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Yahoo!: the future is HTML5 (plus native code)

For Yahoo!, the future of mobile applications is HTML5. But that doesn't mean they'll run solely on the web. "I think you'll always have [mobile] applications with native components because you'll have some elements where native will be better optimized," Sandeep Gupta, the man who oversees Yahoo!'s mobile app development, …
Cade Metz, 9 Jul 2010

Yahoo! Messenger! Trojan! false alarm!

Check Point's personal firewall software falsely identified a component of Yahoo! Messenger as a Trojan this week. ZoneAlarm Pro mistakenly pegged an audio conferencing ActiveX control within Yahoo Messenger as the Yspy Trojan. As a result users of the software were prompted to delete yacscom.dll, a critical component of the …
John Leyden, 13 Jun 2008
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Yahoo! Messenger! users! face! attack! by! video!

Yahoo Messenger users beware: Your mother was right when she told you not to chat with strangers. A newly discovered zero-day vulnerability in the widely-used chat program proves this was sound advice. According to a blog entry by McAfee, company researchers have been able to confirm a report on a Chinese language security …
Dan Goodin, 16 Aug 2007

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