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WTF is... WiGig

Feature It's now more than two years since the Wireless Gigabit Alliance (WGA) released the first full version of its 7Gb/s would-be next-gen Wi-Fi technology. There's been some activity in the intervening 26 months, including the first big multi-vendor interoperability test, but the second of these "plugfests" has only now taken place …
Tony Smith, 11 Jul 2012
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Microsoft forbids class actions in new Windows licence

Microsoft will make it harder for customers to club together with lawyers to file lawsuits against its products. The company is rolling out new End User License Agreements (EULAs) that forbid punters from joining class-action proceedings. Assistant general counsel Tim Fielden announced the tweak here and said the changes will …
Gavin Clarke, 29 May 2012
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Windows 7 'genuine' nagware winging its way to OS

Microsoft has been keeping a surprisingly low profile about its recent nagware win - could that have anything to do with its latest efforts to sink marauding software pirates? The company confirmed yesterday that it would pump out a Windows Activation Technologies patch for Windows 7 before the end of this month. Microsoft …
Kelly Fiveash, 12 Feb 2010
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Microsoft genuinely chuffed as judge drops WGA case

Microsoft has claimed victory in a long-running lawsuit brought against the software giant over its Windows Genuine Advantage (WGA) scheme, after a US judge dismissed the case. Late last week the judge in the District Court for the Western District of Washington dropped the case with prejudice, which means both the defendant …
Kelly Fiveash, 10 Feb 2010
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Microsoft dodges multi-million dollar WGA payout

Microsoft has dodged a potentially-expensive legal fight after a case against Windows Genuine Advantage (WGA) was denied class-action status. This means lawyers cannot represent individuals as a group of defendants in the case, and that's likely a cost saver for Microsoft. Class-action status can push case costs and any final …
Gavin Clarke, 22 Jan 2010
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Trojans likely to follow Win 7 activation hack

Trojan attacks are likely in the wake of the Windows 7 product activation system cracks developed last week, less than a month after the release of Microsoft's latest operating system. The RemoveWAT (and the similar ChewWGA) utility allow a prospective Windows 7 user to bypass the Windows Genuine Advantage registration procedure …
John Leyden, 17 Nov 2009
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Lawsuit seeks to tag WGA nagware as spyware

A US lawsuit has alleged that Windows Genuine Advantage (WGA), Microsoft's controversial anti-piracy software, is little better than spyware. A lawsuit (which seeks class-action status) filed in Washington district court last week also cries foul over false advertising as well as allegations of privacy law violations, …
John Leyden, 08 Sep 2009

FSF launches Windows 7 anti-upgrade letter campaign

The Free Software Foundation is mobilizing against Windows 7 with a campaign to dissuade IT decision makers from installing the operating system. The group has sent letters to 499 of the top Fortune 500 organizations, warning that a move to Windows 7 will increase their dependence on Microsoft and encouraging the use of GNU/ …
Gavin Clarke, 26 Aug 2009
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Office 2010 to come loaded with WGA's bastard child

Microsoft has stretched its twitching anti-piracy tentacles more widely across the globe with the expansion of its Office Genuine Advantage Notifications program into 13 more countries. The software giant confirmed yesterday that 41 countries could now enroll in Redmond’s voluntary program that offers end users “enhanced …
Kelly Fiveash, 26 Aug 2009
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Windows 7 Ultimate product activation hacked?

Updated You could get a free (and illegal) copy of Windows 7 Ultimate if reports of a leaked OEM product activation key are accurate. According to MyDigitalLife, a leaked OEM copy of Windows 7 was posted to a Chinese forum, with the OEM's key then identified and snatched. An OEM activation key will unlock multiple copies, and it's …
Gavin Clarke, 29 Jul 2009
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Microsoft rebrands WGA nagware for Windows 7

A nagware anti-piracy feature in Windows isn't going away, it's just getting a marketing makeover by Microsoft. Windows Genuine Advantage is being re-branded Windows Activation Technologies in Windows 7 and for updated versions of Windows Vista, the company has said. Microsoft claimed the change reflected the use of " …
Gavin Clarke, 07 May 2009
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Merchants and punters cry foul over Verified by Visa

The Verified by Visa system is becoming harder to avoid, even for those with real doubts about its effectiveness in combating fraud. The experiences of Verified by Visa refusenik and Reg reader Steve reported in our earlier article on the system are being experienced by more and more Register readers. Both Verified by Visa ( …
John Leyden, 23 Oct 2008
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Microsoft sued in China for black screen of death

A Chinese lawyer has filed a legal complaint against Microsoft for installing Windows Genuine Advantage on his computer. He has asked the Ministry of Public Security to file criminal charges against Microsoft. Dong Zhengwei accused the company of hacking into people's computers. He said: "I respect the right of Microsoft to …
John Oates, 22 Oct 2008
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MS beefs up WinXP Pro's anti-piracy nagware

Microsoft wants to rein in more Windows XP pirates over the coming weeks, by pushing out a new version of its “nagware” which detects when a machine is running a fake copy of the OS. The company’s Genuine Windows director Alex Kochis said yesterday that Redmond will release the latest version of its Windows Genuine Advantage ( …
Kelly Fiveash, 27 Aug 2008

MS bundles Vista SP1 and Server 2008 out the door

Microsoft this morning released Service Pack 1 for Vista and Windows Server 2008 to manufacturers. SP1 is a bundle of fixes including extra hardware drivers. The software is released to computer manufacturers today and "will start being available to customers in March". SP1 changes aspects of Microsoft's controversial Windows …
John Oates, 04 Feb 2008
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Counterfeit Vista rate half that of XP

The piracy rate for Windows Vista is less than half that of Windows XP, according to Microsoft. The vendor made the claim as it revealed plans to further curtail piracy when it launches the first service pack for Vista. Redmond attributes tougher anti-piracy measures in Vista, which it intends to further improve, for its …
John Leyden, 04 Dec 2007

MS drops nagware validation for IE7 installs

Microsoft has dropped the requirement for Windows XP users to go through Windows Genuine Advantage validation in order to get Internet Explorer 7. The move, delivered via a software update on Thursday, means even users of pirated copies of Windows can take advantage of Microsoft's latest browser software. For the rest of us …
John Leyden, 05 Oct 2007

Shotgun Wedding: Enterprise Architect 7.0

Agile development, for some, means avoiding diagramming (whether for documentation or analysis and design) and just getting on with testing and coding. So goes the agile ethos: the source code is the finished product, more or less, so if the work you're doing doesn't contribute directly towards creation of source code, then it …
Matt Stephens, 31 Aug 2007
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Hey Mr Policeman - this car is stolen!

I’m sure you’ve heard that old joke which contrasts the development of the car with the astonishing rate of progress in digital electronics. The story goes that if automobile technology had advanced at the same pace as desktop computers in the last couple of decades, we’d all be driving cars that can circle the globe on a …
Dave Jewell, 28 Aug 2007

Windows Genuine Advantage cries wolf (again)

Over the weekend, thousands of Microsoft customers who tried to download patches or updates for Windows were falsely accused of running a pirated version of Windows. Microsoft blamed the Windows Genuine Advantage (WGA) glitch on server problems, since fixed. WGA is an anti-piracy program which determines the validity of Windows …
Austin Modine, 27 Aug 2007
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Elton John blags counterfeit Windows

Letters Computer games continued down the bad press highway this week with the news that car racing games tend to make men more dangerous drivers in the real world. Or they could. Or maybe not. Unfortunately the study of "Racing games increase real world crashes" is somewhat flawed by the testing being done by giving the participants …
Tracey Cooper, 20 Mar 2007
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Liberty, equality and Big Brotherhood

Letters Right, it is Friday which means it is time for some letters. So let us waste none of your valuable "winding down for the weekend" time, and crack on, shall we? First up, the National Audit Office would like to speak to you, our beloved readers: "Sir We are at a loss to understand the Kablenet article "MPs criticise NAO's …
Lucy Sherriff, 16 Mar 2007
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Sun NetBeans phones home

Sun is taking advantage of a NetBeans feature that phones home twice each month to record numbers of active users. Jean Elliott, senior director for Java software product marketing, says Sun is not spying on users. The company merely wants an accurate measurement of the size of the NetBeans community and break the habit of …
Gavin Clarke, 13 Mar 2007
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Demonic car takes out TelecityRedbus

Letters What? Keep the lights on? Forget global warming, it's all about budget allocation? Hello: That kind of reminds me of this one place I worked at where there were three guys working on a shift. One quit, leaving things seriously shorthanded. However, the administration refused to hire another person saying it "wasn't in the …
Tracey Cooper, 13 Mar 2007
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Microsoft admits WGA update phones home

Microsoft has admitted that the latest update to its Windows Genuine Advantage program will phone back to Redmond even if the user clicks cancel. WGA is meant to help Redmond fight piracy, but has been criticised on privacy grounds and because previous versions have incorrectly labelled people with genuine software as pirates …
John Oates, 09 Mar 2007

Microsoft's WGA changes today

Microsoft's Windows Genuine Advantage is being updated today, in what the company claims is response to customer feedback. The original WGA was hugely unpopular, especially when it emerged the software was secretly "phoning home" - sending information about users' computers back to Redmond. It also caused problems for some …
John Oates, 20 Feb 2007

One in five fail Windows validation checks

More than a fifth (22 per cent) of Windows installations failed tests on their authenticity, according to figures from tests conducted using Microsoft's controversial Windows Genuine Advantage (WGA) tool. More than 512 million tests against WGA have been conducted since July 2005 resulting in a failure rate of 22.3 per cent, …
John Leyden, 24 Jan 2007
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Microsoft and Novell: Bambi meets Godzilla?

Comment Microsoft and Novell have recently announced a set of agreements to build, market, and support a series of new solutions to make their products work better together. Microsoft will now recommend SUSE Linux Enterprise for customers who want Windows and Linux together. The two companies are going to create a joint research …
Joyce Becknell, 29 Nov 2006

Microsoft goes for eBay pirates

Microsoft is taking legal action against 55 people for selling counterfeit software via the web and online auction sites like eBay. The company said many of those feeling the lawyers' wrath today had already received written warnings and cease and desist letters. Microsoft is taking action against 15 people in the US, 10 in …
John Oates, 31 Oct 2006

Microsoft keelhauls customers in WGA snafu

Some, or maybe many, Microsoft volume license customers were told on Monday and Tuesday that their PCs were running pirated software. In a post today on the company forums, Microsoft staffer Phil Chui blamed the cock-up over Windows Genuine Advantage (WGA) validation on "an issue on the Microsoft server side". Microsoft is …
Drew Cullen, 04 Oct 2006
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Windows genuine disadvantage

Comment A recent lawsuit filed against Microsoft should have all companies reexamining their privacy policies to determine what information they are actually collecting about customers and what they can possibly do with it. What would you call a computer program that surreptitiously installed itself onto your computer, collected …
Mark Rasch, 07 Jul 2006

Windows Genuine Disadvantage malware sighted

Perfidious virus pushers have created a worm that poses as Microsoft's anti-piracy program, Windows Genuine Advantage (WGA). The Cuebot-K worm spreads via AOL instant messenger in the guise of WGA. The timing of the release of the malware coincides with controversy over a feature in WGA that meant that the anti-piracy program " …
John Leyden, 03 Jul 2006
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Microsoft hides under duvet

Not since IBM invented a handwriting recognition system for banks, have I heard such cries of grief. To understand it, you have to know what WGA means. And if you've ever had a problem with Office, and been told by tech support "just install this patch" you'll know what it is: because it's the thing which, since September 2004, …
Guy Kewney, 30 Jun 2006

MS fixes phone-home nagware

Microsoft has patched a controversial nagware update that "phoned home" every time Windows started. Redmond has also issued an advisory with instructions on how to remove the software. The component was designed to enforce its 'Windows Genuine Advantage' anti-piracy program, by nagging users into a state of obedience. Every …
Andrew Orlowski, 28 Jun 2006
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How to stop Microsoft's WGA phoning home

A firewall testing website has released a tool it says will spike Microsoft’s controversial WGA tool. is careful to state its RemoveWGA tool does not affect the “validation” element of Microsoft’s WGA software. The company’s tool targets the “notifications” element of the WGA tool, preventing it from …
Team Register, 22 Jun 2006

A lesson in spyware

I use a computer of course, but only for fun. I'm certainly not a guru. So when people started talking about "spyware" I was a little confused. It sounded like a virus, but it clearly wasn't. No problem, I visited a site that I trust ( and found a very nice lady there (in a video, of course) who told me all about …
Mark Whitehorn, 16 Jun 2006
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WGA, NPfIT and 'rude' councillors polarise readers

Letters Last week's coverage of new and exciting cock-ups in the NHS's NPfIT attracted its usual wide variety of readers, including some folks over at Connecting for Health. They wrote to us to explain that we'd got it all wrong, guv. (NpfIT responds to Reg criticism). Far from being a waste of public resources, the £19m of taxpayers …
Lucy Sherriff, 13 Jun 2006
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Microsoft WGA row continues

Letters Windows Genuine Advantage (WGA) - what's the actual advantage? Microsoft has sort of reacted to the continuing customer uproar over WGA - its "anti-piracy" software which checks your software and phones Redmond. The sneaky software will now phone home once a fortnight rather than every day. The software giant also released a …
John Oates, 12 Jun 2006

Microsoft product phones home every day

Microsoft has admitted that Windows Genuine Advantage (WGA) will phone Redmond every day - something it neglected to tell users before they installed it. WGA is designed to detect pirated copies of MS software but is also creating some false positives - two UK dealers have contacted the Reg to report customers complaining that …
John Oates, 08 Jun 2006

Windows Genuine Advantage cracked

Microsoft's Windows Genuine Advantage (WGA) Programme has been cracked only days after the software giant activated the antipiracy scheme. Since the service went live on Monday (25 July), Windows users wishing to receive software updates from the Microsoft Download Centre or from Windows Update were obliged to join the WGA …
John Leyden, 29 Jul 2005

Fakers beware: no more MS updates for you

Microsoft is no longer providing updates to non-genuine versions of its Windows XP operating system. From today, the company has switched over to a full launch of its Windows Genuine Advantage Programme as part of its ongoing anti-piracy campaign. Users will now have to join the WGA authentication program if they want to …
Lucy Sherriff, 26 Jul 2005