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The Register breaking news dishes out £19m for comms snoop data silos

The UK government has given communications providers almost £19m in the last four years under anti-terror laws to pay for access to huge compulsory databases of customer information. The annual level of grants under the Anti-terrorism, Crime and Security Act 2001 (ATCSA) and the EU Data Retention Directive 2007 (EUDRD) has …
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Orangutans concoct plant-based soothing balm

Indonesian wild orangutans have demonstrated a certain degree of medicinal savvy by deploying naturally-occuring anti-inflammatory drugs to "treat aches and pains", as the New Scientist puts it. Four of the Bornean orangutans (Pongo pygmaeus) were spotted by Cambridge University primatologist Helen Morrogh-Bernard in the …
Lester Haines, 28 Jul 2008
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Mobile phones to save airlines, by exposing passengers

Airline travel is set to get even more unpleasant, as hapless airline passengers face being hounded through airports by online advertisers as well as security, customs and perfume touting duty free sales staff. The airline industry could save $600m a year by tracking passengers through airports and punting ads to their mobiles …
Bill Ray, 23 Jun 2008
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Cambridge gives e-marking a tick

Cambridge Assessment, the non-profit exam marking offshoot of Cambridge University, has signed RM Plc to hook its freelance markers into a computerised assessment tool. RM will be paid at least £21m over five years to install and manage the system, dealing with exam papers submitted by about eight million candidates in 150 …
Mark Ballard, 2 May 2007

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