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IBM guns down Neon's mainframe accelerator in Texas

The hired legal guns were blazing, and when the smoke cleared, the US District Court for the Western District of Texas, located in Austin, granted a permanent injunction in favor of IBM in a long-running lawsuit Neon Enterprise Software, killing the controversial zPrime mainframe acceleration program. The zPrime tool was …

EC launches formal probes into IBM's mainframe biz

Antitrust authorities at the European Commission have been listening to clone mainframe seller T3 Technologies' cries after IBM ate and killed clone mainframe maker Platform Solutions a few years back. Complaints from TurboHercules, a supplier of a mainframe hardware emulator for x64 servers that IBM refuses to license software …
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Neon Software sells cut-down zPrime for IMS

IBM's System z11 mainframes are just around the corner, and Neon Software, the maker of the zPrime tool for offloading work from expensive to cheap engines on Big Blue's mainframes, has to do something to get the attention of mainframers. How does $1 for a license for tweaked zPrime tool that lets it accelerate IMS flatfile …
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Neon to take mainframe complaints to Europe

It looks like some more lawyers are going to make some more money off IBM's mainframe business. Neon Enterprise Software, the company that created the zPrime tool for shifting mainframe workloads to lower-cost zIIP and zAAP specialty engines on IBM's System z servers, announced today that it intends to file a compliant with …

Neon updates zPrime mainframe accelerator

Neon Enterprise Software, the cheeky provider of the zPrime systems software that allows production work normally running on IBM z/OS mainframe engines to be dispatched to cheaper zIIP and zAAP co-processors on those mainframes, has tweaked the tool so it can now offload even more work to those cheaper engines. The zPrime tool …

IBM countersues Neon over zPrime accelerator

With mainframe revenues off sharply and likely to be so until the System z11 mainframes ship much later this year, IBM can ill afford to look the other way as Neon Software peddles its zPrime tool for offloading mainframe workloads to much cheaper specialty engines on Big Blue's mainframes. So it has called out the lawyers and …

Neon sues IBM over 'anticompetitive' mainframe tactics

This summer, when Neon Enterprise Software launched its zPrime software for moving legacy workloads on IBM's mainframe engines to lower-cost specialty engines, it was only a matter of time before the lawsuits began. As it turns out, Neon, which is seeing its zPrime business thwarted by what it claims are unfair business …

zPrime cost-cutting mainframeware gets traction

Neon Enterprise Software, which in late June launched a tool which allows customers to run IBM mainframe apps for a fraction of the cost, is getting traction and not as much push-back from IBM as you might expect. Neon' tool, zPrime, allows chunks of applications written for IBM's z/OS operating system to run on the relatively …
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IBM flings FUD at Neon zPrimers

As El Reg anticipated when the zPrime mainframe acceleration software tool was announced by Neon Enterprise Software, the tool has not only gotten the attention of IBM, but has compelled Big Blue to warn its customers about using it. Two days after our story ran, Mark Anzani, the chief technology officer for IBM's System z …

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