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Microsoft markets 'collection' of PCs to consider

Microsoft UK has unveiled its first 'collection' of PCs, chosen by the company to suit lifestyles and budgets. The spring collection features 30 models from nine manufacturers and will be available from all major retailers. The PC makers are Sony, Dell, Packard Bell, HP, Lenovo, Toshiba, Acer, Alienware and Scan. The …
Caleb Cox, 19 Apr 2011

Asus drives out Lamborghini laptop

Get set, Asus has souped-up its Lamborghini laptop range, with the addition of the VX7, a bonnet-looking notebook that runs on Intel Core i7 Sandy Bridge processors. The VX7 comes with speedy 1.25TB SSD and features Nvidia GeForce GTX 460M graphics with 3GB of dedicated memory. It has a 2GHz Core i7 processor with 16GB of Ram …
Caleb Cox, 8 Apr 2011
Teletype Model

Museum readies touch-tastic retro comms gear hands-on

NSFWish According to my Wiltshire-born partner, Swindon is a grim place to spend your weekend, but this month sees an event that may nonetheless tickle a tech-head's taste-buds. As part of National Science and Engineering week, the Museum of Computing will hold two days of workshops that reminisce about tech, with an emphasis on the …
Caleb Cox, 8 Mar 2011

Punters take tech to bed, breakfast

There are two winners of the Sybil Fawlty "bleedin' obvious" award this week. First, let's give a round of applause to IPTV company SeeSaw which managed to identify a new social trend: 'TV Dinners' have become 'PC Dinners'. The on-demand TV service SeeSaw interviewed 2000 Brits and found that over half of them "confessed" to …
Caleb Cox, 7 Mar 2011
Sony Playstation Move

Sony readies official PS Move support for PCs

Sony has paved the way for developers to use its PlayStation Move technology as an input device, with the launch of an official SDK. is an software server application, designed for academics, college students, HCI developers or anyone with a programming interest. Sony says it wants to see how people can take the PS …
Caleb Cox, 4 Mar 2011

MS kicks off game coder compo

Microsoft has started to take registrations for its annual Dream Build Play Challenge, a contest for indie game developers to showcase their skills with the chance to win big. The Dream.Build.Play 2011 Challenge is open to any Xbox 360 projects built with XNA Game Studio 4.0, a platform which can also be used to develop games …
Caleb Cox, 1 Mar 2011
lenovo teaser 75

Lenovo flaunts ThinkPad with 30 hour battery life

Lenovo has unveiled the latest range of ThinkPads, which includes the T420s - a lightweight notebook with a battery life of up to 30 hours. The PC maker revealed six models on Tuesday: the T420s, T420, T520, L420, L520 and W520. All come with better power management and voice calling features, with the latter boosted by dual …
Caleb Cox, 24 Feb 2011
Samsung Series 9

Samsung goes super slim with Notebook 9 series

Samsung released a super-slim notebook today in a bid to compete with Apple's MacBook Air. The company also said it will increase laptop sales by 80 per cent in 2011. The 13.3in Notebook 9 Series is 16mm thick and weighs 1.3kg. It runs on a Core i5 processor and comes with a seven-hour battery life. Samsung says it will cost …
Caleb Cox, 24 Feb 2011
Sony Vaio F Series

Sony debuts 3D laptop

Sony has unveiled its attempt at a 3D computer with its latest Vaio F Series, a beefy laptop with a 16in stereoscopic screen. Sony Vaio F Series Announced at CES 2011, the Vaio VPCF21Z1E/BI is a heavy piece of kit, but packs a punch, including a quad-core second-gen Intel Core i7 processor, a 640GB HD, 1GB dedicated graphics …
Caleb Cox, 23 Feb 2011

Sony refreshes Vaio series with glowing body and dual batteries

Sony has refreshed its notebook range, with a colourful collection of glowing models and lightweight dual-battery options. The new Vaio C series features a translucent lid that gathers natural light and reflects it throughout the body, creating a fluorescent glow effect. The notebooks include a 14in LED-backlit display, a 3D …
Caleb Cox, 22 Feb 2011
George the Robot

Mature mechanoid meanders into museum

Mention robots and most people envisage the future, but some have been around longer than us. George the Robot is one such android and has found a new home in the National Museum of Computing after 60 years of hibernation in a galaxy far, far away his maker's shed. George is the creation of Tony Sale, a former RAF officer and …
Caleb Cox, 23 Nov 2010
The Register breaking news

The emerging cloud alternative

Poll Results If there’s one thing about the current furore about Cloud Computing that really gets our goats, it’s to do with the amount of unnecessary confusion that’s being generated. It's unnecessary because, behind it all, there’s actually a number of quite good things happening. Sure, it’s a tricky area as it cuts across so many things …
Jon Collins, 2 Jun 2010

Electro/photonic 'Excitonic' cryo-computing breakthrough

Boffins in California say they may be on their way to developing new, superfast "excitonic" computers. The latest experiments have seen hybrid electronic/photonic integrated circuits functioning at "around 100" degrees Kelvin, which - while extremely cold - is much more practical to achieve than the previously necessary 1.5°K …
Lewis Page, 28 Sep 2009

Bletchley Park to restore 112-byte* '50s Brit nuke computer

In a project described as "the computing equivalent of the raising of the Mary Rose", engineers at Bletchley Park intend to restore a 1950s-era computer - featuring a magnificent 112.5 bytes of memory* - to working order. The machine in question was built at the Atomic Energy Research Establishment at Harwell in Oxfordshire. …
Lewis Page, 3 Sep 2009
The Register breaking news

IPO gives 'reputable' web pages prior art status

An online news story that described a bank's method for authenticating website visitors was valid evidence of prior art, the UK Intellectual Property Office (IPO) has ruled. The date on the web page could be taken at face value, it said. The date and contents of internet disclosures should be assessed on the balance of …
OUT-LAW.COM, 7 Jul 2009

Smart-map battle network for footsoldiers gets $12m demo

Weaponry globocorp Raytheon has announced the inking of a $12m deal with the US Army, under which the firm and its subcontractors will demonstrate nifty networked smart-map computers for use by American footsoldiers in combat. Troops will be able to see enemies and each other on the digital maps even where GPS satnav is …
Lewis Page, 29 May 2009
DRAM chips

New non-volatile memory promises 'instant-on' computing

American boffins say they have made a significant step towards new chip technologies which could lead to faster, more durable non-volatile memory in place of RAM - and so to "instant-on" computing without boot-ups or hard disks. The new research comes in the area of ferroelectrics, materials used today in so-called FeRAM or …
Lewis Page, 21 Apr 2009
SGI logo hardware close-up

DARPA gives Cal Tech boffin $6m 'to save Moore's Law'

Maverick Pentagon deathboffins aim to prevent processing progress grinding to a crunching halt in the next few years by developing "self healing" integrated circuits, able to repair themselves in the event of damage or failed components. The idea here is that as more and more teenier and teenier transistors are packed into an …
Lewis Page, 8 Apr 2009

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