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Microsoft's SVG talk a prelude to IE support?

Microsoft is making positive noises on SVG, raising the possibility it wiil support the 2D graphics specification in Internet Explorer. The company has said that since joining the World Wide Web Consortium's (W3C's) SVG working group in January, it has been working on ironing out ambiguities in the spec. The IE team highlighted …
Gavin Clarke, 03 Feb 2010

Microsoft nobbled ‘Vista-Capable’ for Intel

High-ranking Microsoft and Intel executives were involved in a plan to re-write the Windows Vista Capable program to save both companies - and OEMs - millions of dollars, according to unsealed court documents. Microsoft removed a key requirement from the Vista Capable program so PCs running old Intel chips suited to Windows XP …
Gavin Clarke, 14 Nov 2008
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Windows Update to trumpet Vista Capable debacle?

Little did Microsoft executives realize when they blessed the seemingly brilliant wheeze of "Windows Vista Capable" as a way of flogging the operating system that the idea could turn into a bitter pill their company might have to swallow. But there's the very real possibility Microsoft's very own Windows Update and MSN could …
Gavin Clarke, 06 Oct 2008
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Ballmer backs away from 'Vista Capable' legal row

Steve Ballmer has distanced himself from the ongoing “Vista Capable” legal spat by claiming he had no direct involvement in Microsoft’s marketing campaign for the operating system. In a document (pdf courtesy of SeattlePI) filed last Friday, the software giant’s CEO effectively exonerated himself in the Windows Vista Capable …
Kelly Fiveash, 06 Oct 2008
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When is an application not an application?

MS v EC After the first day with Court judges strangely silent, it was a relief to finally hear them speak and see them move. The only light relief yesterday was watching the glamorous Spanish interpreters who looked like they were commentating on a football match while fighting off a swarm of bees. We heard first from Irish judge John …
John Oates, 25 Apr 2006
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Media Player summed up

MS v EC The second day of Microsoft's attempt to overturn the European Commission remedies heard a summing up of both sides on the tying of Windows Media Player - tomorrow we move onto interoperability. Mr. Bellis, Microsoft's advocate, began by reiterating Microsoft's belief that its Media Player is not a separate product to its …
John Oates, 25 Apr 2006

Microsoft re-org elevates Office chief

Microsoft has re-organized management and reporting for the third time in six months, further integrating its Windows and Office work and focusing on online services. Microsoft's six-month-old platform and services division has been divided into eight units, consisting of a combination of new and existing product and services …
Gavin Clarke, 24 Mar 2006
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Microsoft develops new 'Super' language

When Microsoft's recently appointed chief financial officer Chris Liddell told Wall St his job’s biggest challenge is learning a whole new language, he wasn't kidding. According to Liddell, former CFO for International Paper Co, Microsoft has 230 official acronyms that he suggested analysts should take the time to learn and use …
Gavin Clarke, 04 Aug 2005

Microsoft charging more, giving more?

Microsoft is planning more expensive versions of Office and Windows during the next few years, to sustain growth and mitigate customer opposition to upgrades. Chief executive Steve Ballmer said Thursday that Microsoft wants to increase Office revenues fourfold by the end of the decade, with a new "Office Server" product and more …
Gavin Clarke, 28 Jul 2005
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MS marketing Starts Something

Microsoft is launching a worldwide ad campaign to bolster sales of Windows XP. The firm is claiming the campaign will be one of the longest and largest in its history. The ads highlight how people can use MS technology to follow their passions. Will Poole, VP of Windows client at Microsoft, said: "As we enter the third decade …
John Oates, 18 Apr 2005
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MS moves into ‘get Longhorn on the road’ mode

If Windows didn't exist, Microsoft would be a far poorer and more obscure company - if, that is, it still existed at all, because most of its contemporaries from the 70s don't. So, what is wrong with this sentence: '[Microsoft has formed a new division, the Windows Core Operating System division, to focus closely on Windows OS …
John Lettice, 16 Dec 2003
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MS to license Media Player 9 for Linux, others?

Microsoft will today announce cheaper, more flexible terms for its Windows Media Player 9 Digital Rights Management software, according to a Reuters report, and allegedly, this will allow the development of Linux WMP 9 clients, among others. Provided Linux developers promise not to steal our stuff, VP for new media platforms …
John Lettice, 07 Jan 2003
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MS DRM OS, retagged ‘secure OS’ to ship with Longhorn?

The Microsoft Secure PC project is rolling out, and could be with us as early as the next major version of Windows, Longhorn. The whole idea of a computer that just plain won't let you steal other people's stuff is of course a tricky one (why would you buy it?), as we've previously indicated here, and here, so the ever- …
John Lettice, 24 Jun 2002
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Rebel States slam MS witness list

The nine States still pursuing the case against Microsoft yesterday asked the judge to bar 16 of Microsoft's witnesses, accusing the company of using "hide-the-ball" tactics by waiting until the last minute before filing the list. Microsoft's list includes 23 "previously undisclosed" witnesses, and maintains a certain coyness in …
John Lettice, 12 Feb 2002
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Some Microsoft Memoes are longer than others

Previous page EXCLUSIONARY CONTRACTS In addition to "tying", the government alleges that Microsoft entered into a series of contracts with online service providers (OLSs) like AOL, Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and Internet Content Providers (ICPs) to foreclose Netscape's browser distribution. But the evidence introduced at …
Graham Lea, 11 Mar 1999
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MS to spend $15 million buying into online music market

Microsoft is to announce a $15 million stake in digital content delivery specialist Reciprocal. The stake amounts to 15 per cent of the privately held Reciprocal, which is expected to launch an IPO sometime during the next couple of years, according to a report in today's Wall Street Journal. On Microsoft's mind is the need to …
Tony Smith, 08 Mar 1999
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MS exec evasive on ISPs and downloads

MS on Trial Cameron Myhrvold, VP of the Internet customer unit, strategic relationships, is something of a street fighter in his role at Microsoft. He was far from alone in not being able to get Microsoft Word working properly, so that the paragraph numbers in an HTML printout of his direct testimony were correct: seven times his numbering …
Graham Lea, 15 Feb 1999
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MS contract exec explains Netscape ‘acceptable degradation’

MS on Trial On the 50th day of the Microsoft trial, Will Poole, senior director of business development for Windows, came across as Microsoft's cheeky chappy. He's in effect Microsoft's negotiator for contracts with Internet content providers (ICPs) and came to Microsoft when eShop, a company he co-founded, was acquired in 1996. He reports …
Graham Lea, 11 Feb 1999
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Rational president obeys MS call to colours

MS on Trial Michael Devlin, president of tools maker Rational, had his half-day in court. For him, it was clearly a marketing exercise and a call to the colours by Microsoft. His direct testimony read like a sales brochure, included a promotional video, and included only the very kindest things about Microsoft. Devlin claims that agreeing …
Graham Lea, 08 Feb 1999
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Microsoft intimidatory tactics attract attention

Microsoft has been trying to intimidate DoJ witnesses by putting in the from row of the court the Microsoft staffer with whom the witness had had most dealings. In the case of Intuit CEO William Harris, it was Will Poole. There was some suspicion that Poole's story that Gates had personally required that the length of the …
Graham Lea, 07 Jan 1999
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Gates tapes: latest transcript

In the interest of completeness, we can now give the full text of the final extract of Gates' subpoenaed deposition. David Boies, the DoJ special trial counsel, is asking the questions. The extract speaks, ineloquently, for itself. Boies: This first selection is the selection designated by Microsoft. (Videotape excerpts played …
Graham Lea, 07 Jan 1999
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Memory man Gates doesn't understand Intuit restrictions

In what is probably the last extract from his videotaped deposition, Bill Gates was as obstructive, petulant and 'forgetful' as usual. Unless he has a medical condition that is completely unknown, it is inconceivable that he could be as ignorant of significant developments for Microsoft as he purports to be. Any normal company …
Graham Lea, 06 Jan 1999