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Doctor examines virtual brain

DeepMind now has an ethics unit – which may have helped when it ate 1.6m NHS patient details

Google's controversial DeepMind has created an ethics unit to "explore and understand" the real-world impacts of Artificial Intelligence. The DeepMind Ethics & Society (DMES) group will be comprised of both full-time DeepMind employees and external fellows. It will be headed by technology consultant Sean Legassick and former …
Kat Hall, 4 Oct 2017

Ex-sperm-inate! Sam the sex-droid 'heavily soiled' in randy nerd rampage

NSFW In a public showing of Samantha, a sex doll with built-in computing power to make her more realistic, the love droid apparently suffered a terrible fate. The robot was displayed at the ARS Electronica Festival in Linz, Austria and proved a little too popular, it is claimed. The robot was mobbed by attendees who broke two of …
Iain Thomson, 29 Sep 2017
Amazon Echo Spot

Out, damned Spot! Amazon emits Echo ball with screen, inevitable ever-listening mic

Amazon expanded its line of Echo cloud commerce intercoms on Wednesday with the introduction of Echo Spot, a spherical hodgepodge of screen, mics and speaker for communing with the company's Alexa software and demanding doorstep deliveries. With living rooms already served and surveilled by elder Echo devices, Echo Spot …
Thomas Claburn, 28 Sep 2017
Robot AI Woman

Baidu puts open source deep learning into smartphones

A year after it open sourced its PaddlePaddle deep learning suite, Baidu has dropped another piece of AI tech into the public domain – a project to put AI on smartphones. Mobile Deep Learning (MDL) landed at GitHub under the MIT license a day ago, along with the exhortation “Be all eagerness to see it”. MDL is a convolution- …
Crop of doctor with pen and clipboard

AI in Medicine? It's back to the future, Dr Watson

Analysis "OK, the error rate is terrible, but it's Artificial Intelligence – so it can only improve!" Of course. AI is always "improving" – as much is implied by the cleverly anthropomorphic phrase, "machine learning". Learning systems don't get dumber. But what if they don't actually improve? The caveat accompanies almost any …
Andrew Orlowski, 25 Sep 2017
Protestor barricade image via Shutterstock

Has science gone too far, part 97: Boffins craft code to find protesters on social networks, rate them on their violence

Mining social networks for every scrap of information about our online lives is now common practice for marketers, academics, government agencies, and so on. Text in tweets, blogs and other posts is valuable because it's searchable, analyzable, and not terribly costly to crawl, fetch or store. But ongoing computer vision …
Thomas Claburn, 21 Sep 2017

Top video game dev nerve-center Unity can now be used to train AI

Unity, the most popular cross-platform game engine favored by video game developers, on Tuesday opened up its platform for machine learning researchers to test their algorithms. Reinforcement learning is a strand of machine learning that teaches agents to perform a specific task in a given environment. It’s been useful for …
Katyanna Quach, 20 Sep 2017

AI slurps, learns millions of passwords to work out which ones you may use next

Eggheads have produced a machine-learning system that has studied millions of passwords used by folks online to work out other passphases people are likely to use. These AI-guessed passwords could be used with today's tools to crack more hashed passwords, and log into more strangers' accounts on systems, than ever before. …
Iain Thomson, 20 Sep 2017
An old race car

Microsoft's AI is so good it steered Renault into bottom of the F1 league

Microsoft on Sunday bragged its artificial intelligence technology is behind the, er, success of the massively underperforming Renault Formula One team. In a poorly timed bit of marketing, the Redmond software giant talked up its partnership with the racing team just as the latter finds itself sitting 433 points behind leader …
Shaun Nichols, 18 Sep 2017
Bodega AI image

Bespoke vending machine biz Bodega AI trips cultural landmine

A startup called Bodega AI, facing an unanticipated Twitter tempest, has rushed to reassure people that it isn't out to kick mom-and-pop stores to the curb. The venture-funded firm, which makes software and hardware to create "delightful automated stores" – what normals might call vending machines, but for their Ikea affect – …
Thomas Claburn, 14 Sep 2017
A person rioting in protest

Dear rioters: Hiding your face with scarves, hats can't fool this AI system

Software can take a decent stab at identifying looters, rioters and anyone else who hides their faces with scarves, hats, and glasses, a study has shown. A paper by a team of researchers at the University of Cambridge, UK, the National Institute of Technology in Warangal, India, and the Indian Institute of Science, describes …

Boffins want machine learning to predict earthquakes

Earthquakes are, by their nature, unpredictable. Although geologists understand why and how the tremors occur, forecasting them more than a few minutes ahead is very difficult. A team of scientists believes that machine learning could help solve this problem one day. A paper published Wednesday in the Geophysical Research …

Boffins turn to AI to zip through piles of gravitational lenses

A group of physicists has trained an artificial neural network to analyze gravitational lensing images ten million times faster than normal computational methods. Gravitational lensing is "the formation of multiple images of distant sources due to the deflection of their light by the gravity of intervening structures," …
Katyanna Quach, 30 Aug 2017

London cops urged to scrap use of 'biased' facial recognition at Notting Hill Carnival

London's Metropolitan Police have been urged to back down on plans to once again use facial recognition software at next weekend's Notting Hill Carnival. Privacy groups including Big Brother Watch, Liberty and Privacy International have written to police commissioner Cressida Dick (PDF) calling for a U-turn on the use of the …
Rebecca Hill, 17 Aug 2017
Chorus chatbot diagram

Dismayed by woeful AI chatbots, boffins hired real people – and went back to square one

Analysis Convinced that intelligent conversational assistants like Amazon Alexa, Microsoft Cortana, and Apple Siri are neither particularly intelligent nor capable of sophisticated conversation, computer boffins last year began testing a crowd-powered assistant embodied by Amazon Mechanical Turk workers. The chatbot, a people-powered …
Thomas Claburn, 14 Aug 2017
microsoft nutella

Microsoft dumps mobility from its Vision

Microsoft has dropped any mention of mobility from its strategic vision. The change emerged last week in Redmond's Form 10-K, the annual warts-and-all documents public companies are required to lodge with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission. Microsoft's vision is usually outlined in a section of the 10-K …

Si vous comprenez ces mots, vous êtes français ou l'intelligence artificielle de Facebook

Facebook’s language translation is now finally powered by several large neural networks. The social media giant announced on Thursday it has switched to using neural networks for translating people's posts and status updates. It’s not the first outfit to make this kind of jump – Google and Microsoft upgraded their translation …
Chairman Mao exhorting chinese workers to do their utmost for the nation

Off-messenger: Chinese chatbot ain't no commie

Two chatbots have reportedly been removed from Chinese messaging app QQ after issuing distinctly unpatriotic answers. According to the Financial Times, chatbots BabyQ and Xiaobing (or Xiaoice) had been available to some of the 800 million users of Tencent's app QQ until Wednesday. However, the pair seem to have been hastily …
Rebecca Hill, 3 Aug 2017

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