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Sony launches quick-boot Vaio notebook

Sony has expanded it Vaio laptop line with an eco-focused “Quick Web Access” model. Sony_Vaio_VGNNW11Z Sony's Vaio NW: The range only consists of one machine so far: the 15in VGN-NW11Z. But that hasn’t stopped Sony from talking up the machine’s dedicated web button, which supposedly provides quick access to the “bespoke …
James Sherwood, 07 Jul 2009
Fujitsu LifeBook P8020

Fujitsu LifeBook P8020

Review Hot on the heels of Sony's Vaio TT and the Toshiba Portégé R600, Fujitsu's LifeBook P8020 is a similarly small and light affair looking to tempt business types away from the likes of Lenovo and Dell. Netbook fans will yet again baulk at high price tag, but there's clearly still a market for premium ultra-portable laptops …
Will Stapley, 30 Apr 2009

Microsoft conjures imaginary 'Apple Tax'

Updated The age-old battle between Microsoft and Apple is heating up again, and this time, Redmond is cheating. On Thursday, Microsoft released a company-sponsored snark-fest written by Roger L. Kay of Endpoint Technology Associates that is, simply put, an embarrassment. This report, entitled What Price Cool? (PDF) and breathlessly …
Rik Myslewski, 11 Apr 2009

Sony Vaio Z11 13in laptop

Review Apple may have grabbed headlines for releasing its new MacBook Pro with two GPUs on board - one for casual, one for best - but Sony had already done so, with its Vaio Z11, launched in the summer and now available for review. Sony Vaio Z11 Sony's Vaio Z11: As a recently launched laptop, it's no surprise that the Z11 is …
Tony Smith, 28 Nov 2008

Sony Vaio TT slim'n'light laptop

Review Sony has been pitching small, slim laptops at executives for years now, packing in as much functionality into as compact a chassis as it can and charging a premium for it. Why mess with a successful formula? So the new Vaio TT doesn't. There's clearly a market for this kind of machine, as the success of previous Sony thin'n' …
Tony Smith, 21 Nov 2008

Sony intros good-looks laptop

Modern laptops must offer functionality and good looks, so Sony’s launched a Vaio notebook that it hopes will hit both notes. VGNNS11Z_vaio Sony's VGN-NS11Z/S: 15.4in display and a Blu-ray drive The VGN-NS11Z/S has a 15.4in, 1280 x 800 LCD display that features the manufacturer’s X-black technology for displaying richer …
James Sherwood, 30 Sep 2008

Sony recalls burning US laptops

Sony is recalling 73,000* Vaio TZ-series laptops sold in the US, as a possible short circuit of wires near the hinge could burn users. *The BBC reports 440,000 machines in the US and Japan are affected by the recall, but none in the UK. The US Consumer Product Safety Commission is working with Sony to get the machines back. …
John Oates, 04 Sep 2008
Toshiba Portege R500

Toshiba reveals R500 sub-notebook with 128GB SSD

Toshiba has extended its Portégé R500 sub-notebook family with a pair of new models that both pack in 128GB of solid-state storage. The R500-12P and R500-12Q are both based on Intel's 1.33GHz ultra-low voltage Core 2 Duo U7700 processor, 2GB of 667MHz DDR 2 memory and said 128GB SSD. Both squeeze a multi-format DVD writer into …
Tony Smith, 14 Apr 2008
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So what's the easiest box to hack - Vista, Ubuntu or OS X?

This story was updated to correct the maximum prize amount available. Tired of all the knee-jerk banter from fanboys about whose operating system is the most secure? So are the organizers of the CanSecWest security conference, which will be held in Vancouver later this month. And with a contest awarding as much as $20,000 worth …
Dan Goodin, 19 Mar 2008

Fujitsu Siemens pitches Eee-style sub-notebook at pros

Updated Fujitsu Siemens is taking on the likes of Asus, Toshiba and Sony with ultra-compact 1kg laptop of its own, this one with a 8.9in, 1280 x 768 display and HSDPA/HSUPA 3G connectivity. Fujitsu Siemens Lifebook P1620 Fujitsu Siemens' Lifebook P1620: Eee beater? The high-speed cellular technology is optional, but if you don't …
Tony Smith, 03 Mar 2008

eBayer invites buyers to rip him off

Here's an eBay auction with a difference: an apparently innocent-looking punt of a Sony VAIO VGN-NR21J/S laptop: eBay auction for SONY VAIO VGN-NR21J/S LAPTOP BNIB There then follows the usual item description, but what makes this particular sale a little more interesting is the vendor's candid purchasing advice for users of …
Lester Haines, 11 Feb 2008

Samsung enhances Q1 Ultra UMPC performance

CES Samsung has upgraded its Q1 Ultra UMPC, adding 'Premium' to the machine's moniker and boosting the handheld's processing power and its battery capacity. The Q1 Ultra Premium sports the same 7in, 1024 x 600 display as the Q1 Ultra, but behind it beats a 1.33GHz Ultra Low Voltage (ULV) Intel Core Solo U1500 CPU. The new model …
Tony Smith, 07 Jan 2008

OQO Model e2 UMPC

Review OQO may sound like a city in Japan, but it’s actually a company that makes ultra-mobile PCs - handheld computers capable of running a full-size operating system. It’s been around for seven years, and was founded by a team of ex-Apple engineers. The Model e2 is the company’s third shot at a UMPC, following in the diminutive …
Andrew Tiney, 31 Oct 2007

Sony debuts dual-box HD-editing PC

Sony has taken the wraps off a desktop system that contains not only system unit but two, one for the bulk of the PC's innards, the other for the optical drives - one of which is a Blu-ray Disc unit. Sony Vaio RM1N HD PC Sony's Vaio RM1N: one unit for you desk, another for under it Aimed at HD content editors and dubbed …
Tony Smith, 20 Jun 2007

Fujitsu claims 'world's smallest Vista PC' title

Fujitsu has taken the wraps off what it claims is the world's smallest Windows Vista PC: a tablet PC-styled "microminiature" machine with a 5.6in display and weighing just 580g. Fujitsu LifeBook FMV-8240 It's not great surprise to learn that the FMV-U8240 - part of Fujitsu's LifeBook range - is based on Intel's Ultra …
Tony Smith, 16 May 2007

Haier raises UMPC to new heights

IDF Chinese PC maker Haier previewed its X6 ultra-mobile PC this week, but while the handheld incorporates the 945GU chipset from chip giant Intel's new Ultra Mobile Platform (UMP), its processor is the more powerful Core 2 Duo. Haier X6 UMPC The X6 sports a 6.5in 800 x 480 display, 1GB of DDR 2 memory, a 30GB 5,400rpm hard …
Tony Smith, 19 Apr 2007
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Fancy three: the Brits get the latest PlayStation

Register Hardware Register Hardware - it's just like The Register, only harder - brings you the hottest personal technology news and reviews every day. The gadgets that grabbed the headlines this week: PS3, Apple TV, HD DVD, and gaming chippery from Intel and AMD. Glee for PS3 Some Brits may actually at long last have got their hands on a Sony …

Fujitsu Siemens readies autumn HSUPA laptop

Fujitsu Siemens (FS) will bring the next-but-one generation of 3G network connectivity - HSUPA - to its Lifebook laptop line-up this coming Autumn, making for faster internet access on the move. FS' slimline Lifebook P7230 is due to go on sale next month with HSDPA built in alongside Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. However, the company …
Tony Smith, 20 Mar 2007

Samsung unveils usable UMPC

CeBIT Samsung has introduced its second-generation ultra-mobile PC - in one go addressing many of the key criticism of its first UMPC, the Q1. Crucially, the new model, the Q1 Ultra, delivers a higher resolution display and incorporates a thumb-operated QWERTY keyboard. The handheld runs Windows Vista Home Premium, given room to …
Tony Smith, 15 Mar 2007
Sony Vaio VGN-UX1XN

Sony Vaio VGN-UX1XN ultra-mobile PC

Review The Sony UX1XN is quite possibly one of the smallest laptops ever. Think of the smallest laptop you've ever seen, and this will be smaller. Probably. Everything about it is dinky - it's barely bigger than a thick-ish paperback book, yet it packs a full Vista-touting PC inside its diddy dimensions. Sony Vaio VGN-UX1XN Sony' …
Will Head, 14 Mar 2007

Sony to bring Flash-only UX1 UMPC to UK

Sony will bring its Flash-based Vaio UX ultra-mobile PC (UMPC) out of Japan next month when it ships the VGN-UX1XN micro PC in the UK. It may be small, but this handheld wireless computer comes at a hefty price: it will retail for a whopping £2,000. sony ux390n premium micro pc But boy does it look smart. Unlike the …
Tony Smith, 29 Jan 2007
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Xandros Linux conquers a hostile Sony laptop

OS Review I have an impressive talent for buying laptop computers hostile to Linux. Right now I'm using a Sony Vaio VGN-FS840/W, with more proprietary drivers than you can shake a stick at. It's so bad that even a retail edition of Windows XP won't run on it; you need the OEM Windows (and sure enough, Sony is too cheap to include the CD …
Thomas C Greene, 27 Nov 2006

Sony launches 'world's lightest' laptop in Japan

Sony has launched what it today claimed is the world's lightest 12.1in notebook, an 898g machine constructed out of carbon fibre, though the weight pushes past 1kg if you want a machine with a bigger battery capacity and an optical drive. sony japan's lightweight vaio g1 The Vaio G series comprises more than half a dozen …
Tony Smith, 01 Nov 2006

Sony ships first EV-DO Rev A equipped laptop

Sony has begun pitching the first EV-DO Revision A-enabled notebook to Sprint customers, touting the machine's readiness for the carrier's soon-to-be-upgraded PowerVision network. The Vaio VGN-TXN10 sports a carbon-fibre chassis into which Sony has fitted an 11.1in XBrite display, an ultra-low voltage Core Solo single-core …
Tony Smith, 26 Sep 2006

Sony unveils Blu-ray notebooks

Sony Japan has unveiled the Blu-ray Disc player-equipped Vaio notebook expected to ship in the UK and Europe as the AR11S, which the consumer electronics giant also announced today. The Japanese model will ship on 24 June, Sony said. It didn't provide a date for the AR11S' debut, though it too is expected to debut next month …
Tony Smith, 16 May 2006

Sony to ship 17in Blu-ray Vaio next month?

Sony's first Vaio notebook to ship with a Blu-ray Disc optical drive could hit the UK by the middle of June, it has emerged. A variety of European resellers are already beginning to list the product. Some are even starting to advertise the 17in machine. Dubbed the VGN-A11S, the machine is believed to contain a dual-core 2GHz …
Tony Smith, 15 May 2006
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Ebuyer in laptop search result outrage

Updated Anyone on the lookout for a Sony Vaio VGN-FS315S laptop should - if they are of a sensitive disposition - avoid checking out Ebuyer for said kit. Why? Well, it's not just that Ebuyer doesn't appear to have the required equipment, but that the suggested alternative is enough to have you choking on your cocoa: Ebuyer offers a …
Lester Haines, 16 Feb 2006
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Epson R-D1 digital Rangefinder

Review Nothing can quite prepare you for the experience of using the R-D1, a digital camera with a distinctly 'film' feel. The R-D1 uses a combination of full manual controls gleaned from the camera's adapted Cosina/Voigtlander 'Bessa' film rangefinder body, spiced up with Epson co-developed digital elements that create a unique camera …
Pocket Lint, 22 Jun 2005
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Acer TravelMate 4401LMi Turion notebook

Review Acer has always priced its products aggressively, but even we were surprised when we learned the Acer TravelMate 4400LMi could be picked up for less than £700. Yes, you can buy cheaper laptops, but will they boast a 15in screen and ATI Radeon X700 graphics? asks Benny Har-Even. Acer TravelMate 4400LMi The machine also features …
Trusted Reviews, 20 Jun 2005
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Focal iCub iPod 2.1 speaker set

Review With demand for iPod accessories reaching fever pitch it seems there's no stopping manufacturers from claiming their generic audio products are really for the add-on market. French outfit Focal seems to have taken this claim to the extreme with the iCub, a high-end 2.1 speaker system it's pitching at MP3 player owners. Focal …
Pocket Lint, 17 Jun 2005

Shuttle XPC SN25P barebones SFF PC

Review Shuttle's latest small form-factor barebones is certainly a stylish box. The light blue metallic and black front shows Shuttle's usual attention to design. The blue bits hide the drives and the front ports, which might or might not be to your liking, writes Lars-Goran Nilsson. Shuttle XPC SN25P Internally, the SN25P is very …
Trusted Reviews, 16 Jun 2005
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NHJ VTV-201 wrist TV

Review Nothing says 'gadget' quite like a watch that does more than tell the time. Yet nothing wastes time like watching TV. So a watch that's a TV too makes for a rather interesting paradox, writes Charlie Brewer. NHJ VTV-201 wristwatch TV Newly arrived in the UK, Japanese consumer technology company NHJ is treating us to the next …
Pocket Lint, 15 Jun 2005
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Sony Vaio VGN-T2XP

Review An ultra-portable notebook is a wonderful thing, especially for someone in my line of work. When you're regularly globetrotting, covering technology expos and product launches, you need to have a notebook with you in order to write up your stories. But you don't want something big and heavy weighing you down, especially on those …
Trusted Reviews, 13 Jun 2005
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Dell Latitude D410 sub-notebook

Review Dell's Latitude D410 is based on the latest version of Intel's Centrino notebook platform, 'Sonoma', which brings support for PCI Express, Serial ATA hard disks, DDR 2 memory and the new Express Card format. However, the D410 employs only two of these - PCI Express and DDR 2, writes Benny Har-Even. Dell Latitude D410 The …
Trusted Reviews, 04 Apr 2005
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Olympus m:robe 500i media player

Preview Olympus is a camera company, isn't it? Not if its latest product is anything to go by. Deciding that the MP3 player market might be the place to make a quick buck, the imaging company that has in the past brought us gems like the One system and the Mju is now trying its hand at portable media players, too, writes Stuart Miles …
Pocket Lint, 17 Mar 2005
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Nintendo DS handheld games console

Review Let's get this out of the way. In a conventional battle of the year's big two handheld consoles, Sony's PSP would make mincemeat of the Nintendo DS. In terms of graphics and audio performance the DS is at least half a generation behind. It doesn't look as good. It doesn't feel as good. It won't - for the moment at least - play …
Trusted Reviews, 16 Mar 2005
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Netgear MP101 wireless music player

Review Netgear has always focused on the SOHO market and has consistently delivered a range of keenly price networking products. The MP101 represents a new direction for the company as this box is a digital media player that will play MP3 and WMA music files over wired and wireless networks. And, in keeping with Netgear's philosophy …
Trusted Reviews, 15 Mar 2005

Seagate 5GB USB 2.0 Pocket Hard Drive

Review With USB Flash drives growing in capacity and falling in price, it's a brave move on Seagate's part to release its 5GB USB 2.0 Pocket Hard Drive. It's certainly not be a revolutionary product, but while Flash drives are hovering around the 2GB mark, having 5GB of storage in your pocket can't be a bad thing, writes Lars-Goran …
Trusted Reviews, 14 Mar 2005
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Olympus Camedia C-370 Zoom

Review The C-370 is about as easy to use as a digital camera can be without taking the shots for you. Its very basic specification makes this is an ideal camera for technophobes. Priced at a remarkable - for a three megapixel camera, anyway - £120 this camera looks almost too good to be true, writes Doug Harman. Olympus Camedia C-370 …
Pocket Lint, 08 Mar 2005

Belkin Wireless Pre-N Router

Review The plethora of wireless networking standards is confusing enough and Belkin's Wireless Pre-N Router muddies the water even further. Despite the suggestive name, this access point doesn't support the draft 802.11n high-speed wireless standard and will not be compatible with it when it is ratified, probably sometime late in 2006 …
Trusted Reviews, 07 Mar 2005
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Sony Vaio VGN-FS115B 'Sonoma' notebook

Review The Vaio VGN-FS115B is one of the first machines we've seen based on Intel's new 'Sonoma' platform. Intel launched Sonoma as the next generation Centrino standard back in January, and it brings with it some key advantages over the outgoing technology, writes Riyad Emeran. Sony Vaio VGN-FS115B The major advancement with Sonoma …
Trusted Reviews, 01 Mar 2005
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Sony Vaio U70P Wi-Fi micro PC

Preview Sony is a company that never ceases to amaze me. Every time I think that it can't produce another groundbreaking product, it does just that. When I looked at the Sony Vaio X505 ultra-slim notebook earlier this year, I was amazed at how small and light it was, while remaining a usable mobile tool. But with the …
Trusted Reviews, 03 Dec 2004
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Sony enhances tiny wireless pen PC

Sony will ship an updated version of its Vaio U-series tiny PC next month, increasing the micro marvel's hard drive capacity and processor speed. The Vaio VGN-U71P is based on a ultra-low voltage, 90nm 1.1GHz Pentium M 733, up from the previous model's 130nm 1GHz CPU. The new chip offers 2MB of L2 cache - double that of the …
Tony Smith, 15 Nov 2004
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Samsung X10 Plus slimline notebook

Review There's something about being able to carry all the computing power you need in your bag that's quite compelling. And although I can fully appreciate the merits of a high-power desktop replacement machine, it tends to be the slim and light notebooks that always catch my eye. Models like the Sony VAIO VGN-S1VP …
Trusted Reviews, 21 Oct 2004
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Sony revamps Vaio notebooks

Sony today revamped its entire Vaio notebook line-up with a range of models aimed at consumer and businesses, highly mobile users and those looking for desktop replacements. The A200 series is pitched at professionals and consumers who want DVD recording facilities. All the models in the line-up feature dual-layer DVD+RW/DVD-RW …
Tony Smith, 14 Sep 2004
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Acer Ferrari 3200 Athlon 64 notebook

Review Though it's a familiar sight for PC and notebooks to be adorned with logos it's a fair bet that a yellow one featuring a prancing pony and the initials 'SF' are not usually among them. 'SF' stand for Scuderia Ferrari, one of the most famous marques in automotive history and it's here because Acer is the …
Trusted Reviews, 18 Aug 2004
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HP Compaq nc4010

Review Anyone that has to travel a lot with a notebook in their bag will appreciate that a super powerful desktop replacement machine is not always the best option. If you always need to have your computer with you, no matter where you are, something sleek and portable is definitely the preferred solution. The HP …
Trusted Reviews, 29 Jul 2004
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Sony Vaio VGN-S1VP notebook

Review It seems like Sony has a never-ending stream of slimline notebook computers in its stable. Just when one has bolted free, another one slips its rope and makes its way into the market place. It was only a matter of weeks ago that I reviewed the VAIO X505VP, but already a new thin, light and desirable notebook …
Trusted Reviews, 12 Jul 2004
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Fujitsu-Siemens Amilo A1630 Athlon 64 notebook

Review This is a double first for Fujitsu-Siemens. Not only is it the first widescreen notebook that the company has sent us, but it's also the first Athlon 64-based machine. The Amilo A1630 is a notebook that should appeal to power users. With a mobile Athlon 64 3400+ processor, 512MB of PC2700 DDR SDRAM and a …
Trusted Reviews, 29 Jun 2004
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Sony Vaio VGN-X505VP

Review Let's get the obvious out of the way first. This latest Vaio from Sony is, without a shadow of a doubt, the coolest notebook computer ever. It's that simple. This is the kind of product that just stops people in their tracks when they see it. Pull this out of your bag in an aiport departure lounge, and your …
Trusted Reviews, 11 Jun 2004