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Warm, perhaps ALIEN LIFE-bearing water gushers FOUND ON MOON of Saturn

Boffins have now counted 101 different geysers spewing material from the surface of Enceladus, one of Saturn's icy moons. The discovery in data collected from NASA's Cassini probe reinforces the theory that a vast ocean is sloshing about beneath the cold surface. Some consider this to be the most promising location known for …
Jasper Hamill, 29 Jul 2014
Researchers found that Titan's ice shell, which overlies a very salty ocean, varies in thickness around the moon, suggesting the crust is in the process of becoming rigid.

Titan's salty waters scupper the chances for alien life

Astro-boffins have come up with new and compelling evidence that the ocean buried inside Saturn’s largest moon Titan is probably as salty as Earth’s Dead Sea, sadly making it an unlikely location for alien life. Researchers found that Titan's ice shell, which overlies a very salty ocean, varies in thickness around the moon, …

SPACE: The FINAL FRONTIER. These are the TEN-YEAR images of star probe Cassini

NASA is chuffed to be celebrating the 10th anniversary of the splendid Cassini spacecraft's arrival in orbit around mighty Saturn, the ringed gas colossus of the outer solar system. Cassini left Earth on October 15th, 1997 and visited Jupiter in 2000. On July 1st, 2004, it surrendered to Saturn's gravity. Cassini image of …
Titan after shot with circle

Titan sprouts 'Magic Island', say astroboffins

Astroboffins monitoring Titan have spotted something new that hints at how the moon's weather works. The folks behind the discovery have named the new feature a “magic island”, because nobody knows what it is or why it appeared. The discovery is detailed in a Nature Geoscience letter titled “Transient features in a Titan sea …
Simon Sharwood, 23 Jun 2014

HIDDEN OCEAN of LIVING SOUP found on Enceladus, moon of Saturn

Pics Analysis of the gravity field of Saturn's moon Enceladus, conducted by NASA's Cassini spacecraft, all but confirms that an ocean of water the size of Lake Superior lies underneath its shell of ice. And, excitingly, that body of liquid appears to be right under previously observed jets of salty water and organic molecules, which …
Rik Myslewski, 3 Apr 2014

Cassini spots MEGA-METHANE SEAS on the north pole of Titan

Images taken from the Cassini spacecraft orbiting Saturn have given the clearest pictures yet of the planet's largest moon Titan and revealed vast seas of methane on the north pole that are more than 200 times larger than all the proven hydrocarbon reserves here on Earth. Seas of liquid methane on Titan Polar seas could keep …
Iain Thomson, 12 Dec 2013
Cassini false-colour view of the six-sided storm. Pic: NASA

Blighty's winter storms are PUNY compared to Saturn's 200mph, 15,000 mile wide HEXACANE

Pics NASA's Cassini spacecraft has delivered some insightful images of a monster storm raging at Saturn's north pole - a six sided-beast 'wider than two Earths' and within which winds reach an umbrella-shredding 350km/h. Cassini false-colour view of the six-sided storm. Pic: NASA In a series of false-colour snaps (animated …
Lester Haines, 6 Dec 2013
Artist's impression of Cassini spacecraft orbiting Saturn

SPACE, the FINAL FRONTIER: These are the images of the star probe Cassini

OK, we don't have starships yet. But on some days a space enthusiast can smile anyway - on a day like today, when NASA releases new and tremendously cool photos, in this case from the probe craft Cassini - now nine years into its twenty-year mission to survey the strange new worlds of the far-flung Saturnian system. Home …
Lewis Page, 13 Nov 2013
Gordan Ugarkovic's view of Saturn

Amateur image-wrangler reveals stitched snap of Saturn's splendour

An amateur image processor has stitched together raw images from NASA's Cassini spacecraft to produce a stunning image of Saturn, seen from above on 10 October. Gordan Ugarkovic's view of Saturn Gordan Ugarkovic constructed the view from "12 image footprints with red, blue and green filters from Cassini's imaging science …
Lester Haines, 18 Oct 2013

Planetary paparazzi snap candid pics of Earth, Moon from space

NASA has released rare photographs of the Earth taken from unusual vantage points – namely, spacecraft orbiting planets millions of miles away. On Saturday, July 19, NASA's Cassini probe took color photos of the Earth and its moon from its orbit around Saturn, some 900 million miles (1.5 billion km) distant. At the same time …
Neil McAllister, 23 Jul 2013
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NASA probe will ease through Saturn's ring to grab Earth snapshot

NASA's Cassini spacecraft will take a picture of Earthlings' home planet from the viewpoint of aliens on Saturn next month, snapping the image from hundreds of millions of miles away. Cassini picture of Earth from Saturn 2006 "While Earth will be only about a pixel in size from Cassini's vantage point 1.44 billion kilometres …
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2,000km-wide Eye-of-Sauron MONSTER hurricane spotted on Saturn

Stargazing NASA scientists have snapped an image of a massive hurricane on Saturn whose vortex is 20 times larger than the average size of the eye of its earthly cousins.* The blowy behemoth boasts an eye estimated to be over 2,000km (1,250 miles) wide, which is more than large enough to spot any troublesome hobbits heading …
Jasper Hamill, 30 Apr 2013
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Boffins probe into moons – and associated rings – 'beyond snow line'

Saturn's rings have been knocking around the galaxy since around the time our Solar System was born, NASA's Cassini spacecraft has shown. Though not in ring form the whole time, obviously. Extreme brightness dichotomy on the surface of Saturn moon Iapetus The extreme brightness dichotomy of Saturn moon Iapetus. Credit: NASA/ …
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Cassini spots Titan ‘mini-Nile’

NASA’s Cassini spacecraft has sent back images of what the space agency says is “the first time images have revealed a river system this vast and in such high resolution anywhere other than Earth”. NASA image mini-Nile NASA image: Mini-Nile on Titan The river system on Saturn’s moon Titan has tickled the scientists because …
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NASA's long shot shows Titan glows in the dark

A series of long-exposure photos taken of Titan have shown the solar system's second biggest moon glows in the dark of Saturn's shadow. The Cassini probe, which celebrated 15 years of operation earlier this month, has photographed the moon using exposure times of 560 seconds as it was blocked from the sun. The goal was to …
Iain Thomson, 1 Nov 2012
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NASA's Cassini spacecraft turns 15 while spying on Saturn

NASA's Cassini spacecraft celebrated a very lonely 15th birthday on Monday from its orbit near the planet Saturn, roughly one billion miles from Earth. Cassini was originally launched from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida on October 15, 1997. Since then, it has logged more than 3.8 billion miles in a tour around the …
Neil McAllister, 16 Oct 2012
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Boffins puzzled over impossibly fast ice avalanches on Saturn's moon

Planetary boffins have spotted that Saturn's other moon, the walnut-shaped Iapetus, is home to spectacular ice avalanches that flow across the surface of the rock. A ridge around Iapetus' equator makes it look like a walnut The walnut in the sky. Credit:NASA/JPL/SSI The ridge of 20km-high mountains, twice the height of …
Titan and Dione

Explicit pics of glorious rounded globes snapped in festive Saturnalia

While most of us were hanging up gaudy decorations on Christmas trees, or knocking over festive ornaments in festive befuddlement, space boffins were busy processing photos of our solar system's own gigantic baubles. NASA's Cassini probe has been busy snapping images of Saturn and its moons, highlighting the scale and beauty …
Chris Williams, 31 Dec 2011

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