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Solar filament eruption of August 31, 2012

US Military enlists radio hams to simulate fight with THE SUN

Nobody's quite forgotten that a really big solar event can upset kit even as crude as a telegraph, so the US military is recruiting radio hams to help test its contingency plans. The exercise will happen between November 8 and November 10 (US time), when operators will be asked to practice what to do before and after the Sun …
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Senators to NASA: Get your ass to Mars

NASA lacks a clear vision for the future of US human spaceflight, US Senators told the space agency's chief on Wednesday. A Senate science subcommittee clashed with NASA Administrator Charles Bolden over President Barack Obama's proposed 2011 budget, which effectively kills the previous administration's goal of returning to …
Austin Modine, 26 Feb 2010
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Obama banks on NASA's big launcher

US President Barack Obama will ask Congress to jettison NASA's plans to develop its next-generation Ares I crew launch vehicle and increase funds for the "simpler" Ares V heavy lift rocket to replace the space shuttle fleet. The revised direction for US human space flight was decided Wednesday at a White House meeting with …
Austin Modine, 18 Dec 2009
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US Congress seeks control over NASA moonshot

Members of the US Congress are preparing to battle Obama's White House over control of NASA's Constellation moon-rocket program. The House of Representatives on Thursday passed a major 2010 spending bill that would effectively tie Obama's hands if he attempts to make changes to the current Constellation program. The 2010 …
Austin Modine, 11 Dec 2009
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NASA suffers rocket fail 20 seconds from firing

Troubled US space agency NASA yesterday scrubbed a test-firing of the Ares I rocket - which will carry American astronauts into space after the space shuttle fleet retires - with just 20 seconds left on the countdown. Meanwhile other problems have seen this week's launch of the shuttle Discovery delayed, and a moon-impact probe …
Lewis Page, 28 Aug 2009
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NASA review: Forget about boots on Mars by 2030

A panel appointed to recommend a way ahead for the US space programme following major funding cuts has rejected the idea of ignoring the Moon and sending astronauts straight to Mars. Trimming its shortlist of plans from seven to four, the Augustine panel has also stated that serious human space exploration is not possible …
Lewis Page, 13 Aug 2009
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NASA tests rocket-disaster escape rocket

NASA has announced a successful test of its "Max Launch Abort System" (MLAS), essentially a rocket ejector seat writ large and applied to an entire space capsule. The system is designed to let astronauts escape and parachute to safety in the event of a launcher stack crackup. The Max Launch Abort System tested at Wallops …
Lewis Page, 9 Jul 2009
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Russia raises fare for NASA's Soyuz rocket rides

Bumming a ride on Russian rockets will soon be a few million dollars more expensive. Inflation y'know. Russia will charge US astronauts $51m for a round trip to the International Space Station beginning in 2012, a Russian space official said on Wednesday. NASA said earlier it plans to reserve up to 24 seats aboard the Russian …
Austin Modine, 13 May 2009
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NASA shops for new Moon spacesuits and landers

NASA's return to the Moon with manned missions - planned to commence from 2020 - has taken some early steps in recent days. The space agency awarded a contract for its new generation of moonwalker spacesuits, and US defence globocorp Boeing submitted proposals for the new "Altair" lunar lander. NASA concept art of the new …
Lewis Page, 2 Mar 2009
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Ares I manned rocket section explodes in testing

NASA has announced a successful test related to its new Ares I astronaut-carrying rocket, the planned successor to the space shuttle. A key part of the structure, critical to safe parachute recovery of the discarded first stage, successfully blew itself up last week during a trial on the ground in Utah. The Ares I/Orion stack …
Lewis Page, 2 Feb 2009
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NASA chief blasts US space policy in leaked email

An internal email from NASA chief Mike Griffin has been leaked to the media. It expresses Griffin's frustration with recent US space policy, says that White House oversight offices have waged a "jihad" against the space shuttle, and offers a gloomy view of the future. The email was obtained at the weekend by the Orlando …
Lewis Page, 8 Sep 2008
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McCain: Keep Shuttle flying, don't trust Russia

Presidential contender John McCain and two other bigshot Republican senators have written to George Bush urging that NASA keep the Space Shuttle fleet alive beyond 2010. The politicians are concerned about US reliance on Russia for manned space transport in the early years of the next decade. According to the Orlando Sentinel …
Lewis Page, 27 Aug 2008

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