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WhatsApp laid bare: Info-sucking app's innards probed

Users of WhatsApp need be aware that the popular messaging service collects phone numbers, call duration and other information, according to new research. A network forensic examination by computer scientists at the University of New Haven found that WhatsApp uses the FunXMPP protocol, a binary-efficient encoded Extensible …
John Leyden, 27 Oct 2015
JP Morgan HQ at Canary Wharf

JPMorgan Chase mega-hack was a simple two-factor auth fail

Hackers broke into JPMorgan's network through a giant security hole left open by a failure to switch on two-factor authentication on an overlooked server. The New York Times reports that technicians at JPM had failed to upgrade one of its network servers, meaning that access was possible without knowing a combination of a …
John Leyden, 23 Dec 2014
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UK cops: How we sniffed out convicted AnonOps admin 'Nerdo'

Analysis of IRC logs and open source intelligence played a key role in the successful police prosecution that led up the conviction of a member of Anonymous for conspiracy to launch denial of service attacks against PayPal and other firms. Christopher "Nerdo" Weatherhead, 22, was convicted on one count of conspiracy to impair …
John Leyden, 14 Dec 2012
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Met cops' CSI mobe-snoop tech sparks privacy fears

Analysis The mobile device data extraction system that has just been rolled out by the Metropolitan Police is designed to provide an easier way to slurp evidence from the mobile phones of suspects brought into custody. But some argue that the move is likely to change how crimes are investigated while it raises several data retention and …
John Leyden, 21 May 2012
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Off-the-shelf forensics tool slurps iPhone data via iCloud

ElcomSoft has updated its mobile forensics software to include the ability to retrieve online backups from Apple iCloud storage. The enhancement to Elcomsoft Phone Password Breaker adds the capability to retrieve user data associated with iPhones from Apple's iCloud online backup service. Backups to multiple devices registered …
John Leyden, 17 May 2012
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FBI track alleged Anon from unsanitised busty babe pic

An alleged member of Anonymous has been tracked down after he posted a picture of his scantily clad girlfriend in an image bragging about his hacking exploits. Higinio O. Ochoa III from Texas has been charged hacking into the websites of at least four US law enforcement agencies before, in one case at least, posting personal …
John Leyden, 13 Apr 2012
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Apple FileVault cracked in under an hour by forensics biz

Apple's FileVault disk encryption can be circumvented in less than an hour, according to a computer forensics firm. Passware claims the latest version of its toolkit (Passware Kit Forensic v11.3) can also unlock volumes encrypted using TrueCrypt, a disk encryption software that ranks alongside PGP as the choice of privacy- …
John Leyden, 3 Feb 2012
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Brit PhD student excels in Pentagon digi-forensics challenge

A computer science student from Lancaster University has become the UK winner of the digital forensics challenge, a global competition designed and hosted by the US Department of Defense. Christopher Richardson (AKA Ikarus) came first in the UK and ninth internationally among 1,791 competitors from 52 countries. The challenge …
John Leyden, 16 Dec 2011
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Sony calls in data Sherlocks to unpick megahack disaster

Sony has drafted in security experts to figure out who hacked into its systems - and how they did it - before stealing personal data on 100 million consumers of the company's services. Both the firm's PlayStation Network and Online Entertainment service remain suspended in the aftermath of high-profile hack attacks that have …
John Leyden, 4 May 2011
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Sensitive data easily swiped from eBayed mobiles

Second-hand mobile phones sold on by their owners often contain extensive personal and sensitive data that leave sellers open to identity theft and other privacy risks. Pre-owned mobile phones and SIM cards purchased on eBay or from shops were checked using readily available equipment to see what personal information was left …
John Leyden, 22 Mar 2011

Microwaved hard disc, run-over PC and other data disasters

Recovering data after a user had somehow managed to microwave a hard disk or dropped a PC from a second floor window were among the more unusual data recovery problems successfully tackled by Disklabs during 2010. Other bizarre cases included helping a client who had managed to drive over his computer. Disklabs has put …
John Leyden, 23 Dec 2010

Shadow Analyser speeds digital analysis of recovery files

Researchers at UK computer forensics firm Disklabs have helped develop technology that will drastically speed up the forensic analysis of 'Volume Shadow Copies' (VSC) of suspect Windows computers. The introduction of VSC technology in Windows 2003 created a huge headache for forensic investigators, who have struggled to find a …
John Leyden, 30 Jun 2010
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Computer forensics tool for banks aims to trace Trojans

Transaction security firm Trusteer has launched a remote forensics service designed to allow banks to diagnose if a client's PC has been infected with malware following incidents of suspected fraud. The Flashlight service is designed to allow strains of malware to be quickly identified without having to physically examine a …
John Leyden, 16 Mar 2010
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Brass necked suspect swallows USB evidence

A suspected cybercrook who swallowed a USB drive in an apparent bid to destroy evidence has been charged with obstruction. Florin Necula, from New York, ate a Kingston flash drive thought to contain mag strip dumps from credit cards shortly after his arrest outside a bank in Queens on 21 January. He gobbled the USB drive while …
John Leyden, 3 Mar 2010
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Hackers declare war on international forensics tool

Hackers have released software they say sabotages a suite of forensics utilities Microsoft provides for free to hundreds of law enforcement agencies across the globe. Decaf is a light-weight application that monitors Windows systems for the presence of COFEE, a bundle of some 150 point-and-click tools used by police to collect …
Dan Goodin, 14 Dec 2009
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MS unleashes legal attack dogs to lick up COFEE spill

Microsoft unleashed its legal attack dogs to remove its leaked forensics tool from a respected security site, it has emerged. was issued with a take-down notice shortly after Microsoft's point-and-click "computer forensics for cops" tool leaked onto the web earlier this month. Redmond's lawyers acted over …
John Leyden, 24 Nov 2009

MS forensics tool leaks onto the web

Microsoft's point-and-click "computer forensics for cops" tool has leaked onto the web. COFEE (Computer Online Forensic Evidence Extractor) is designed to allow law enforcement officers to collect digital evidence from a suspect's PC without requiring any particular expertise. Using the technology - which recovers a list of …
John Leyden, 10 Nov 2009
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Bot herders hide master control channel in Google cloud

Cyber criminals' love affair with cloud computing just got steamier with the discovery that Google's AppEngine was tapped to act as the master control channel that feeds commands to large networks of infected computers. The custom application was used to relay download commands to PCs that had already been infected and made …
Dan Goodin, 9 Nov 2009

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