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Laser weapon aboard USS Ponce

Argentina eyes up laser death cannon testbed warship

Argentina reportedly wants to buy the US Navy’s laser death ray testbed warship, the fearsomely named USS Ponce. According to the Mail on Sunday, the Argentinians are interested in buying the 46-year-old former landing platform (dock) from the American Navy when she is decommissioned next year. “Senior Pentagon sources have …

Argentina finds messenger to shoot after e-vote vuln allegations

Argentinian police have reportedly raided a programmer who went public with vulnerabilities in the electronic voting system used in Buenos Aires elections last June. Joaquín Sorianello has told La Nacion that police raided both his home and that of a friend, looking for computers and storage devices. Argentina's e-voting …

Britain beats back Argies over Falklands online land grab

It's been 33 years since the United Kingdom went to war with Argentina and won back the Falkland Islands, but the battle still continues – including online. On Thursday, there was a meeting at the United Nations about the islands that resolved the UK and Argentina should get together and negotiate a solution to the ongoing …
Kieren McCarthy, 26 Jun 2015
Dreadnoughtus schrani

DREADNOUGHTUS: The 65-TON DINO that could crumple up a T-Rex like a paper cup

Paleontologists report that they have discovered the remains of a new type of dinosaur - dubbed Dreadnoughtus schrani - that tipped the scales at 65 tons, was 85 feet long ... and was still growing fast when it died. Dreadnoughtus schrani Dreadnoughtus schrani - our weightiest dinosaur to date Kenneth Lacovara, associate …
Iain Thomson, 4 Sep 2014
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Biology miss punts homemade smut to pupils

A group of Argentinian schoolkids copped a righteous eyeful of smut last week when their female biology* teacher handed them a USB memory stick containing a couple of vids of her going hammer and tongs with her boyfriend. According to the Diario Democracia, innocent kiddies at the La Escuela Media Nº 1 "Manuel Dorrego", in the …
Lester Haines, 28 Nov 2011
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Argentina stakes online claim on Falklands

Argentina has complained about the continued existence of the Falkland Islands' top-level internet address .fk, according to a local internet users society and other sources. The nation's foreign ministry has written to global domain name overseer ICANN to claim the Falklands belong to Argentina, according to Internauta. "The …
Kevin Murphy, 31 Oct 2011
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Facebook SIM brings social network to dumb phones

Personal Argentina is the first operator to deploy a Facebook-enabled SIM, bringing the social network to any GSM handsets, and into hitherto unexploited markets. Getting Facebook working on a SIM means using the SIM Toolkit commands, which limits interaction to a cascade of text menus, but it does mean that any GSM handset …
Bill Ray, 6 Oct 2011
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Acrobatic pilot survives loss of wing

Vid Argentinian acrobatic pilot Dino Moliné survived the dramatic structural failure of his aircraft on Sunday, thanks to a full-plane parachute system which returned him gently to earth. Moliné, 22, was performing at the Show Aéreo 2010 in Santa Fe, when he rather inconveniently lost a wing: Moliné's Rans S-9 Chaos was, as …
Lester Haines, 18 Aug 2010
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Argentinian jailbreakers dress in sheep's clothing

Two Argentinian jailbreakers who disguised themselves as sheep have managed to elude a dragnet comprising 300 police officers with helicopter back-up. According to La Nación, Maximiliano Omar Montenegro Pereyra, 25, and Ariel Andrés Aguirre Díaz, 28, escaped from the General Alvear maximum security prison in central Buenos …
Lester Haines, 13 Apr 2010
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Lingerie model ran 'Charlie Angels' drug gang

Argentinian police are hunting a 30-year-old former lingerie model accused of running an all-women cocaine-smuggling gang, Argentina's La Nación reports. Angie Valencia Colombian Angie Sanclemente Valencia was crowned her native land's Queen of Coffee in 2000, but following a relationship with a Mexican drug lord known as " …
Lester Haines, 24 Feb 2010
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Argentinians invade Falkland Islands website

Argentinian hackers yesterday raised their national flag over the Falkland Islands' Penguin News - a temporary occupation in which they laid out their case for sovereignty over the South Atlantic paradise island group. The hacked Penguin News website The invaders' bullet-point list of claims - backed by an rousing audio …
Lester Haines, 22 Feb 2010

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