hypervisor-based virtualisation and containers. This is wrong, and as I've discussed before virtualisation and containerisation are different. Even if you consider all the differentiators in the …
Trevor Pott, 29 Jul 2015
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Docker ascendancy's ignites a flak-in-the-box cloud arms race

Containerisation has taken the data centre by storm. Led by Docker, a start-up that's on a mission to make development and deployment as simple as it should be, Linux containers are fast changing the way developers work and devops teams deploy. Containerisation is such a powerful idea that it's only slightly hyperbolic to …
Boeing, Boeing, gone . . . to war

Dell airdrops military-grade data-centre-in-a-crate

You need to compute everywhere and anywhere in this world these days, and thankfully you can always get some iron on the end of a cable to crunch the numbers. Unfortunately, connecting into a central data centre is sometimes not only difficult but undesirable for security reasons. That's when you go for what Dell is calling …
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Global data center building booms

The Great Recession didn't just throw cold water on server spending, it also slammed the brakes on data center buildouts. While server spending picked up in late 2009 and shipments recovered in 2011 to their pre-recession levels, it takes a bit longer to fund data center projects. But it looks like brick-and-mortar – and …

HP parks Airbus supers in containers

Airbus is one of the first industrial HPC customers in the world to plunk its most recent supercomputers into containerized data centers. Hewlett-Packard inked a supercomputing upgrade deal with the aircraft manufacturer four years ago, and in the final phase of the contract earlier this year, HP put two of its Performance …

HP welds data center containers into EcoPODs

Hewlett-Packard is still one of the big believers in containerized data centers, and the reason is simple: A select number of customers who are focused on power efficiency, speed of deployment, or both pay HP money to weld these things together and slap a coat of paint on them. At the HP Discover customer and partner …
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Cisco rolls out data center pods

Server wannabee Cisco Systems is now a containerized data center wannabe too. The company has rolled up and rolled out its own variant of modular data centers for its own server, storage, and networking gear (as well as that for its competitors) using standard metal shipping containers. The aptly named Containerized Data …

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