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Multi-million investment hints at UK battery swap shops

Leccy Tech A UK rollout of Better Place’s battery swapping system now looks all the more certain. The firm has just secured a $350m (£216m) investment from some of the world’s largest banks. The money - $125m (£77m) of which was provided by HSBC – will be used to help Better Place “expand its geographic footprint” by expanding into …
James Sherwood, 25 Jan 2010

Renault unveils e-car foursome

Leccy Tech Renault has announced four e-cars at the ongoing Frankfurt Motor Show. Renault_FMS Renault's Fluence (far left), Twizy (left), Kangoo (right) and Zoe The line-up includes the Twizy Z.E. city runabout and the slightly more practical Zoe Z.E. small hatchback, both of which Renault described as “close to production concepts …
Alun Taylor, 16 Sep 2009

E-car supplier demos battery swap-shop

Leccy Tech Better Place has demonstrated a prototype battery swapping machine for leccy cars, able to exchange the flat battery of a modified Nissan with a fully charged one in just over 60 seconds. Can't see the video? Download Flash Player from Better Place’s CEO, Shai Agassi, claimed its robo-swapper has even managed to …
Alun Taylor, 14 May 2009
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Agassi drives 'lectric car empire across Pacific

After conquering San Francisco, Shai Agassi has bounded across the Pacific, expanding his electric car empire onto the islands of Hawaii. Yesterday, the Better Place CEO joined Hawaii Governor Linda Lingle in claiming that the company's mobile-phone inspired 'leccy-vehicle network would be up and running in the fiftieth state …
Cade Metz, 3 Dec 2008

San Francisco enters Agassi's electric car dream

The San Francisco Bay Area has embraced Shai Agassi's Better Place vision, announcing a "sweeping plan" to drive public and private investments in electric cars and the infrastructure needed to run them. Today, at a press conference inside San Francisco City Hall, Mayor Gavin Newsom joined the mayors of nearby Oakland and San …
Cade Metz, 21 Nov 2008

Nissan: buy our electric cars... rent our batteries

'Leccy Tech In the future, we will still be buying our own cars but we'll be leasing the batteries. At least that's the vision of Nissan's Executive VP for Product Planning, Carlos Tavares. Presumably the battery packs will be leased from Nissan, though as Renault-Nissan is the car maker most closely connected to Shai Agassi's Better …
Alun Taylor, 17 Nov 2008

Volt is 'go' for Oz as charging-point deal unveiled

'Leccy Tech Following on from its antipodean appearance at the Australian International Motor Show in Sydney, the Chevy Holden Volt is coming to Oz. And Australian power company AGL is going to put in charging infrastructure. We're a little saddened that the Outback may soon cease to reverberate to the bellow of V8-engined Holden …
Alun Taylor, 27 Oct 2008

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