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Cops' quango to come under freedom of information laws

The Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO), the publicly-funded private company that wields heavy influence over policing policy, will be included in the Freedom of Information Act from October next year. The Ministry of Justice's announcement today follows criticism of ACPO's lack of accountability despite its powerful …
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Police have more than 10,000 ANPR cameras

Police have confirmed that forces in England and Wales are passing up to 14m reads per day from automatic numberplate recognition cameras to a national database. All but two of England and Wales' police forces are passing data to the National ANPR Data Centre, run by the National Policing Improvement Agency (NPIA) on behalf of …
Kable, 3 Feb 2010
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Home Office advises Police to break the law

Home Office advice to Police Forces in the UK is wrong in law and likely to leave cash-strapped police authorities incurring some very large legal bills over the coming months. That was the view given to El Reg today by Matthew Ryder, a barrister specialising in police powers and human rights. Following the recent ruling by …
Jane Fae , 19 Jan 2010
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New Labour bring old Nuremberg Laws to Britain

Police officers could find themselves on the wrong end of a citizen’s arrest if they follow advice issued by Home Secretary, Alan Johnson, after the European Court of Human Rights slapped the UK's stop and search laws. According to government lawyers, however, so long as officials are "only obeying orders", there is little the …
Jane Fae , 14 Jan 2010
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Police moot pop-up social network warnings

Exclusive Police chiefs have privately proposed that social networking sites hosted overseas should carry pop-up government health warnings, as part of measures to increase surveillance of the internet. In a submission to the Home Office, the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) said senior judges or Ministers could decide which …
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Police snapper silliness reaches new heights

After lagging well behind other forces for most of the year, City of London Police are now making a late surge to take the coveted El Reg prize for most absurd photographic intervention of 2009. We were not especially impressed by their sending of seven officers in three cars and a riot van to deal with architectural …
Jane Fae , 11 Dec 2009
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IPPR calls for National Policing Agency

Existing national police organisations and their IT systems should be transferred to a new body, according to a report. The National Policing Agency would be created by merging the National Policing Improvement Agency and those parts of the Association of Chief Police Officers that currently coordinate or deliver national …
Kable, 27 Nov 2009
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Police Intelligence may be a thing of the past

The days of police unlawfully collecting and holding personal information on individuals exercising their legal right to protest may be drawing to a close. That, at least, is the conclusion of protest groups who have themselves been the object of police surveillance in the past – and judging by the response from the …
Jane Fae , 25 Nov 2009
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ACPO proposes new domestic violence database

The latest wheeze to emerge from ACPO and the Home Office is yet another new law and order database – this one including individuals who are unconvicted, but against whom there exist unsubstantiated allegations of domestic violence. Critics are also not impressed by the fact that this and other recommendations put forward this …
Jane Fae , 20 Nov 2009
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Cybercriminals down five British police forces in a year

In the last year five British police forces have suffered major computer failures lasting three days or more as a result of malicious internet attacks. The spate of intrusions by cybercriminals and the resulting outages was revealed recently by a senior authoritative source, who can't be identified because the disclosure was …
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Home Office foot-dragging exposes ACPO to criticism

Relations between the Home Office and one of their favourite police organisations, the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) may not be quite as tickety-boo as they should be. Both sides strenuously deny any rift: but as senior politicians raise questions about the role of ACPO in setting public policy, any suggestion …
Jane Fae , 3 Sep 2009
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Police drag feet following DNA law change

The Met has agreed to destroy DNA and fingerprints taken from Tory Immigration spokesman Damian Green last December - and they will delete other police records too. This follows a four-month battle, much foot-dragging, and a statement by ACPO that sounds suspiciously like yet more "off the cuff" law-making by the Police. The …
Jane Fae , 20 Aug 2009
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Ministry of Justice issues digital preservation code

The Ministry of Justice is recommending that public bodies do more to preserve digital records, and is extending FoI to more organisations. Announcing the updated guidance, justice minister Michael Wills said the new recommendations will help ensure that digital records stored by public sector organisations can be accessed and …
Kable, 17 Jul 2009
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Plod to get computer forensics 'breathalyser' next year

UK police may be forced to develop a bespoke digital forensics device for seized computers after testing of market offerings failed to meet price, technical and speed standards. A special Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) group has been working on a national rollout of what's been dubbed a "digital breathalyser" for …
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Cops to step up use of phone and net records

Detectives will be required to consider accessing telephone and internet records during every investigation under new plans to increase police use of communications data. The policy is likely to significantly increase the number of requests for data received by ISPs and telephone operators. Just as every investigation …
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Police want new remote hard drive search powers

Cyber cops want new laws to allow remote searches of seized hard drives in the hope they will help reduce long digital forensics backlogs - of up to two years for some forces. It would mean specialised officers in London could access data held on hard drives in police evidence rooms nationally. How such information sharing …
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Three months on, you still can't get off the DNA database

Almost three months on from the unanimous ruling by the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) against the UK's mass retention of DNA of innocent people, the situation has turned worse. Although eventually the UK should become compliant with the ruling, police forces are adopting a wait and see attitude, while Jacqui Smith is …
David Mery, 2 Mar 2009
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Home Office guides plods on photography

Terror Laws due to be passed this autumn, could provide Police with a new and significant power to stop individuals taking photographs. This follows reassurances from Home secretary Jacqui Smith that there is "no legal restriction on taking photographs in public places", which is why she will shortly be issuing police with …
Jane Fae , 28 Oct 2008

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