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WD thrusts forth its mighty 3TB internal hardness

Western Digital has unveiled the world's first 3TB internal drive, a Caviar Green model with four platters. This is a vast, astounding capacity, considering many desktop computer systems are operating with less than a terabyte of drive capacity. Seagate introduced its FreeAgent GoFlex 3TB drive in the summer and that was a …
Chris Mellor, 19 Oct 2010
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White hats release exploit for critical Windows vuln

White-hat hackers have released reliable code that remotely exploits a critical vulnerability in the Vista and Server 2008 versions of Microsoft's Windows operating system. The exploit code, released Wednesday by security firm Immunity, came as separate researchers with the Metasploit penetration testing project said they were …
Dan Goodin, 16 Sep 2009
Asus U series

Asus intros Air-style U series

Even though the release of the super-slim 10in Eee PC 1008HA is imminent, Asus today announced three more of the MacBook Air-like laptops, this time with larger displays and 'grown up' processors. Dubbed the U series, the line-up comprises a 12.1in design, a second with a 14in screen and a third with a 15.6in panel. All three …
Tony Smith, 05 May 2009

Ready or not, IPv6 is coming

Analysis Google last week touted the benefits and ease of switching to IPv6, the next generation internet protocol, while the IT world in general remains resolutely indifferent about the technology. Uptake of IPv6 is low, despite predictions that IPv4 numbers will become used up in as little as two years. A recent survey by the …
John Leyden, 03 Apr 2009
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Unofficial fix issued for Vista networking flaw

A system-crashing bug with potential malware implications has been uncovered in Vista. But a fix for the vulnerability, which revolves around flaws in the operating system's network stack, may have to wait until the next service pack. The TCP/IP stack buffer overflow was discovered by security researchers at Austrian firewall …
John Leyden, 25 Nov 2008
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Microsoft says ‘hasta la vista XP’ - well, kinda

Microsoft yesterday sent customers a letter reaffirming its plans to kill off Windows XP sales at the end of June and that system builders can continue to ship machines loaded with the OS until early 2009. That widely-known caveat has been viewed by many as a considerable insurance policy for the software giant, which has …
Kelly Fiveash, 24 Jun 2008

Microsoft preempts Hyper-V release with virtualization vision

Microsoft knows rule number one in the software game better than any other company: Never let a missing product get in the way of marketing. The software colossus has unleashed its most vocal assault to date on the virtualization marketing, revealing an acquisition, a much tighter relationship with Citrix and some licensing …
Ashlee Vance, 21 Jan 2008

False positives run amok in Vista anti-virus tests

The first independent tests of anti-malware products on 64-bit Windows Vista revealed a rash of false positives. Of the 20 products submitted for testing to independent security certification body Virus Bulletin, six generated false positives when scanning a set of known clean files. As a result, the product failed to earn …
John Leyden, 03 Aug 2007

Windows recovery loophole lets hackers in

Windows Vista may be Microsoft's most secure operating system to date, but researchers are still finding some glaring loopholes for hackers to exploit. Here is the latest: all you need is a Vista Install DVD to get admin level access to a hard drive. The loophole arises because the Command Prompt tool in Vista's System …
John Leyden, 12 Jun 2007
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MS fixes Vista iPod corruption glitch

Microsoft has posted a patch for Windows Vista that finally allows iPod owners to eject their music player from PCs running the new operating system without the risk that songs will be damaged. The updates - one each for the 32- and 64-bit versions of Vista - can be downloaded from Microsoft's support site here. Apple …
Tony Smith, 10 May 2007
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0wning Vista from the boot

Interview Federico Biancuzzi interviews Nitin and Vipin Kumar, authors of VBootkit, a rootkit that is able to load from Windows Vista boot-sectors. They discuss the "features" of their code, the support of the various versions of Vista, the possibility to place it inside the BIOS (it needs around 1,500 bytes), and the chance to use it to …

An alternative to going to camp. Previewing VMWare's Fusion

Apple's re-invigorated assault on the home network market has been partly thanks to its migration to Intel processors. With that move complete comes the opportunity to run Microsoft Windows on hardware that’s very close to that of a so-called "Wintel" PC. Following the work of some enterprising hackers, Apple released a beta …
David Perry, 06 Apr 2007
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Researchers unpick Vista kernel protection

Security researchers have found a way to subvert the load-up procedure for Windows Vista and bypass its code-signing security checks. Indian researchers Nitin and Vipin Kumar of NV labs have developed a tool called VBoot kit, a custom boot sector loader, which launches from a CD. Once loaded, the tool allows hackers to make …
John Leyden, 04 Apr 2007

VIA launches digital media chipset

VIA has launched its latest integrated desktop chipset, touting the part's Windows Vista friendliness and support for the chip maker's own power-efficient x86 processors. Well, it works with the various Basic versions of Vista, at least. The CN896 can drive a 16x PCI Express slot so it's possible to add a high-performance …
Tony Smith, 26 Feb 2007
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Reg reader trapped in Vista network folder hell

A Reg reader got in touch to tell us that since installing Vista on his machine he can no longer rename folders he creates on the network. Creating a new folder on his machine's own drive is fine but there is no way to name or rename folders or files on the network. Calls to the hardware manufacturer were not helpful but the …
John Oates, 23 Feb 2007

Vista - hot or not?

Letters The people have spoken. Vista seems to be a success, of sorts. While some of you are experiencing teething problems, the majority agree it is very pretty. Which is nice. This reader was particularly flattering… I read one of your articles "Vista creeps over the Horizon" where you asked for emails from people who have …
Tracey Cooper, 30 Nov 2006
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Microsoft and Novell: Bambi meets Godzilla?

Comment Microsoft and Novell have recently announced a set of agreements to build, market, and support a series of new solutions to make their products work better together. Microsoft will now recommend SUSE Linux Enterprise for customers who want Windows and Linux together. The two companies are going to create a joint research …
Joyce Becknell, 29 Nov 2006

Vista kernel fix 'worse than useless'

Microsoft has modified Windows Vista to prevent a high-profile exploit demonstrated at security conferences this summer but the fix creates as many problems as it solves, according to the security researcher who identified the original problem. The bug, demonstrated by Joanna Rutkowska of security firm Coseinc, created a …
John Leyden, 24 Oct 2006
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Microsoft in 64-bit Vista lockdown

RSA Europe Microsoft will operate 64-bit versions of Windows Vista as a tabernacle, with the kernel as the holy of holies, where only its own high priests of security may venture. There's going to be a kybosh on naughty developers mucking about with the 64-bit kernel; patching will be banned. McAfee and others seem to have already …
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Commission concerned about Vista security

Microsoft has fallen foul of the European Commission yet again over plans for its Vista operating system. The European Commission is concerned that the tech giant's plans to include certain security features in its new operating system goes against competition regulations, mainly that the included security features will lock …

Windows Vista pricing favors PC upgrades

Microsoft has published pricing for Windows Vista - and things are looking up for PC manufacturers hoping consumers will start buying shiny new Vista-ready computers. Microsoft will charge $199 for Windows Vista Home Basic, or $99.95 to upgrade, with prices topping out at $399 for Vista Ultimate, or $259 to upgrade. Between …
Gavin Clarke, 06 Sep 2006
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Hasta la Vista, baby

Virus writers have created proof of concept viruses targeting the scripting language behind prototype versions of Vista, the next version of Windows. An Austrian virus writer has published five simple viruses targeting Microsoft Command Shell (MSH), the command line interface and scripting language, in a virus writing magazine. …
John Leyden, 04 Aug 2005