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Old Sun computers in the PSA

Reg readers battle to claim 'my silicon's older than yours' crown

When Simon Sharwood revealed that an Aussie operator has just retired a server that been running flawlesssly since 1997, we figured it would prompt a slew of one-upmanship comments, and we were right. What we weren’t quite prepared for were the diversions that one aging server prompted into the nature of time, space travel, …
Joe Fay, 29 Jan 2016
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RedTen snags lifeboat after being cut adrift by BT

Customers of RedTen Internet could have their connections restored next week after being left high and dry when the ISP had its connection cut by BT. Customers trying to log onto Docklands-based RedTen on Monday were redirected to a BT website carrying the message: BT Wholesale has stopped providing a service to RedTen …

Evesham plots rocky road back from HCI havoc

Evesham Technology, one of the UK's last remaining PC manufacturers, is clawing its way back to profit after Gordon Brown's overnight closure of the Home Computer Initiative (HCI) left it with a £30m hole in its accounts. When the firm publishes its 2007 results in three months time, for which it is just closing its year end …
Mark Ballard, 16 May 2007

XP buried as users roll over, play dead for sex and choccy

DoubleClick gives Google double whammy against Microsoft We begin this week with Google which managed to pull off the coup of pissing off Microsoft big time by stealing DoubleClick from under its nose with a $3.1bn offer. Serial anti-trust defendant Microsoft has got so wound up it's even urged US regulators to probe the …
Billy MacInnes, 19 Apr 2007
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Savastore becomes, er, Saverstore

UK-based has quietly re-opened its doors with a slightly different blink-and-you'll-miss-it name of Watford Electronics, which ran, was acquired by Globally Ltd in February this year, at which point the website closed down with a message promising customers that service would be …
Kelly Fiveash, 16 Apr 2007

Watford Electronics left debts of £3.5m

Watford Electronics’s stock remains in the hands of administrators, giving unsecured creditors hope of seeing some of the £3.5m they were owed when the firm collapsed earlier this week. Watford's cards had been marked since November when it released a troubling set of accounts and trade insurers started putting the squeeze on …
Mark Ballard, 09 Feb 2007
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Watford Electronics / Savastore sold

Watford Electronics, the elephant's graveyard of great channel names like Carrera, Time, and Tiny has been sold to Globally. Globally Ltd was founded on February 5. Its registered address is Jessa House, 1 Finway, Luton. Watford Electronics also operates from that address. Watford's online trading arm Savastore is closed …
John Oates, 08 Feb 2007

Watford Electronics saves Tiny from knackers' yard

Watford Electronics has scooped up the assets and trading rights of Tiny Computers and from the administrators. Terms are undisclosed. Shiraz Jessa, MD of the UK PC maker and IT retailer, says the company intends to support "all existing Tiny customers. We're asking all customers who have an outstanding warranty to …
Drew Cullen, 26 Sep 2005
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Getting technology contracts right

This article is essential reading for both buyers and suppliers of technology and discusses some key points for getting technology contracts right. Here, we focus on the supplier's perspective but, by definition, that also indicates important points for buyers. 1. Pre-Contract Issues (i) Do you need a contract? Whether you …
Taylor Walton, 01 Apr 2004
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Winners named in £300m Laptops for Teachers gig

The British Educational Communications and Technology Agency (Becta) has named 28 new suppliers for its Laptops for Teachers scheme. This is simply the first hurdle: the dealers and system builders have sailed through value for money, build quality, battery life and financial solvency tests to join 10 incumbent suppliers. Now …
Drew Cullen, 17 Jun 2003
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Resellers flock to CNET software

CNET, the world's biggest IT portal, has built or bought a useful collection of price-comparison and catalogue databases and is looking to computer resellers to turn this into a useful revenue stream. And it appears to be successful - last week subsidiary, Swiss-based CNET Data Services (CDS), the company announced that it had …
Drew Cullen, 14 Oct 2000
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Cybersquatting: Full Coverage

A Modest Proposal We have the solution to cybersquatting The Politics The Internet is dead. Long live the Internet Afternic sues ICANN over domain-name status Analysis: Net regulators close in on rogue domains Yankee legislators, stay home US outlaws cybersquatting Congress meddles with cybersquatters US appeal court breaks …
Drew Cullen, 14 Jul 2000
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Two hundred system builders go crazy in Monte Carlo

A flock of system builders are set to descend on Monte Carlo this week to attend the Integrator Forum 2000. The Mediterranean sunshine has attracted 206 PC builders from 26 European countries to this year's event. Also attending will be 66 manufacturers, keen to promote their wares as the champagne flows. Vendors at the …
Linda Harrison, 23 May 2000
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Microsoft Tier II OEM direct plans revealed

Microsoft plans to start selling software direct to tier II OEMs in the UK. Around 20 system builders were invited to a meeting at Microsoft HQ in Reading earlier this week where the proposals were put to them. The scheme, yet to be announced, will also allow tier IIs to buy OEM hardware products such as keyboards, cutting out …
Linda Harrison, 19 May 2000
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Jungle's Bennett bids for radio station founder Steve Bennett has revealed his latest dream – to own a radio station. Bennett and pal Steve Smith, MD of the Poundland stores, have put in a bid for a new radio station in the West Midlands called N-Joy. If successful, they will use the licence to go on air next April. The two entrepreneurs also aim to launch …
Linda Harrison, 04 May 2000
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Full coverage: Cybersquatting

The Politics Analysis: Net regulators close in on rogue domains Yankee legislators, stay home US outlaws cybersquatting Congress meddles with cybersquatters US appeal court breaks trademark/domain name link UN body moves to ban Web squatters New body to end cyber squatting US senator Orrin Hatch priced at $45k The Spats …
Team Register, 03 May 2000
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Freedom phone fighters tussle over domain

A row has broken out between two rival UK phone companies claiming the rights to a domain name. was registered in December by Upload UK – a Web design company – for its client, mobile phone seller Freedom Communications. Meanwhile, Scott Allison went to register the URL for his company, Freedom Phones, but …
Linda Harrison, 04 Apr 2000
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Watford Electronics turns cybersquatter on rivals for ‘a joke’

Watford Electronics has turned cybersquatter by registering URLs using the names of some of its rivals. When David Atherton, MD of Dabs Direct, went to register his name as a dotcom, he found it had already gone to an outfit called Cresta Enterprise Ltd. So had and Unbeknown to owner …
Linda Harrison, 31 Mar 2000
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US mail order dealer snaps up Simply

It's official -- London-based reseller Simply Computers today ended months of speculation by announcing its sale to Global DirectMail. In an e-mail sent out to suppliers Paul Berry, Simply Computers' MD, said he had sold all the company's shares to the US giant. Today's move makes Simply a wholly owned subsidiary of the …
Linda Harrison, 04 Feb 1999