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DDoS defences spiked by CloudPiercer tool - paper

The real IP addresses of some 70 per cent of websites protected by popular distributed denial of service attack protection providers like CloudFlare, Prolexic and Incapsula can be revealed using a simple web tool built on newly uncovered flaws, according to a recent paper. Sensitive websites admins wishing to protect against …
Darren Pauli, 08 Oct 2015
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Sophos pulls out spade, fills in holes in Web Appliance

Sophos has pulled out the weeds in its web-scanning software after Core Security identified multiple holes in its Web Protection Appliance versions 3.8.0, 3.8.13 and 3.7.9 and earlier. The Core Security advisory states that if a remote attacker can gain access to the appliance's web administrator interface, the attacker could …
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NMap 6.0 arrives

Popular open source network discovery and security auditing tool Nmap has reached version 6.0. The new code hit the Net last Monday, complete with a message from coder Gordon Lyon, aka Fyodor, that the new version represents “almost three years of work, 3,924 code commits, and more than a dozen point releases since the big …
Simon Sharwood, 25 May 2012
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Nine-ball attack splits security researchers

Security researchers are split over the seriousness of a web attack dubbed "Nine-ball" which broke onto the internet last week. Websense last week reported a web attack dubbed "Nine-ball", a moniker derived from the name of, one of the malware hosts associated with the assault, had claimed 40,000 website victims. …
John Leyden, 23 Jun 2009
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Symantec hedges bets with large stake in hosted security

Analysis Symantec, traditionally one of the more conservative firms in the security market, is attempting to pull off a high-wire balancing act with its surprise $695m acquisition of security software-as-a-service pioneer MessageLabs. The firm is betting that increased revenues in the hottest segment of the security market will justify a …
John Leyden, 10 Oct 2008
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'Legit' website compromises reach epidemic proportions

Once upon a time surfers could stay unmolested by malware by staying away from warez and smut. Those days are well and truly over as changes in hacking tactics mean that compromised content on legitimate website has become the main conduit for so-called drive-by download attacks. Web security firm ScanSafe reports that two in …
John Leyden, 05 Jun 2008

MessageLabs nabs Omnipod for IM security

Net security firm MessageLabs is extending its services beyond email and web filtering with the acquisition of Omnipod, a provider of enterprise instant messaging. The deal, which is subject to shareholder approval, extends MessageLabs’ offering to include managed email, web and instant message services. Financial terms of the …
John Leyden, 02 Nov 2005
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MessageLabs branches out into web security

Net security firm MessageLabs is extending its services beyond email filtering with the launch of a trio of web scanning products on Monday. The UK-based firm is selling web anti-virus, anti-spyware and censorware (URL filtering) products in order to differentiate its offerings from managed service competitors such as …
John Leyden, 03 Oct 2005