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Boom supersonic aircraft

Virgin Galactic and Boom unveil Concorde 2.0 tester to restart supersonic travel

On the 13th anniversary of the last Concorde flight, Boom Technology and Virgin Galactic want to start a commercial supersonic passenger jet service that will be faster than its older counterpart and cost no more than a business class ticket. At a Colorado aircraft hangar, the two firms unveiled the triple-engined XB-1 …
Iain Thomson, 16 Nov 2016
Boeing 747 lands at dusk. Photo via Shutterstock

Why the Sun is setting on the Boeing 747

Guy Gratton, Brunel University London It’s difficult to imagine now, in the age of mass global travel, that building an aeroplane to carry hundreds of people at a time was once seen as a huge risk. But as the world’s first wide-body airliner, the Boeing 747 went on to change not only aviation but the entire tourism industry. …
Sopwith Pup RC Plane trench level view

Plane crash blamed on in-flight SELFIES

The USA's National Transportation Safety Board's (NTSB's) investigation into a 2014 light plane crash has come to the conclusion that the pilot may well have been distracted by selfie-taking passengers. The crash killed two people last May when a Cessna 150 came to grief in Colorado after “... the pilot experienced spatial …
Qantas A380 tail

Flying fondleslab causes injury after plane hits turbulence

Hot on the heels of news that Australian wasps can ground a plane comes another cautionary tale from the Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB), this time concerning the perils of flying laptop computers and iPads. The two devices fell from an overhead bin during turbulence last November. The ATSB's report on the incident …
Airbus A380 lift-off. Picture courtesy of Airbus

Airbus imagines suitcases that find themselves

Airbus has floated a concept it calls “Bag2Go” that it says will make lost luggage a thing of the past. The word “ecosystem” gets overused a bit, but seems worth using to describe Bag2Go, which needs special luggage with embedded RFIDs. Those willing to pay for that privilege are then expected to use an app while they pack, …
Simon Sharwood, 11 Jun 2013
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Climate change set to bumpify transatlantic flights, say researchers

Rising sea levels, droughts, torrential downpours, "superstorms" – climate change has been blamed for a flood [Ahem...—Ed.] of calamities, but new research shows that an even worse global warming–induced fate might soon befall us all: an inflight glass of wine spilling onto our lap when our airliner encounters increased …
Rik Myslewski, 8 Apr 2013
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EU-US name-swap deal actually gives passengers MORE privacy

The European Parliament has approved a controversial new agreement allowing the EU to exchange airline passenger information with the US, it has announced. The EU said that the agreement (37-page/138KB PDF), which sets out the conditions under which passenger name record (PNR) data can be transferred, would provide "legal …
OUT-LAW.COM, 23 Apr 2012
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Stray SMS leads to aborted landing

On May 27th, 2010, as an A310 flying from Darwin to Singapore descended to just 500 feet above terra firma, crew noticed the craft was not ready to land. In accordance with the procedures of the airline concerned, Australian budget flier Jetstar, the crew executed a “go-around”, the hasty cancellation of landing and consequent …
Simon Sharwood, 20 Apr 2012
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UK will share passenger data with US in Euro deal

The UK has opted in to the EU passenger name record (PNR) agreement with the United States, Home Office minister Damien Green has confirmed. "The UK, in common with many other EU member states and third countries, places considerable value on the collection and analysis of PNR data (that data collected by carriers in the …
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China decrees in-flight cellphone calls are safe

Following two years of study, China has decided that in-flight calls are safe, but anyone hoping to make a call, or access the internet, on a Chinese flight will still be disappointed. The Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT, not to be confused with MIT) has spent two years studying the affects of in- …
Bill Ray, 17 Nov 2011
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US plan to hold EU passenger data for 15 yrs 'unlawful'

A reported plan to allow the US to retain the personal details of inbound EU air passengers for 15 years would be unlawful, lawyers for the European Commission have said, according to a newspaper report. The Guardian, which reported last month that the US wanted to keep the information for 15 years, has reported that …
OUT-LAW.COM, 22 Jun 2011
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Passenger cleared after TSA checkpoint stare-down

A Seattle man has been acquitted of all charges brought against him when he refused to show ID to TSA officials and videotaped the incident at an airport security checkpoint. Prosecutors' case against Phil Mocek was so weak that he was found not guilty without testifying or calling a single witness, the Papers, Please! blog …
Dan Goodin, 25 Jan 2011
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Exposed: leaked body scans published online

Casting doubt on government assurances that full-body scanners don't violate air travelers' privacy, Gizmodo has published 100 photographs saved in violation of stated policy, taken by one such machine deployed in a federal courthouse in Florida. Fortunately for the people photographed, the Gen 2 millimeter wave scanner used …
Dan Goodin, 16 Nov 2010
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EU agency zooms in on 'Flying 2.0'

An EU cyber security agency has developed recommendations for the introduction of greater use of RFID technology in air travel. The recommendations from ENISA (The European Network and Information Security Agency) focus on the greater use of RFID-based tags on luggage as well as the ongoing rollout of biometric chips in …
John Leyden, 13 Apr 2010
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Naked scans: Net cries nude-o-geddon

The proliferation of airport body scanners will spark a flurry of low-grade porn, internet conspiracy theorists claimed last week. But officials at Manchester Airport, where full body scanning is already due to be tested, have been quick to dismiss this as urban myth. Who to ignore? A number of websites have suggested it is a …
Jane Fae , 12 Jan 2010
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New Yorkers to pay for RFID in driving licences

New York drivers will have the option, from June next year, of paying an additional $30 to have an RFID tag embedded in their driving licence, allowing them to cross nearby borders without recourse to a passport. The additional tag offers much the same functionality as the US Passport Card, though it's limited to borders with …
Bill Ray, 18 Sep 2008
The Register breaking news could be left out of EU passenger data scheme

The Government's hard line on the collection and use of information on travellers could isolate it within Europe and leave it with less information than other states, a parliamentary committee has warned. The House of Lords European Union Committee has said that the UK Government's desire to see passenger name record (PNR) …
OUT-LAW.COM, 17 Jun 2008

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