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Ofcom: Now's your chance to make Local TV for Local People

Ofcom has received 87 expressions of interest from groups interested in running Local TV channels, and three companies interested in broadcasting them, so has launched the beauty contest to see who gets to be the next Alan Partridge. Local TV should be up and running within the next two years, in the 21 locations selected for …
Bill Ray, 14 May 2012
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LightSquared founder Falcone steps aside on creditor's orders

Philip Falcone, the force behind wannabie network operator LightSquared, has stepped aside in exchange for delaying bankruptcy by a week while a longer extension is negotiated. LightSqared, the box o' frogs idea to jimmy a cellular network into satellite frequencies, has always been Falcone's baby, financed largely by his …
Bill Ray, 30 Apr 2012
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LightSquared sheds a lonely tear as Sprint legs it

LightSquared is framing Sprint's departure in the best way it can, promising that the pair will remain friends and may even hook up again some time if they're both drunk enough. Sprint's departure from the infrastructure-sharing deal was widely expected, and reported, but Sprint takes with it LightSquared's best hope of …
Bill Ray, 16 Mar 2012
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Sprint to hit the eject button in LightSquared deal today

The Wall Street Journal reckons Sprint is going to pull out of its deal with LightSquared later today, leaving the box-of-frogs mobile broadband biz with nothing but $65m and a top-flight legal team. The news comes as no surprise, even though it has not yet been confirmed by either party, only by the newspaper's contacts at …
Bill Ray, 16 Mar 2012
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Sprint grants LightSquared last-minute stay of execution

Sprint Nextel has given wireless broadband biz LightSquared until the end of January to get FCC approval for its network, putting a hard deadline on the viability of its revolutionary plan. LightSquared needs the regulator's thumbs-up to build its pan-US LTE network in bands formerly reserved for satellite comms, but it also …
Bill Ray, 3 Jan 2012
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LightSquared demands FCC ruling

LightSquared has filed a petition for Declaratory Ruling with the FCC for confirmation of its right to exist, as it's running out of cash fast and needs a decision. The company was expecting a decision by the end of the year, but confidence in its plan has been shaken by the selective leaking of test results and ongoing claims …
Bill Ray, 23 Dec 2011
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LightSquared pulls out all the stops to get FCC approval

LightSquared is fighting with every weapon at its disposal to win the war of public perception, and get FCC approval for its controversial network before the cash runs out. The wannabe-network operator reckons it has solved the GPS-interference problem, but the battle is now political. So it's accusing a prime government …
Bill Ray, 31 Oct 2011
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Open Range rural broadband goes titsup

Despite tapping the US government for cash and promising to connect six million people, Open Range has called it a day, laying off most of the staff and filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. The plan was to provide broadband to rural communities, using WiMAX and satellite frequencies leased from Globalstar. But Globalstar didn't …
Bill Ray, 7 Oct 2011
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LightSquared to magic away GPS interference in 2 weeks

LightSquared has signed a deal with Javad GNSS that will see GPS filters capable of resolving interference issues, within two weeks. That's remarkable, not least because US Air Force Space Commander William Shelton recently claimed that such filters would cost billions and take decades to install, if they could be made to work …
Bill Ray, 22 Sep 2011
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Fox turns LightSquared political

Wannabe network operator LightSquared is under attack from Republicans who have asked for an investigation into whether the White House pressured its Air Force Space Commander into changing his testimony on possible GPS interference caused by LightSquared's activities. The accusation is fiercely denied by LightSquared and the …
Bill Ray, 19 Sep 2011
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PayPal's 'delightful' intrusion into meatspace: You wish

Comment PayPal reckons its mobile payment system will take us into a new way of managing our money, and PayPal into the real world of real things, but disrupting world banking ain't that easy. The plans, announced yesterday, made huge play of being superior to the nascent NFC-based payment systems, which require replacement phones and …
Bill Ray, 16 Sep 2011
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LightSquared offers low-power olive branch to GPS

LightSquared, the firm which so upset GPS users with their 4G-at-satellite-frequencies plan, has offered to reduce the interference by dialling back the transmission power and clear an exclusive band for precision GPS. The wannabe network operator has already offered to shuffle away from the Global Positioning System, …
Bill Ray, 12 Sep 2011
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LightSquared and Sprint, sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G

Sprint has agreed to run LightSquared's US Long Term Evolution (LTE) fourth-gen mobile network operation, in exchange for $9bn cash and roaming rights, while LightSquared customers will be able to use Sprint's 3G network in a deal benefiting everyone except Clearwire. The deal runs for 15 years, and sees LightSquared paying …
Bill Ray, 29 Jul 2011
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LightSquared shuffles away from GPS bands

LightSquared's national rollout has shifted frequencies to avoid interfering with GPS kit, taking early advantage of a deal with Inmarsat for 10MHz of bandwidth further down the dial. The wannabe operator, which aspires to cover the USA in an LTE network for wholesale leasing, has also offered to cut its permitted transmission …
Bill Ray, 21 Jun 2011

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