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Phiip Hammond, photo via Shutterstock

Please, Hammond ... don't hurt 'em: 'Suggestions' time for UK digi tax clampdown

UK Chancellor of the Exchequer* Philip Hammond unveiled the first areas to receive £95m from the government's full-fibre fund and suggestions for how the UK could tax large digital businesses - in a slimmed-down "Spring Statement" light on details. During the 20-minute long update, Hammond said the economy is forecast to grow …
Kat Hall, 13 Mar 2018

nbn™ gives ISDN, Frame Relay and Ethernet Lite a stay of execution

Horror stories about poor installation experiences for Australia's National Broadband Network (NBN) are everywhere, which might be making businesses reluctant to give up old but reliable services. To get those customers over the line, nbn™, the company building and operating the NBN, has announced it will let business customers …

Up to 25% of new builds still can't get superfast broadband – study

Up to a quarter of new builds still lack access to superfast internet, according to a study by comparison site Thinkbroadband. The research, based on data from the Office for National Statistics, estimates that one in four to one in five new premises don't have provision for 30Mbps. It said: "What is clear from our data is …
Kat Hall, 5 Mar 2018
Copper wire

Copper feel, fibre it ain't: Ads regulator could face court for playing hard and fast with definitions

CityFibre has applied to take the Advertising Standards Authority's to court over its decision to approve the continued use of the term "fibre" to describe services delivered over copper-based networks. Last year the ASA found it was "not materially misleading" for ISPs to describe copper hybrid services as "fibre broadband …
Kat Hall, 5 Mar 2018

UK watchdog Ofcom tells broadband firms: '30 days to sort your speeds'

Ofcom is tightening the screws – sort of – on broadband providers that play fast and loose with speed promises by imposing a deadline to meet service obligations or allow customers to walk away without a penalty. Customers are able to exit a deal if velocity slips below a minimum guaranteed level and the provider can’t rectify …
Paul Kunert, 1 Mar 2018

America's broadband speed map is back! And it doesn't totally suck!

After four years in purgatory the US government's internet broadband map is back - and it's pretty good. The map was relaunched at the monthly meeting of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) on Thursday, presumably as a way to distract from the fact that the regulator finally published its net neutrality repeal in the …
Kieren McCarthy, 22 Feb 2018
The farmers persuade the bull into a pen

Brexit to better bumpkin broadband, 4G coverage for farmers – Gove

UK Environment Secretary Michael Gove has promised to use the cash Blighty no longer has to give to the EU to subsidise rural connectivity. In a speech heavy on rhetoric but light on detail, Gove told delegates at the National Farmer's Union the government would spend billions of pounds improving rural broadband and 4G mobile …
Kat Hall, 21 Feb 2018

US cable giant tries to wriggle out of 'crap ISP' legal battle now that net neutrality is dead

Charter still has to answer for selling New Yorkers short on their internet packages, a judge has decided, rejecting the cable giant's argument that the repeal of net neutrality rules in the US means the case is moot. Judge O. Peter Sherwood issued 26 pages of No [PDF] in a lawsuit that has been running for over a year. …
Kieren McCarthy, 20 Feb 2018
A picture of a satellite dish next to St Peter's Dome calls on the Big Man – GOD – to boost rural broadband

The governent is looking towards the heavens in its bid to redeem rural broadband speeds, having exhausted all other options. The inspirational idea is an agreement between the Church of England and the government to encourage parishes to use their buildings to boost broadband, mobile and Wi-Fi connectivity. According to the …
Rebecca Hill, 19 Feb 2018
Row of victorian london black cabs. Photo by Shutterstock

Home fibre in the UK sucks so much it doesn't even rank in Euro study

The UK is performing so poorly in fibre internet penetration that it isn't even included in a European study. Latvia comes top, with 50.6 per cent household penetration, according to the fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) Ultrafast Broadband Country Ranking. Meanwhile, Blighty is estimated to have fibre penetration of between 2-3 per …
Kat Hall, 15 Feb 2018
Fibre, image via Shutterstock

Hyperoptic's overkill 10Gbps fibre trial 'more than a clever PR stunt'

Alternative network provider Hyperoptic today tested speeds of 10Gbps at the former Olympic village in east London, England. The biz, which is aiming to deploy its full-fibre network in 30 cities across the UK, was able to stream four high-definition 4K videos simultaneously, plus one in 8K, to a single access point. The …
Kat Hall, 13 Feb 2018
Cornwall: A barefoot surfer in a wetsuit walks past a clump of bushes with a 8-metre high "telescopic" 4G mast in the middle.

Vodafone boasts 200Mbps with 4G mini mast in Cornish trial

Vodafone has unveiled an eight-metre high "telescopic" 4G mast, intended to boost speeds in rural areas to 200Mpbs, following a trial in Porthcurno, Cornwall, UK. Developed in partnership with infrastructure biz CommScope, the kit is aimed at rural hotels, leisure centres, retail parks and tourist attractions. Vodafone says it …
Kat Hall, 12 Feb 2018
ee 4g antenna

EE unveils shoebox-sized router to boost Brit bumpkin broadband

EE is launching a "shoebox"-sized 4G antenna, which it claims could bring coverage to 580,000 UK homes in rural areas. The 4GEE Home Router contains an external antenna, which can be fixed to the outside of houses and is connected to the 4GEE Home Router in the home via a cable. It is intended for areas receiving poor …
Kat Hall, 9 Feb 2018
Fibre, image via Shutterstock

TalkTalk to splash £1.5bn laying full fibre on 3 million doorsteps

TalkTalk plans to bring full fibre speeds of 1Gbps to three million premises in the UK, by creating an independent company with a total investment of around £1.5bn. Under the plans, the entity would be 20 per cent owned by TalkTalk and 80 per cent by infrastructure investor Infracapital. The ISP is also raising £200m in new …
Kat Hall, 8 Feb 2018
NBN truck side with First Aid sticker

nbn 's CVC discounts worked - ISPs splashed for 38 per cent more bandwidth

Australia's internet service providers have responded to discounts in the Connectivity Virtual Circuit (CVC) by buying more bandwidth for their users, but the news isn't all good because they're still offering just 1.53 Mbps per user. That last figure comes from the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) which …

Of course a mystery website attacking city-run broadband was run by an ISP. Of course

Analysis Cable biz Fidelity Communications has been forced to admit it was behind an astroturfing campaign against a city-run fiber network in America's Midwest. The campaign, titled Stop City-Funded Internet, started last month with a website and accompanying social media handles, and has been a persistent critic of efforts by West …

US broadband is scarce, slow and expensive. 'Great!' says the FCC

Analysis Fifteen million Americans don't have access to broadband internet. For those that do, the United States has close to the slowest speeds among advanced economies. And for that, Americans pay more than almost anyone else. Those are what should be the main findings of the annual broadband report from the Federal Communications …

CableLabs signs off MAC spec for DOCSIS full duplex

US standards outfit CableLabs has added another piece to the Full Duplex DOCSIS 3.1 jigsaw, with the release of the key MAC layer specification for the standard. DOCSIS 3.1 Full Duplex is designed to push symmetric 10 Gbps over the world's cable (or hybrid fibre-coax, HFC) networks. The spec expands the existing DOCSIS media …

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