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Samsung shows Wave II smartphone

Samsung's second-gen Wave smartphone - set to feature the next release of the South Korean giant's Bada OS - will arrive in Europe in November. The Wave II - aka the GT-S8530 - will come with Bada 1.2 and a 3.7in "enhanced TFT" touchscreen to view it on. Samsung Wave II Samsung also touted the Wave II's social network …
Tony Smith, 6 Oct 2010
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Samsung backs Windows Phone 7 for the duration

Samsung may only recently dismissed Windows Phone 7 as a minority interest smartphone OS, but that hasn't stopped it today announcing its "long-term commitment" to the platform. The South Korean giant said is plans to launch "several" Windows Phone 7 devices this year globally. Microsoft was, of course, on hand to cheer …
Tony Smith, 30 Sep 2010
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Samsung's Developer Challenge shortlist put to public vote

Samsung's Global Developer Challenge has reached the shortlisting phase, though short isn't quite accurate for the 300 applications the public is being asked to vote on. While Vodafone might be happy asking people to pick from four options, Samsung wants to emphasise just how popular Bada is. Therefore it is presenting 300 …
Bill Ray, 17 Sep 2010
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Samsung: demand for Windows Phone 7 'specialised'

Samsung is to focus on Android and Bada for its smartphones after claiming there is no demand for Symbian phones and only "specialised" demand for Windows Phone 7. Speaking to Reuters, Y H Lee, the marketing chief at Samsung's mobile phone division, said Samsung will introduce a Windows handset later this year to tap into the …
Tony Smith, 6 Sep 2010
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Samsung bounces out Bada SDK version 1

Samsung has released version 1 of the Bada SDK, for all those developers who've been dying to develop for Bada but unwilling to run with the Beta release. It's hard to imagine that many people fall into that particularly category, but Samsung does remind us that entry to its Global Developer Challenge closes at the end of the …
Bill Ray, 23 Aug 2010
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Samsung woos developers with Bada book

Samsung has decided to give away electronic copies of An Introduction To Bada, hoping that a free guide will drum up some developer interest in the platform. The book, the only one on Bada so far, isn't even due to be published until September, but Samsung will send it free in instalments to anyone who's interested, as part of …
Bill Ray, 22 Jul 2010
Samsung Wave

Samsung Wave smartphone

Review Samsung is one of those manufacturers that seems to grind out decent, capable handsets with great frequency, yet few of its many iterations tend to stick in the memory, or appear to set the pace. Samsung Wave Samsung's Wave: New OS, but revamped TouchWiz UI Yet with the Wave, Samsung hopes to change all that. The Korean …
Dave Oliver, 22 Jun 2010
Samsung Wave 2 Pro

Samsung shows upcoming Bada, Android smartphones

Samsung has taken the wraps off its latest Android and Bada smartphones. Samsung Galaxy 3 Samsung's Galaxy 3: smartphone as mainstream mobile The Galaxy 3 and Galaxy 5 both go on sale in Europe next month. The Galaxy 3 - aka the i5800 - is a mainstream touchscreen handset aimed at folk who want to view multimedia and …
Tony Smith, 15 Jun 2010
Samsung Wave

UK Waves hello to Samsung's Bada

The Samsung Wave, the first handset based on the company's much hyped Bada platform, hit the UK today, available on Virgin Media, O2 and Vodafone. The Wave is coming in at just over £400 on pay-as-you-go - but of course you can get it for "free" if you stump up for a meaty tariff The Wave has a 1GHz processor, 5Mp Camera and …
Caleb Cox, 4 Jun 2010
Samsung Wave

Samsung brings Bada phone to Blighty

Samsung has said that its first Bada-based smartphone, the Wave, has begun shipping to UK telcos, paving the way for its imminent availability to phone buyers. Bada is Samsung's new smartphone OS and the product it's using to attempt to emulate the success Apple's iPhone has experienced as an apps platform. Samsung Wave …
Hard Reg, 24 May 2010
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Samsung offers $2.7m of grease for wrestling Bada devs

Samsung likes to play the tart when it comes to a mobile OS, but the Bada Developer Challenge for its in-house environment shows where its affections really lie, with a top prize of $300,000. That compares with the £2,000 that Samsung was prepared to give to the best Android application while promoting its Galaxy handset. The …
Bill Ray, 17 May 2010
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Samsung's Bada gets a developer kit

Developers desperate to start creating applications for Samsung's Bada platform can now start coding, though it will be few more weeks before there's a handset to run them on. The Software Developer's Kit version 1 is available from the Bada Developers' portal, which promises that the Bada-based Wave phone (which should be …
Bill Ray, 7 May 2010

What's so bad about Samsung's Bada?

Samsung has been showing its first Bada phone, able to download applications from Samsung's version of iTunes and nowhere else. But will Bada really challenge Apple and the iPhone? That's clearly what Samsung has in mind - Bada is a closed platform owned and controlled by Samsung, and Bada applications have to be approved by …
Bill Ray, 9 Mar 2010
Samsung Wave

Samsung unveils Bluetooth 3.0, 802.11n smartphone

MWC Samsung has taken the wraps off the first phone to be fitted out with its Bada operating system. It also has 802.11n Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 3.0. Called the Wave, the handset sports a 3.5in, 800 x 480 OLED touchscreen. While Bada runs behind the scenes, users interact with the third incarnation of Samsung's established TouchWiz UI …
Tony Smith, 15 Feb 2010
LG Arena

LG eyes 'second biggest phone firm' status

LG aims to sell 140m mobile phones globally this year, with a view to becoming the world’s second largest handset maker by 2012. The 2010 sales forecast would be a 20 per cent increase on LG’s 2009 handset sales. Samsung – currently the world’s number two in terms of handset sales – shifted just under 200m phones in 2008 and …
James Sherwood, 14 Jan 2010
Samsung Bada UI

Samsung Bada: UI shots spied on web

Images showing the user interface Samsung has grafted onto its upcoming Bada smartphone OS have appeared on the web. Samsung Bada UI We can't, alas, confirm the images' provenance - we usually follow sites' references back to the source, but in this case they end up looping between GSM Arena and Samsung Flash Wiki. Samsung …
Tony Smith, 18 Dec 2009

Bada smartphone to debut H1 2010

The first smartphone based on Samsung’s Bada OS will arrive during the first half of 2010, the company has confirmed. samsung_bada_smartphone Could this be Samsung's first Bada smartphone? During a formal launch of the OS in London this morning, Samsung said the mystery device will be available in 50 countries at launch. …

Samsung's first Bada smartphone pictured

Samsung only announced its open mobile platform alternative to Android two days ago, but the first image of what may be the first Bada-based smartphone has already appeared online. samsung_bada_smartphone Could this be Samsung's first Bada smartphone? Source: GSM Helpdesk Nothing has been revealed about the mystery device …
James Sherwood, 12 Nov 2009

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