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Winamp plug-in backdoor wide open to viral penetration

Winamp media player users need to update their software following the discovery of multiple security holes, some of which provide a means to distribute malware via booby-trapped media files. Version 5.6 of the software for Windows fixes a critical integer overflow vulnerability in the the "in_nsv.dll" plug-in library that …
John Leyden, 01 Dec 2010
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Flaw makes Twitter vulnerable to serious viral attack

Updated Micro-blogging site Twitter suffers from a potentially devastating vulnerability that forces logged-in users to post messages of an attacker's choice simply by clicking on a link. It could be used to spawn a self-replicating worm. The XSS, or cross-site scripting, error was discovered by Secure Sciences Corp researchers Lance …
Dan Goodin, 20 Mar 2009
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Trend Micro's CEO says 'AV industry sucks'

Interview Trend Micro’s CEO threw down the gauntlet to her competitors last week, proclaiming that hackers are ahead of the game and that the anti-virus industry “sucks”. Chief exec Eva Chen, who co-founded the Tokyo, Japan headquartered-firm in 1988 with Steve Chang, announced last Wednesday a radical shift in business strategy for …
Kelly Fiveash, 22 Jun 2008
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Second life plagued by 'grey goo' attack

For about two hours, the virtual landscape of Second Life filled with golden rings and the distinctive two-tone ding of Sega's popular Sonic the Hedgehog games. The rings' listed creator was the fictional "Dr Robotnik," a character from the Sonic games. However, the deluge of rings was not some form of cross promotion, but a …
Robert Lemos, 24 Nov 2006
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The spy - or thief - in your pocket

Security attacks on smartphones have taken off this year, but many have gone unnoticed because they were not the familiar virus or Trojan attacks that grab headlines, according to a senior Symantec exec. Paul Miller, the boss of Symantec's wireless & mobile security group, said that although there have been Bluetooth-enabled …
Bryan Betts, 16 Nov 2006

OpenOffice hits back at viral risk claims has hit back at claims that the alternative office applications suite is riddled with security holes. Researchers at the French Ministry of Defense say that OpenOffice is subject to security weaknesses that make it at least as susceptible to computer viruses as the commercial, more widely used, Microsoft Office. …
John Leyden, 15 Aug 2006
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Blair spam hack attack hits UK

Virus writers are using claims that Tony Blair's email address has been hacked as a ruse to trick punters into visiting sites hosting malware. The false claim was made in a series of spam messages sent out on 6 May, the day after a UK general election that resulted in Blair's Labour party return to office for a record third term …
John Leyden, 09 May 2005
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Mobile botnet threat downplayed

Could botnets - the scourge of consumer security - be on the verge of going mobile? The prospect seems some way off but even so mobile operators and security watchers are more than a little spooked. Job de Haas, a researcher at security firm ITSX, told delegates at the recent Black Hat conference in Amsterdam that client side …
John Leyden, 13 Apr 2005
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German court rules email blocking 'illegal'

Selectively filtering out emails of a specific sender may constitute an offence, the Higher Regional Court (OLG) in Karlsruhe ruled on Monday. Two years ago a university in Baden-Württemberg blocked the email of a former employee who left after a quarrel with his peers, but continued to stay in touch with scientists and friends …
Jan Libbenga, 18 Jan 2005
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PCs throw nine sickies a year

British PCs are taking an average of nine sick days a year due to spam and viral attack, Yahoo! claims. This is two more days than the typical Brit spends at home as a result of illness/injury/Euro 2004-induced hangover. Interestingly, six of these silicon sickies are due to spam, with just three days attributable to viruses. …
Lester Haines, 23 Jun 2004
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Q: What's the AV industry's definition of happy?

Analysis If you'd like to see the personification of happy, then look no further than an AV product or service vendor in the middle of a viral pandemic. You might think that during the MyDoom outbreak even industry insiders would lose at least little sleep over the lack of progress there has been in stemming the flood of malicious code …
John Leyden, 20 Feb 2004
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Trojan serves porn off home PCs, not many dead

A new Trojan is turning Windows PCs into porn and spam relays, possibly as a means of harvesting credit card details, researcher Richard M. Smith has discovered. At first it was suspected that the Trojan installs a Web server on the victim's machine from which the porn is served, but research by LURHQ indicates that it sets up …
Thomas C Greene, 12 Jul 2003
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What's the difference between a viral attack and a scan?

Infosec exhibitors were yesterday urged to check their systems for a virus after the performance of the security conference's network took a severe hit. Exhibitors received an advisory from eForce, which is responsible for the networking and security of Olympia, Infosec's venue, that warned of an attack linked to a Trojan …
John Leyden, 01 May 2003
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Database security breaches on the increase

ComputerWire: IT Industry Intelligence Direct security breaches against databases appear to be on the rise, according to the recently released Summer 2002 Database Developers survey from research firm Evans Data Corp. The report revealed that one in five respondents have experienced a direct breach in security, up …
ComputerWire, 07 Aug 2002
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What is the best virus protection?

PC Clinic Having trouble with your brand new machine or with the lovely application software that's cost you an arm and a leg? Our very own PC paramedic, Dr Spinola will guide you through the hardware morass. This week, he discusses virus protection software, sexy CEOs, sexy components and SETI. Q What is the best virus protection you can …
Mike Magee, 05 May 2000