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Microsoft explains bland new Windows logo

Microsoft has detailed the thinking behind the latest change in its logo for Windows, saying the new design brings the software back to its roots. “If you look back to the origins of the logo you see that it really was meant to be a window,” blogged Sam Moreau, principal director of user experience for Windows. "Windows really …
Iain Thomson, 18 Feb 2012

Microsoft offers stickers to boost Windows 7 64-bit take-up

Microsoft announced its Windows 7 logo program today, which comes with an interesting caveat: vendors wishing to claim compatibility status with the upcoming OS need to prove their product will run under the 64-bit version of the platform. The move paves the way for Microsoft to encourage as many hardware and software partners …
Kelly Fiveash, 30 Sep 2009
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Microsoft store crumples as Win7 promo kicks off

Microsoft kicked off its massive pre-order promo for Windows 7 today, and promptly saw its European online store decide it was time for a little lie down. The software giant styled the promo as a "perfect way to [say] thank you" to beta testers who'd given it feedback on the (potentially industry saving) operating system. It …
Joe Fay, 15 Jul 2009

Windows 7 RC downloads to end 15 August

Microsoft has confirmed its Windows 7 release candidate download program will expire on 15 August. After that date testers won’t be able to get their hands on the download via Microsoft’s website, although it will undoubtedly be available elsewhere on the interwebs. The company is additionally advising Windows 7 guinea pigs …
Kelly Fiveash, 24 Jun 2009

Windows 7 boss predicts 'modest' initial shipments

A Microsoft wonk has admitted that PC vendors are unlikely to see a huge rise in shipments when Windows 7 hits the shelves on 22 October. Bill Veghte, who is Redmond's senior veep of the company's Windows biz, made the comment at the UBS Global Technology and Services conference yesterday. He said it was quite normal when …
Kelly Fiveash, 09 Jun 2009

Best Buy leaked memo spills Windows 7 upgrade details

A leaked memo has revealed that Best Buy will begin pre-selling Microsoft’s Windows 7 operating system on 26 June in the US. The retailer confirmed late last week the date people can start buying Vista-based computers and subsequently qualify for a free upgrade to Windows 7, when it lands in October. Engadget has published a …
Kelly Fiveash, 08 Jun 2009

Intel playing virtual silly buggers

Opinion You're supposed to be able to run an x86 app on any Intel x86 (or AMD x86) processor. That's what x86 compatibility means, right? Wrong: Windows 7 XP Mode won't run on many multi-core Intel processors because Intel is arsing about with its Intel VT feature. For a PC to run Windows 7's XP Mode, the system must support either …
Chris Mellor, 07 May 2009

'Vista Capable' judge tosses class-action status - again

Microsoft scored a second significant victory in the “Vista Capable” lawsuit late on Friday, after a federal judge declined to restore class-action status in the long-running case against the software giant. According to ComputerWorld, US District Court Judge Marsha Pechman denied a motion by the plaintiffs to recertify a …
Kelly Fiveash, 14 Apr 2009

US states may seek Microsoft anti-trust extension

Some US states may ask for continued supervision of Microsoft, to ensure the software giant isn't breaching the government's 2001 anti-trust agreement. Microsoft oversight is due to expire on November 12, but states that signed on to the Department of Justice's (DoJ's) deal with Microsoft may now seek an extension that would …
Gavin Clarke, 02 Apr 2009
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Acer sued for shipping Vista-book with GB of memory

Two Middle Americans have sued Acer over its low-cost Aspire notebooks, claiming that the Taiwanese PC giant pre-installed Windows Vista on machines ill-equipped to run Microsoft's latest OS. With a lawsuit filed Wednesday in San Francisco, California, two residents of Fostoria, Ohio seek damages and relief from the world's …
Cade Metz, 27 Mar 2009
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PC buyers fail to prove MS deceived in Vista 'Capable' suit

The judge in the ongoing Vista Capable row has denied PC buyers a motion for partial summary judgment in a lawsuit against Microsoft, citing a lack of evidence to show the company had hoodwinked customers. The issue will be decided in a forthcoming trial instead, ruled US District Judge Marsha Pechman late on Wednesday. The …
Kelly Fiveash, 20 Mar 2009

'Vista Capable' plaintiffs seek class action revival

Six folks suing Microsoft over allegations they were hoodwinked by the company's "Vista Capable" marketing campaign are asking a federal judge to revive the case's class action status. Last week, a judge at US District Court in Seattle tossed out their collective claims after ruling they hadn't adequately shown that the …
Austin Modine, 28 Feb 2009

Judge strips MS 'Vista Capable' lawsuit of class action status

Microsoft scored a major win in the ongoing “Vista Capable” lawsuit yesterday after a US federal judge ruled that the case no longer warranted class action status. Judge Marsha Pechman said that each PC buyer who claims to have been hoodwinked by Microsoft’s Vista marketing campaign has to bring their own legal action if they …
Kelly Fiveash, 19 Feb 2009

Microsoft's Windows Vista 'Capable' bill could hit $8.5bn

A Microsoft marketing scheme persuading consumers to buy PCs "capable" of running Windows Vista could cost more money than Microsoft made from the program. An expert witness giving evidence in the class-action suit against Microsoft's Windows Vista Capable program has estimated the cost of upgrading so-called "capable" PCs to …
Gavin Clarke, 26 Jan 2009
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Ballmer's bid to swerve 'Vista Capable' row comes unstuck

MS CEO Steve Ballmer has been ordered by a federal judge to testify in a class action lawsuit over the ongoing “Vista Capable” debacle. In September Ballmer tried to distance himself from the row by claiming he had no direct involvement in Microsoft’s marketing campaign for the operating system. But US District Judge Marsha …
Kelly Fiveash, 24 Nov 2008

Microsoft nobbled ‘Vista-Capable’ for Intel

High-ranking Microsoft and Intel executives were involved in a plan to re-write the Windows Vista Capable program to save both companies - and OEMs - millions of dollars, according to unsealed court documents. Microsoft removed a key requirement from the Vista Capable program so PCs running old Intel chips suited to Windows XP …
Gavin Clarke, 14 Nov 2008
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Windows 7: One compatibility label, no confusion

Microsoft is reducing its four Windows-compatible logos, responsible for confusion and a class action lawsuit, down to a single system for consumers and partners. Partners that want compatibility with Windows Vista's successor operating system, Windows 7, will only have to navigate a single certification program, Microsoft …
Gavin Clarke, 06 Nov 2008
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Windows Update to trumpet Vista Capable debacle?

Little did Microsoft executives realize when they blessed the seemingly brilliant wheeze of "Windows Vista Capable" as a way of flogging the operating system that the idea could turn into a bitter pill their company might have to swallow. But there's the very real possibility Microsoft's very own Windows Update and MSN could …
Gavin Clarke, 06 Oct 2008
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Ballmer backs away from 'Vista Capable' legal row

Steve Ballmer has distanced himself from the ongoing “Vista Capable” legal spat by claiming he had no direct involvement in Microsoft’s marketing campaign for the operating system. In a document (pdf courtesy of SeattlePI) filed last Friday, the software giant’s CEO effectively exonerated himself in the Windows Vista Capable …
Kelly Fiveash, 06 Oct 2008

Microsoft Mojave 'outs' secret Vista lovers

Analysis If you listen very carefully, you'll hear a new beat coming from the drums in Microsoft's marketing department these days. After two years in embarrassed silence, people have come out pumped up and taking no prisoners. The message has come from the top and is beginning to percolate. "Windows Vista is great, just misunderstood …
Gavin Clarke, 29 Jul 2008
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Microsoft's 'Vista Capable' appeal thrown out

Microsoft’s has lost its attempt to overturn a key ruling in the Windows Vista Capable lawsuit. The Ninth US Circuit Court of Appeals confirmed the decision in a court order yesterday. US district judge Marsha Pechman in Seattle, who originally approved the case, had halted proceedings while waiting for a decision from the …
Kelly Fiveash, 22 Apr 2008

Big cheeses rolled into Vista-Incapable lawsuit

You can leave the job, but willl the job leave you? Jim Allchin, Microsoft's Windows mastermind emeritus, is the sole human being to be subpoenaed by plaintiffs in the Microsoft Vista Capable Marketing program class action. Microsoft PC partners, such as Dell, HP and IBM, big resellers such as Wal-Mart, Amazon, Costco and Fry' …
Drew Cullen, 26 Mar 2008
MS Windows Vista logo

Anti-trust committee checks out Windows 7

The US court-mandated technical committee (TC) responsible for pulling Microsoft into line over a 2002 federal anti-trust settlement is reviewing Windows 7. It said in a joint status report filed in a federal court in the District of Columbia last week that it had received a build of Microsoft’s next big operating system and is …
Kelly Fiveash, 11 Mar 2008

Microsoft dropped Vista hardware spec to raise Intel profits

You know this stuff goes on. But you're still gobsmacked when the proof turns up. According to an email sent last February by Microsoft general manager John Kalkman, the software giant lowered Windows Vista's minimum hardware requirements to ridiculous levels only because Intel needed to sell more graphics chipsets. The email …
Cade Metz, 01 Mar 2008

Judge greenlights lawsuit against Microsoft

A US judge has given the go-ahead for consumers to file a class action lawsuit against Microsoft for providing misleading information about Windows XP computers being able to run Vista. Redmond’s “Windows Vista Capable” labels first appeared on computers in April 2006, even though the firm’s latest operating system didn’t get a …
Kelly Fiveash, 25 Feb 2008

Ugly view mars Windows Vista birthday

Like the queen, Windows Vista gets to celebrate two birthdays in close succession. November 30 marks the first, with the "business" launch a year ago at venues across the planet. Next January will mark the second birthday date. While the past 12 months have been dominated by headlines over sales and uptake - or lack thereof - …
Gavin Clarke, 30 Nov 2007

Nvidia GeForce 7150/nForce 630i integrated chipset

Review The vast majority of PCs use integrated graphics instead of an add-in graphics card and therein lies a problem. If you want the wow factor of the Aero interface in Windows Vista then you need a reasonable level of graphics performance, even if you have no desire to play games on your PC. Nvidia claims that the stickers that …
Leo Waldock, 25 Sep 2007

General Dynamics offers rugged UMPC

After a slow start, the UMPC concept seems to be gaining momentum in recent months. The latest entrant to the field is US arms colossus General Dynamics, which launched its GoBook MR-1 rugged UMPC at the DSEi military tech fair today. The MR-1: is that all you've got? The MR-1 is properly ruggedised, passing the American MIL …
Lewis Page, 11 Sep 2007
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PC buyers: 'Vista Capable' machines weren't Vista capable

How misleading was Microsoft's "Windows Vista Capable" campaign? Misleading enough for a judge to approve a federal trial. On Tuesday, a federal judge ruled that two PC buyers, Dianne Kelley and Kenneth Hansen, can proceed with a lawsuit that accuses Microsoft of deliberately deceiving the public. The basis of the deception …
Cade Metz, 09 Aug 2007
MS Windows Vista logo

PC buyers: 'Vista Capable' machines weren't Vista capable

How misleading was Microsoft's "Windows Vista Capable" campaign? Misleading enough for a judge to approve a federal trial. On Tuesday, a federal judge ruled that two PC buyers, Dianne Kelley and Kenneth Hansen, can proceed with a lawsuit that accuses Microsoft of deliberately deceiving the public with the "Window Vista Capable …
Cade Metz, 08 Aug 2007
MS Windows Vista logo

Microsoft re-assures partners on Vista compatibility

WPC Microsoft has used its annual Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC) to stress that it's working to solve stubborn compatibility problems between Windows Vista and partner products. Chief operating officer Kevin Turner told 8,000 WPC delegates that management had "rallied the team" and worked "very hard" after partners and …
Gavin Clarke, 11 Jul 2007
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Dragon marauds London, escapes arrest

Software company Nuance's dragon mascot narrowly escaped arrest this morning. The fanged and winged - but very green and fluffy - creature was prancing around London's Leicester Square when two police officers approached, asking: "You're not with Fathers-4-Justice, are you sir?" Reassured that the dragon was merely …
Bryan Betts, 25 May 2007

Channel looks on the bright side, Woolies goes soft and Cisco aims small

Let the good times roll Let's start with the good news. According to a survey of European channel distributors and resellers (that means you), 2007 will be a year of strong sales growth and rises in revenue. The ETech 2007 survey found 70 per cent of channel distributors and resellers were confident about their business …
Billy MacInnes, 05 Apr 2007

Why I won't buy a Dell next time

Comment I recently bought a "Vista capable" desktop PC from Dell. It was a good opportunity to play the secret shopper and report the experience as an ordinary consumer, instead of reporting as a tech journo reviewing hardware supplied by the maker and tweaked to perfection before delivery. I had bought a PC from Dell years ago and …
Thomas C Greene, 04 Apr 2007

Windows Vista marketing 'deceived' consumers

Microsoft has been accused of deceiving US consumers by marketing PCs as "Windows Vista Capable" when they could only run the most basic version of its latest operating system. A US lawsuit filed today claims Microsoft overstated the ability of PCs to run Windows Vista, and that an upgrade program added insult to injury by …
Gavin Clarke, 04 Apr 2007

Vista: long-term burn, not short-term sizzle

Analysis Microsoft's $500m Windows Vista launch on Monday was the culmination of months of heavy sell intended to persuade the company, as much as everyone else, that not only is the operating systems is essential to users' computing needs, but also that it will translate into sales gold. If bullishness were revenue, Microsoft is well …
Gavin Clarke, 31 Jan 2007

Vista vouchers, a Reg round-up

Any Reg reader considering their Christmas purchases and worried about what operating system they'll be cursed with can relax. We've rung round some of the major vendors and retailers. First up for vacuous marketing puff is Dell who gave us this statement: "Dell is very excited about Windows Vista. The new operating system is …
John Oates, 27 Oct 2006

Acer: Vista Home Basic is a lemon

Microsoft is effectively smuggling through a price hike for Windows Vista - by making the entry-level version so poor that no-one will want to use it. So says Jim Wong, senior veep at Acer, the world's number four PC maker, who told UK hack Jon Honeyball: "The new [Vista] experience you hear of, if you get Basic, you won't feel …
Drew Cullen, 27 Oct 2006

ATI claims World+Dog wants Vista Premium not Basic

When we kicked off our investigation into Windows Vista's hardware requirements we glossed over the graphics part of the system requirements and simply said that you need DirectX 9 hardware. It turns out things are rather more complicated than that plain statement suggests, and that may mean trouble ahead for Intel. A Windows …
Leo Waldock, 23 Jun 2006

Intel rolls out P965/ICH8 chipset

Computex 2006 Intel has officially launched its first 'Broadwater' chipset, the P965 Express, pitched at the upcoming Core 2 Duo dual-core processor - aka 'Conroe' operating on a 1066MHz frontside bus. As expected, the P965 supports dual-channel 800MHz DDR 2 SDRAM with bandwidth-optimising Fast Memory Access (FMA) technology, which can re- …
Tony Smith, 06 Jun 2006

MS posts PC Vista-viability tool

Microsoft has specified what kit you'll need to run Windows Vista, with and without the upcoming operating system's fancy Aero user interface. It has also posted an application that will assess your system for its Vista suitability. To get Vista's full array of graphical geegaws, you'll need a Premium Ready PC. To qualify, …
'ard Reg, 19 May 2006

Epson unveils 'Windows Vista Capable' PC

It's official - the blurry 'Windows Vista-capable' logo that appeared on the web last week is real, as Epson demonstrated today when it launched a desktop system for the Japanese market that conforms to the certification process centred on Microsoft's next generation of Windows. windows vista compatibility logo The machine …
Tony Smith, 04 Apr 2006