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XML flaws threaten 'enormous' array of apps

Updated Security researchers have uncovered critical flaws in open-source software that implements the Extensible Markup Language in a staggering array of applications used by banks, e-commerce websites, and consumers. The bugs uncovered by researchers at Finland-based Codenomicon were contained in virtually every open-source XML …
Dan Goodin, 6 Aug 2009
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Mozilla Store shuttered after vendor security breach

The Mozilla Foundation closed its online stores on Tuesday after a third-party company it uses to run one of the sites' back-end operations suffered a security breach. The security lapse hit GatewayCDI, a 100-employee outfit with offices in San Francisco, Chicago and Portland, Oregon, which runs the Mozilla Store, the …
Dan Goodin, 5 Aug 2009
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Surveillance camera hack swaps live feed with spoof video

Defcon Corporate teleconferences and other sensitive video feeds traveling over internet are a lot more vulnerable to interception thanks to the release of free software tools that offer penetration testers and attackers a point-and-click interface. At the Defcon hacker conference in Las Vegas, the Viper Lab researchers demonstrated …
Dan Goodin, 1 Aug 2009
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Meter insecurity raises specter of free parking hacks

Black Hat Hackers have figured out a way to trick San Francisco's computerized parking meter system into giving away unlimited free parking by cloning the smart cards used to pay fees. Speaking at the Black Hat security conference in Las Vegas, hackers Jacob Appelbaum, Joe Grand and Chris Tarnovsky said they were able to compromise the …
Dan Goodin, 30 Jul 2009
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Wildcard certificate spoofs web authentication

Black Hat In a blow to one of the net's most widely used authentication technologies, a researcher has devised a simple way to spoof SSL certificates used to secure websites, virtual private networks, and email servers. The attack, unveiled Wednesday at the Black Hat security conference in Las Vegas, exploits a weakness in the process …
Dan Goodin, 30 Jul 2009
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Security elite pwned on Black Hat eve

On the eve of the Black Hat security conference, malicious hackers posted a 29,000-line file detailing embarrassing attacks that took complete control of servers and websites run by several high-profile security researchers, including Dan Kaminsky and Kevin Mitnick. The file posted on security mailing lists claimed to have …
Dan Goodin, 29 Jul 2009
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Network Solutions breach exposed 500k card accounts

A breach at Network Solutions has exposed details for more than 500,000 credit and debit cards after hackers penetrated a system it used to deliver e-commerce services and planted software that diverted transactions to a rogue server, the hosting company said late Friday. The unauthorized software was in place from March 12 to …
Dan Goodin, 25 Jul 2009
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Feds suffer from 'serious' IT security talent shortage

The United States government faces a serious shortage of skilled cybersecurity specialists, according to a new report, which estimates the country may need an 8-fold increase in the number nationally sponsored graduates with security degrees. The federal government currently runs a scholarship program that turns out about 120 …
Dan Goodin, 22 Jul 2009
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Open-source firmware vuln exposes wireless routers

A hacker has discovered a critical vulnerability in open-source firmware available for wireless routers made by Linksys and other manufacturers that allows attackers to remotely penetrate the device and take full control of it. The remote root vulnerability affects the most recent version of DD-WRT, a piece of firmware many …
Dan Goodin, 21 Jul 2009
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Clever attack exploits fully-patched Linux kernel

A recently published attack exploiting newer versions of the Linux kernel is getting plenty of notice because it works even when security enhancements are running and the bug is virtually impossible to detect in source code reviews. The exploit code was released Friday by Brad Spengler of grsecurity, a developer of …
Dan Goodin, 17 Jul 2009
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IT admin sentenced for sabotaging employer's network

A former support admin was sentenced to one year in prison after admitting he shut down the servers of a large IT company a few months after his employment ended there. Lesmany Nunez, 30, was an employee at Quantum Technology Partners in Miami from August 2006 to May 2007. Amazingly, he was able to breach the company's network …
Dan Goodin, 15 Jul 2009
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Teen cuffed for bomb threat webcam pay-per-view

A North Carolina teenager has been arrested and accused of phoning in bomb threats to schools and universities so he could charge admission for people to watch in real time over webcams as police responded. Ashton C. Lundeby, 16, of Oxford, North Carolina took part in a group that used VoIP, or voice over IP, software and …
Dan Goodin, 9 Jul 2009
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iPhone crashing bug could lead to serious exploit

Updated This story was updated to correct factual errors contained in an IDG News article that first reported the vulnerability. If you own an iPhone, security researcher Charlie Miller can knock it off the network. And if his hunch is right, he just might be able to do a lot more, at least until Apple fixes the flaw. Exploiting a …
Dan Goodin, 2 Jul 2009
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Feds: Hospital hacker's 'massive' DDoS averted

The leader of a malicious hacker collective who used his job as a security guard to breach sensitive Texas hospital computers has been arrested just days before his group planned a "massive DDoS" attack for the July 4 Independence Day holiday. Jesse William McGraw, 25, of Arlington, Texas, was taken into custody late Friday …
Dan Goodin, 1 Jul 2009

Rolling Stone allegedly DDoSed for negative story

Federal prosecutors accused a Pennsylvania man of unleashing a crippling series of attacks against the websites of Rolling Stone and other groups after they published articles that cast him in an unfavorable light. Bruce Raisley carried out the DDoS, or distributed denial of service, attacks by infecting computers with …
Dan Goodin, 30 Jun 2009
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Hip-hop site served child porn, police say

Police in Switzerland have uncovered a child pornography ring that secretly used a hip-hop website to distribute illegal images to some 2,300 computers in 78 countries. The videos depicting minors engaged in sexual acts were hidden in the unidentified site where the principal content was "perfectly legal," Jean-Christophe …
Dan Goodin, 29 Jun 2009
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Mitnick site targeted in DNS attack on webhost

A website belonging to security expert Kevin Mitnick was compromised after hackers managed to access a domain name server maintained by the site's webhost and redirect visitors to pages that displayed pornographic images. It was the second time in the past few years that a security lapse at has allowed hackers …
Dan Goodin, 29 Jun 2009
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Buggy 'smart meters' open door to power-grid botnet

New electricity meters being rolled out to millions of homes and businesses are riddled with security bugs that could bring down the power grid, according to a security researcher who plans to demonstrate several attacks at a security conference next month. The so-called smart meters for the first time provide two-way …
Dan Goodin, 12 Jun 2009

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