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Windows XP support ends two years from now

Support for Windows XP will end two years from today, on April 8th, 2014*. XP was shipped to OEMs on August 24th, 2001 and reached average punters on October 25th. Plenty bought it and plenty still run it: Gartner's July 2011 assessment of the global OS population suggested "Windows XP Home and Follow-Ons" had 68 million users …
Simon Sharwood, 07 Apr 2012

Microsoft posts Windows XP Home Edition security fixes

Microsoft has posted its monthly round-up of Windows security updates targeting, among others, owners of Windows XP Home Edition- and Windows XP Media Center Edition-based PCs. The update, released through the operating system's auto-update feature, comprises ten individual security tweaks, six of which are described as " …
Hard Reg, 11 Oct 2006
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Microsoft killing free XP support next week

Microsoft will drop free support for handful of aging products next week, including consumer versions of Windows XP and Office 2003. On April 14, the Redmond giant ends "mainstream" support for Office 2003 in addition to Windows XP Home and Professional. This means the software will no longer include no-charge incident support, …
Austin Modine, 07 Apr 2009

Microsoft gives XP an extra two years to live (kinda)

Microsoft said today it will continue to sell Windows XP Home beyond its scheduled June 30 kill-date for the emerging class of "ultra-low-cost PCs," or ULCPCs. The operating system has been granted a reprieve until mid-2010, but only for the diminutive laptops such as the Asus Eee PC and Intel Classmate PC which lack the …
Austin Modine, 03 Apr 2008
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'We could wake up smarter' - Ballmer hints at Win XP reprieve

Windows XP could yet be reprieved from end-of-life, if enough customers demand it, said Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer today. Speaking at a news conference in Belgium Ballmer said: "XP will hit an end-of-life. We have announced one. If customer feedback varies we can always wake up smarter but right now we have a plan for end-of- …
Kelly Fiveash, 24 Apr 2008
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MS pulls plugs on XP SP3 mass launch

Microsoft has pulled the general release of Windows XP service pack three (SP3) at the eleventh hour, blaming a “compatibility issue” for the cock-up. The software giant said late yesterday it was suspending mass download of the long-awaited service pack while it investigates the problem between its point-of-sale app – Dynamics …
Kelly Fiveash, 30 Apr 2008

ZeuS KICKS that SaaS: Trojan raids accounts

Miscreants have forged a variant of the infamous ZeuS banking Trojan that targets enterprise data held by clients of CRM giant The ZeuS variant does not exploit a vulnerability in the platform itself but rather penetrates the insecure devices of corporate workers accessing The …
John Leyden, 26 Feb 2014

Third XP Service Pack slips to boost Vista sales tools

Microsoft is planning its third Windows XP Service Pack (SP) for release in 2007, three years after the last SP, in order to concentrate engineering resources on Windows Vista. The company has set a preliminary release date of the second-half of 2007 for SP 3, for use with Windows XP Home and Professional editions, meaning that …
Gavin Clarke, 18 Jan 2006
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XP SP2 stalls at starting gate

Yesterday saw a further minor delay in the release of Windows XP Service Pack 2, the most significant revision of the Windows code base since its launch in 2001. Microsoft originally said it planned to release Windows XP Service Pack 2 (SP2) to manufacturers on Wednesday. That didn't happen. Microsoft is now saying the release …
John Leyden, 06 Aug 2004
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Dial N for Windows 'reduced'

Microsoft will brand the EU-antitrust-complaint version of Windows XP, "Windows XP [Home | Professional] N". Last year's provisional verdict from the Commission's antitrust division requires Microsoft to ship a version without Windows Media Player in the European Community. Agreement comes at the tenth attempt. Microsoft had …
Andrew Orlowski, 28 Mar 2005

Windows support program bent to fit

Microsoft's Windows maintenance program is in the spotlight as the company has admitted to bending its support rules over security while cutting support to users of Windows XP Home Edition early. The company has said it will, in future, release security updates for products that would normally not receive updates as they'd …
Gavin Clarke, 12 Jan 2006
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Why Brits pay more for Win XP

In true Rip-Off Britain style, Brits will have to dig deeper into their pockets than Americans for Microsoft's Windows XP. According to the software giant, an upgrade to Windows XP Home Edition will cost $99 in the US, with the full copy at $199. In the UK this same software will be priced at £89.99 ($130) and £179.99 ($262 …
Linda Harrison, 11 Sep 2001

Windows recovery loophole lets hackers in

Windows Vista may be Microsoft's most secure operating system to date, but researchers are still finding some glaring loopholes for hackers to exploit. Here is the latest: all you need is a Vista Install DVD to get admin level access to a hard drive. The loophole arises because the Command Prompt tool in Vista's System Recovery …
John Leyden, 12 Jun 2007
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MS faces XP compatibility problems with Mira

Microsoft Corp faces an embarrassing problem with the roll-out of its handheld "home companion" computer Mira, after a company executive revealed that the device will not work with computers running the Windows XP Home Edition operating system. The problem is that Microsoft has targeted the Mira devices at the home market, …
ComputerWire, 07 Jun 2002

Windows Vista pricing favors PC upgrades

Microsoft has published pricing for Windows Vista - and things are looking up for PC manufacturers hoping consumers will start buying shiny new Vista-ready computers. Microsoft will charge $199 for Windows Vista Home Basic, or $99.95 to upgrade, with prices topping out at $399 for Vista Ultimate, or $259 to upgrade. Between …
Gavin Clarke, 06 Sep 2006
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Friendly fire – Product Activation zaps new XP Plus! pack

Microsoft latest add-on for Windows XP, Plus! Digital Media Edition, has fallen foul of Windows Product Activation. Numerous purchasers are finding it impossible to install, and are being confronted by the comforting message "Plus! Digital Media Edition uses Microsoft Product Activation to help prevent software piracy. Please …
John Lettice, 15 Jan 2003
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EU balks at Windows Reduced Edition

The EU has scotched the name Microsoft had planned for the unbundled versions of Windows that it must ship in Europe as result of last year's antitrust decree. Microsoft had planned to call the products, both of which include a third-party replacement for its own Media Player, Windows XP Home Reduced Media Edition and Windows …
Andrew Orlowski, 31 Jan 2005

Microsoft lights upgrade path to Windows Vista

Microsoft has published the long-anticipated upgrade paths for moving PCs from old versions of Windows to Windows Vista. That's the good news. The bad news (for most users)? You're gonna have to back up all your files and desktop settings for re-installation, along with all your PC applications, once Windows Vista is up and …
Gavin Clarke, 02 Aug 2006
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Goodmans touts home PC line-up

The Alba Group, the UK toasters-to-TVs maker, is to enter the PC market, offering a series of home-oriented machines under its Goodmans brand. The line comprises both desktops and notebooks, but all are pitched as high-performance home entertainment systems aimed at consumers "wanting more than a purely functional, standard ' …
Tony Smith, 29 Mar 2004
Hackintosh at Best Buy

Best Buy demos Dell netbook running... Mac OS X

Clearly uninspired by Windows XP Home, one Best Buy staffer slapped Mac OS X on one of the chain's demo Dell Inspiron Mini 910v netbooks, if pictures posted on the internet are to be taken at face value. Hackintosh at Best Buy Best Buy's hackintosh netbook (allegedly) Source: Gizmodo Whether snapped by a vistor to the shop, …
Tony Smith, 12 Aug 2009
MS Windows Vista logo

Vista Business sales soar like leaping dachshund

August numbers are in from Context, the European PC market watcher, and they show that the Vista is anything but Buena for Microsoft. Vista Business, the, um, business version of Vista, Microsoft's new operating system, slowed during the month, to grab a measly 13 per cent of unit PC sales through Europe's top IT disties. Maybe …
Drew Cullen, 03 Oct 2007
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Asus unveils DiGiMatrix hi-fi styled home PC

Reg Kit Watch PDA Asus today unveiled an updated version of its MyPal A620 Pocket PC that integrates Bluetooth into the slimline package - claimed by the manufacturer to be the thinnest and lightest Pocket PC device with a Type II Compact Flash slot. The Microsoft Windows Mobile 2003-based A620BT weighs in at 141g (5oz) and is 1.3cm (0.5in) …
Tony Smith, 07 Oct 2003

HP pumps out Mini PC trio

In an effort to satisfy customers' appetites for small and portable PCs, HP has expanded its Mini laptop line with the addition of three “information snacking” models. HP_Mini_trio HP's Mini 110 models flank the Mini 1101 (center) All three models sport 10.1in displays and your choice of either a 1.6GHz Intel Atom N270 or …
James Sherwood, 27 May 2009

RM relaunches Eee PC 900 as miniBook

UK education computing specialist RM - the firm formerly known as Research Machines - has announced its version of the Asus Eee PC 900. It'll sell the machine to schools for a mere £285 for the Windows XP model. Dubbed the miniBook, the RM machine matches the spec of the Asus-sold model exactly: 8.9in, 1024 x 600 display; 900MHz …
Tony Smith, 16 Jun 2008
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Win-XP vs Red Hat 7.2

I've had no end of fun this weekend installing and uninstalling and reinstalling and reuninstalling Windows-XP Home Edition and Red Hat 7.2 Personal Edition, both of which launched last week. I won't get into the Pro editions because most buyers in that market know what they want. Electronic Babysitter However, if you're a …
Thomas C Greene, 29 Oct 2001
Windows Vista teaser

Microsoft says ‘hasta la vista XP’ - well, kinda

Microsoft yesterday sent customers a letter reaffirming its plans to kill off Windows XP sales at the end of June and that system builders can continue to ship machines loaded with the OS until early 2009. That widely-known caveat has been viewed by many as a considerable insurance policy for the software giant, which has …
Kelly Fiveash, 24 Jun 2008

Asus Eee Box to debut in UK... minus Linux

Exclusive Asus will bring the Eee Box desktop to the UK in August. However, the company confirmed to Register Hardware that machine will initially only ship with Windows XP Home Edition. The compact desktop contains not Intel's desktop-oriented Atom 230 processor, as anticipated, but the less power-hungry notebook version, the N270, Asus …
Tony Smith, 19 Jun 2008

Asus Eee Keyboard launched

Asus' Eee Keyboard - a full netbook built into a keyboard chassis - has been demo'd time after time by the manufacturer and now, more than a year after it was first seen, the computer may actually be coming to market. You can see our video of the product here. This weekend, Asus formally announced the machine in its native …
Tony Smith, 04 May 2010
Samsung N510

Samsung intros Europe's first Nvidia Ion netbook

IFA Samsung formally launched its Nvidia Ion-based netbook, the N510, at IFA this week - though the machine has been available to buy in Europe for a week or so, if you look hard enough. The N510 also sports an 11.6in, 1366 x 768 display, which will surely appeal to folk who find the netbook-standard 1024 x 600 too cramped. Samsung …
Tony Smith, 04 Sep 2009

Linux-less Eee PC launched in Japan

Asus has formally launched its bonsai laptop, the Eee PC, in Japan, pre-installing the machine with Windows XP Home Edition rather than Linux. The machine's specifications proved to be those of the standard 4GB solid-state disc model - the Eee PC 701, aka the 4G, though in Japan it's called the 4G-X. In addition to 4GB of …
Tony Smith, 23 Jan 2008

Intel Classmate PC lands in UK for £239

Intel's kid-friendly cut-price computer concept has come to the UK courtesy of local supplier Actronix. Dubbed the JumPC, the Small, Cheap Computer is based on a 900MHz Intel Celeron Mobile processor and the chip giant's 915GMS chipset. It has 512MB of DDR 2 memory on board and 2GB of Flash storage - though you can select a 30GB …
Tony Smith, 17 Jul 2008

Microsoft Canada spills Vista pricing

Microsoft today provided the most concrete evidence to date that it will actually ship Windows Vista. It released pricing for the operating system on its Canadian web site by mistake. According to Microsoft's own site, the Home Basic version of Vista will ship at the same price as Windows XP Home edition – US$233. Customers …
Ashlee Vance, 29 Aug 2006
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How to order WinXP SP2 now

Microsoft has unveiled the web page from which end users can order CDs of Windows XP Home Edition Service Pack 2. However the nag is still reluctant to leave the stable. English language CDs will be available on 25 August, with German, Japanese and French language CDs to follow from 1 September, and twenty one other language …
Andrew Orlowski, 06 Aug 2004
MSI Wind Top AE1900

MSI Wind Top AE1900

Review All-in-one PCs have been around for ages and it’s not hard to understand their appeal. They feature the wire-free tidiness of a laptop, combined with the big screen of a desktop PC. The concept sustains many admirers, with Apple’s iMac range doing very well indeed with just such a form factor. MSI Wind Top AE1900 MSI's Wind Top …
Paul Monckton, 12 Oct 2009

Latest MSI Wind netbook blows in

MSI has released official specifications for the latest addition to its Wind netbook family – the Atom-powered U123. MSI_Wind_U123_03 MSI's Wind U123: Aside from its 1.66GHz Intel Atom N280 processor, the U123 also has an Intel 945GSE chipset inside and 1GB of DDR 2 memory. Storage capacity options include an 80GB, 120GB or …
James Sherwood, 27 Mar 2009

Fujitsu leaks netbook news

Fujitsu Siemens Computers has expanded its Amilo PC range with a netbook addition. The Amilo Mini is based on a 1.6GHz Intel Atom processor running on Windows XP Home edition. Can't see the video? Download Flash Player from What really sets the machine aside from other netbook rivals, such as Lenovo’s S9 and S10, is …
James Sherwood, 08 Aug 2008

Asus announces 10in, HDD-equipped Eee PC

Computex Asus has announced the anticipated Intel Atom-based Eee PC - and a pair of new models that, the company claimed, boost battery life to more than seven hours. Oh, and they sport 10in displays, hard drives and 802.11n Wi-Fi. As expected, the new version of the current 8.9in Eee PC 900 is the 901, while the 10in versions are dubbed …
Tony Smith, 03 Jun 2008

Dell punts germ-free netbook for school kids

Dell is now flogging a series of colorful netbooks aimed at the clumsy, snot-nosed germ-factories affectionately known as school children. The new Dell Latitude 2100 netbook line for the educational sector can be loaded with custom kid-intended kit like an antimicrobial keyboard, rubberized kickball-like exterior, and a special …
Austin Modine, 19 May 2009

Acer punts £199 Linux laptop

Computex Acer has launched its Eee PC wannabe, the Aspire One, pitching the product to Brits at just £199 including VAT - even though it's "not a low-cost notebook", according to the company. The One's specs largely match those of its rivals: 1.6GHz Intel Atom N270 processor; 512MB of 533MHz DDR 2 memory with a single SO-Dimm slot for …
Tony Smith, 03 Jun 2008

Asus prices up tablet netbook

The Eee PC T91 touchscreen tablet netbook will finally arrive in Blighty next month - more than six months after the machine was first demo'd. Asus_T91_001 Asus' T91 tablet-cum-notebook The eye-catching T91 first turned heads back in January at CES, but Asus has left it until now to confirm that the machine will be available …
James Sherwood, 12 Jun 2009
Samsung NC20

Samsung notebook-not-netbook gets VIA Nano CPU

Samsung has become the first netbook maker to unveil a machine based on VIA's Nano processor - as predicted. Samsung NC20 Samsung's NC20: VIA Nano on board VIA has often said the Nano is aimed at full-size laptops, leaving the new chip's predecessor, the C7-M, for netbooks, and to be fair, the Samsung NC20 - follow-up to the …
Tony Smith, 27 Feb 2009

Medion launches mini laptop in UK

Medion has formally launched its entry into the Small, Cheap Computer arena: the MSI Wind-based Akoya Mini E1210. The Akoya sports a 10in, 1024 x 600 display driven by the mini laptop's chipset-integrated Intel GMA 950 graphics core. Intel supplies the CPU too: the standard 1.6GHz Atom N270. It's backed up by 1GB of DDR 2 memory …
Tony Smith, 03 Sep 2008

Intel's Atomic 'Pine Trail' arrives early

Intel's new-and-slightly-improved Atom processors and support chips met the waiting world Monday morning, a couple of weeks earlier than their oft-rumored rollout at the upcoming Consumer Electronic Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Nevada. Their early appearance is one of the only surprises about the new Atom platform, code-named Pine …
Rik Myslewski, 21 Dec 2009
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These Tablets could take years to work, warns Acer

One of Microsoft's leading OEMs for the Tablet PCs has reaffirmed its faith in the concept, but warned that it may take "years" for it to catch on. Although Tablet OEMs have picked up some wins in education and vertical niches, it's failed to dent the notebook market. Acer says that it had hoped Tablets would make up 20 per cent …
Andrew Orlowski, 04 Jun 2004

Sony unveils Flash-based UMPC

Sony has extended its Vaio UX ultra-mobile PC line by introducing a model that drops the hard drive in favour of a Flash-based storage unit. There's a catch, of course: the machine's storage capacity is down to 16GB from the 30GB of the HDD-based original. The Flash versions' other specifications match those of the UXs Sony …
Tony Smith, 27 Jun 2006
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Japan offered UMPC-like laptop

kohnjinsha sa1f00a micro notebook Ladies and gentlemen, will you please welcome one of the world's smallest notebooks: Kohnjinsha's diminutive SA1F00A, an ultra-compact laptop fitted with a 7in, 800 x 480 display, up to 1GB of memory, a 40GB hard drive, 802.11b.g Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 2.0, Ethernet and - unlike all those UMPC …
Tony Smith, 07 Nov 2006

Asus confirms Eee Box 206

Asus has officially launched the latest addition to its Eee Box desktop PC line: the 206. Asus_eee_box_206_white Asus' Eee Box 206: fit for HDMI Although first spied online back in December, Asus has now confirmed that the 223 x 178 x 16mm machine is based on Intel’s 1.6GHz N270 Atom processor and 945GSE chipset. An AMD ATI …
James Sherwood, 02 Mar 2009

Averatec touts 3G, Wi-Fi UMPC

Notebook specialist Averatec will ship its take on the ultra-mobile PC concept this autumn, offering a handheld Windows XP Home Edition-based machine with a keyboard that sits underneath a slide-out 5in, 1,280 x 1,204 touch-sensitive screen. averatec ahi umpc handheld Dubbed the AHI, the handheld is based on an Intel Celeron …
Tony Smith, 13 Apr 2006
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HP backs AMD Athlon with business PC

AMD gained an important breakthrough in the business market today with the news that HP is to use its flagship Athlon XP processors in its Compaq D315 Business PC. Athon XP processors are well respected among home users, earning favourable reviews since their introduction in August 1999, but AMD has struggled to make its mark …
John Leyden, 19 Aug 2002

Verizon hangs 3G contract on HP netbook

Verizon will unleash its 3G netbook over the weekend, and - as expected - it's an HP. The HP Mini 1151NR netbook will hit the Verizon website and US Verizon stores on Sunday, May 17, the company announced today. It will be priced at $249.99 - though Verizon prefers to call that $199.99 with a $50 mail-in rebate. Naturally, …
Cade Metz, 14 May 2009