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VeriSign offer bounty on Vista and IE7 bugs

VeriSign's iDefense unit is offering an $8,000 bounty to researchers who discover previously undocumented vulnerabilities in either Windows Vista or IE7. The flaws need to be serious enough to allow the remote execution of malware on up-to-date installations of the targeted platforms. Bugs that only crash systems, require …
John Leyden, 11 Jan 2007
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ICANN switches off dot-word admin portal amid security leak scare

Global domain-name overlord ICANN has found another security hole in its systems. This time, confidential data on companies vying for new dot-word domains may have been snooped on by rivals logged into ICANN's catch-all portal – meaning commercially sensitive information as well as important technical details on the internet's …
Kieren McCarthy, 02 Mar 2015
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Verisign buys mobile publisher

Verisign has bought mobile content and billing company m-Qube for $250m. m-Qube works with companies such as CBS, Nickelodeon, Reuters and Public Enemy to make and distribute mobile content and charge for it. The m-Qube deal is expected to close in the second quarter of 2006 and to have no effect on earnings for the full year …
John Oates, 20 Mar 2006

VeriSign takes $160m hit to cover stock option mess up

VeriSign's chief financial officer resigned last week as the digital certificates firm announced it would take a $160m hit to cover mishandled stock option grants. The firm blames sloppy record keeping and a laissez-faire attitude to managing stock options for errors which led it to delay filing its papers with the SEC for 2006 …
John Leyden, 16 Jul 2007
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VeriSign antitrust claim against ICANN rebuffed

VeriSign has suffered a legal setback in its courtroom battles with Internet governing body ICANN over its controversial Site Finder service. Judge A. Howard Matz of the District Court in Central California this week threw VeriSign's anti-trust claim against ICANN out of court, dismissing its case with prejudice. The judge …
John Leyden, 27 Aug 2004
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VeriSign sells off NetSol

VeriSign today announced it has signed a definitive agreement to sell off the registrar and hosting business of its Network Solutions subsidiary to Pivotal Private Equity for approximately $100 million. But VeriSign will retain the registry business it obtained when it acquired Network Solutions three years ago. This business …
John Leyden, 16 Oct 2003
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VeriSign remedies massive SSL blunder (kinda, sorta)

Analysis After being publicly outed issuing web credentials that were vulnerable to attacks that could allow criminals to spoof the encryption certificates of any website on the internet, VeriSign has issued assurances it has neutralized any real-world threat. Tim Callan, vice president of VeriSign's product marketing, has said that …
Dan Goodin, 09 Jan 2009
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Crazy Frog emasculates Verisign earnings

Verisign's ill-judged adventure into ringtones took a stumble today, as the company said it would miss its Q3 earnings targets. Verisign blamed the shortfall on having to abide with regulations on mobile content in Europe: regulations it has largely provoked through its own business practices. Verisign now expects its Q3 revenue …
Andrew Orlowski, 29 Sep 2005
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VeriSign aggregates Moreover

Net infrastructure firm VeriSign yesterday acquired content aggregator Moreover Technologies in a deal valued at about $30m cash. VeriSign plans to combine Moreover's content aggregation services with its own feed technology to create a real-time aggregation platform for bloggers, publishers, enterprises and Web portals. …
John Leyden, 18 Oct 2005
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VeriSign dead cert causes net instability

The expiration of one of VeriSign's master digital certificates on Wednesday created confusion for Net users and glitches to the operation of some applications, notably Norton Anti-Virus (NAV). After the cert VeriSign used to sign other certs expired, the chain of trust was broken, leaving some aps unable to set up a secure …
John Leyden, 10 Jan 2004
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Verisign granted DNS lookup patent

Verisign has been granted a patent protecting the lookup of domain names. The patent protects the act of performing several look-ups at once, or "performing a multitude of searches simultaneously, transparent to the user. "Specifically, the improved query server searches for an existing domain name records in various domains …
Andrew Orlowski, 15 May 2003
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VeriSign will ship two-factor authentication for debit cards

VeriSign has announced plans to integrate two-factor authentication technology into ATM and credit cards, a move that would give customers significantly more protection against scammers without requiring them to go through the hassle or expense of using a stand-alone security token. The move will allow debit and credit cards to …
Dan Goodin, 01 May 2007
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VeriSign unveils flash new site seal

VeriSign today unveiled a redesign of its ubiquitous Trust Mark seal symbol. Instead of a static GIF image, the new Trust Mark features a Flash-based animated design to make it more recognizable online. By clicking on the new VeriSign Trust Mark, consumers can verify a business's legal name, determine the validity period for …
John Leyden, 04 Nov 2003
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VeriSign wins back .net registry

VeriSign has won the battle over the .net registry, reclaiming the five million Internet domains as its own. The decision announced late last night by ICANN will see it and the monster company "promptly enter negotiations... to reach a mutually acceptable registry agreement". The approval follows an independent evaluation by …
Kieren McCarthy, 29 Mar 2005

Here they come: Dot-word warehouse Donuts to launch new top-level domains this week

Upstart domain registry Donuts has announced that its first seven new global top-level domains (gTLDs) will be made available to the public on Wednesday, with more to come throughout the year. "This is a unique opportunity for businesses, brands, organizations, and individuals to find an online identity that speaks precisely …
Neil McAllister, 28 Jan 2014
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This is what happens when a judge in New York orders an e-hit on a Chinese software biz

Analysis A New York court has tried to knock DVD ripping software biz Fengtao offline by issuing an injunction against its domain names, social networking accounts and online payment systems. Judge Vernon Broderick ordered [PDF] that dozens of domain names including,,,,, …
Kieren McCarthy, 24 Mar 2015
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VeriSign snags RFID tag deal

VeriSign has snagged the tag contract, to manage a key component of a Net trading systems for consumer products identified by radio-frequency identification tags. Standards organization EPCglobal has asked VeriSign to manage the root directory for its EPCglobal trading network. The EPCglobal network will use Radio Frequency …
John Leyden, 13 Jan 2004
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VeriSign bows to ICANN, suspends Net Grab

VeriSign has responded to a deadline from Internet quango ICANN and today suspended its SiteFinder service. SiteFinder redirected DNS wildcards, such as misspelled URLs, to Verisign's own website, a practice which breaches time-honored Internet behavior. The move broke many spam filters and in its brief life - it was launched on …
Andrew Orlowski, 03 Oct 2003
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VeriSign enters MMS market with Lightsurf buy

VeriSign is to buy LightSurf Technologies, the privately-held mobile-phone photography firm, for $270m in stock. The deal will enable VeriSign to offer multimedia messaging capabilities and interoperability services to carriers. VeriSign already sells a number of security and Domain Name System (DNS) services to carriers, but …
John Leyden, 11 Jan 2005
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VeriSign lied in ICANN race case

A Virginia court has ordered a retrial in the case of VeriSign's ICANN point man, who was dismissed by VeriSign in February 2001. In January a Virginia court ruled in favor of VeriSign in an unfair dismissal case brought by the former Network Solutions employee, Michael Johnson, who served as Director of Internet Relations. …
Andrew Orlowski, 29 Jul 2002
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Verisign Scrooges envisage £4.86bn festive forfeit

Online retailers have rubbished claims from the security industry they stand to miss out on billions of pounds of trade this Christmas because of lingering public mistrust in internet transactions. According to Verisign's 2006 online shopping research, 54 per cent of UK consumers have abandoned a transaction because of security …
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ICANN urges VeriSign to suspend SiteFinder

Net governing body ICANN has called on VeriSign to "voluntarily suspend" Site Finder amid renewed concerns that the web typo replacement service could undermine key Net standards. Last week VeriSign deployed a "wildcard" service into the .com and .net Top Level Domain zones. This VeriSign wildcard redirects traffic that would …
John Leyden, 22 Sep 2003
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Boffins plot global (browser) cookie crumb trail

Privacy laws covering the use of personally-identifiable information are, on a global scale, creating a dizzying patchwork of cookie-cutter cookie-serving companies created to sniff our Web browsing. That's one conclusion of research led by Marjan Falahrastegar at Queen Mary University, London. The group, which included …
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VeriSign settles slamming charge with BulkRegister

ComputerWire: IT Industry Intelligence BulkRegister Inc and VeriSign Inc said yesterday they have settled a false advertising lawsuit that helped spark a US Federal Trade Commission investigation into a VeriSign marketing campaign that ended in May. Terms were not disclosed, but it seems likely VeriSign will part with some …
ComputerWire, 08 Aug 2002
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VeriSign given control of .net until 2011

ICANN has finally voted in favour of giving VeriSign control of the .net registry for the next six years. The Board handed back control of the registry on Tuesday at the third special meeting in a month called to sort out what has become a highly controversial issue. The decision was announced late yesterday - 36 hours after …
Kieren McCarthy, 09 Jun 2005

George.Best walks into a, spots a bearded dwarf sysadmin and thinks:

Nearly 10 million locked-away domain names will be set free and go on sale over the next two months. But before you get excited, take a look at a list of them – beware, it's a huge CSV file. Among the very occasional gems like, or, there are literally millions of utterly worthless domains like …
Kieren McCarthy, 21 Nov 2014

Confusion, fear and growing pains: ICANN bigwig spells out gTLD headaches

It's not easy being global DNS overseer ICANN right now. The addition of hundreds of new generic top-level domains – gTLDs from .book to .ninja – has been an operational headache; the transition of the key IANA contract is put it under an unfavorable spotlight; and a recent hack of its staff admin systems has raised questions …
Kieren McCarthy, 13 Jan 2015

How does the US government run the internet? This is how

The US government has posted a step-by-step guide to how it authorizes changes to the internet's root zone – the heart of the world's domain-name system. The 16-page slide deck [PDF] published by the Department of Commerce's National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) sheds light on what has been a …
Kieren McCarthy, 16 Dec 2014
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Verisign buys .tv rights for $45m

Verisign is tightening its grip on the wacky world of domain registration with the $45m cash purchase of the rights to flog .tv names from existing rights holder .tv Corp international. Verisign maintains the directory of approx. 30 million .com, .net, and .org addresses. With .tv, the Net country code for Tuvalu, under its …
Drew Cullen, 07 Jan 2002
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DEATH TO TCP/IP cry Cisco, Intel, US gov and boffins galore

The US National Science Foundation, Cisco, Verisign, Panasonic and boffins from around the world have thrown their weight behind a new “Named Data Networking Consortium” that aims to develop “a practically deployable set of protocols replacing TCP/IP that increases network trustworthiness and security, addresses the growing …
Simon Sharwood, 05 Sep 2014
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Registrars urge rejection of VeriSign's .com deal

Nineteen internet companies, including Network Solutions, have asked ICANN’s Board of Directors to reconsider a controversial agreement giving VeriSign control of the .com top-level domain until 2012. Domain name registrar GoDaddy has also petitioned the US Department of Commerce, which has yet to approve the agreement, asking …
OUT-LAW.COM, 16 Mar 2006
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VeriSign builds $1bn internet security Titan

RSA Verisign will spend $1bn during the next three years beefing up its internet infrastructure following this week's high-profile root server attack. Verisign, the company managing .com and .net addresses, today announced Project Titan will drastically increase its server and bandwidth capacity to offset attacks as millions of …
Gavin Clarke, 09 Feb 2007
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VeriSign's Site Finder is undead

VeriSign is to relaunch Site Finder, its highly controversial domain typo redirection service. VeriSign suspended Site Finder earlier this month, following an order from ICANN, the Net governing body, which claimed the company was in breach of its terms of operation. Site Finder was launched in September when VeriSign applied …
John Leyden, 16 Oct 2003
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FTC probes VeriSign over slamming claims

ComputerWire: IT Industry Intelligence The US Federal Trade Commission is investigating a recent VeriSign Inc domain name marketing campaign, following allegations from competitors that it constituted deceptive business practices, a spokesperson for the company confirmed yesterday. "We've been asked by the FTC not to comment …
ComputerWire, 07 Aug 2002

Verisign backs Vista security green streak

The Mozilla Foundation risks losing the browser battle if it fails to keep up with Microsoft by incorporating new security technology into Firefox, a Verisign exec has claimed. According to Verisign product marketing director Tim Callan, the "loose collection of technoanarchists" which make up the open source development …
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Office, IE, Flash fixes accompany Windows XP's final Patch Tuesday

Microsoft has released patches for critical security vulnerabilities in Word and Internet Explorer on what is to be the final Patch Tuesday update for Windows XP systems. The April edition of the monthly security update contains four bulletins that address a total of 11 vulnerabilities in various Microsoft products. Two of the …
Shaun Nichols, 08 Apr 2014
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VeriSign misses trial deadline

Domain registration giant VeriSign has missed a deadline to ask a federal appeals court to reconsider a landmark decision in the case, which established that Internet domain names are subject to state property law. Last month, Gary Kremen, rightful owner of the domain name, won the right to sue VeriSign- …
John Leyden, 20 Aug 2003
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VeriSign slammed for domain renewal scam

VeriSign has been rapped over the knuckles by the FTC for its calculated attempt to steal domains from competitors - a practice called "slamming". However in a ruling by the government arm, VeriSign was found not to have broken the law and so avoided a hefty fine. It has however been barred from suggesting that someone’s domain …
Kieren McCarthy, 25 Sep 2003
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VeriSign stands firm on Site Finder

VeriSign is refusing to back down in the increasingly acrimonious row over its controversial Site Finder redirection service. Last week, Net governing body ICANN called on VeriSign to "voluntarily suspend" Site Finder amid concerns that the service conflicts with key Net technical standards. Site Finder was launched last week …
John Leyden, 23 Sep 2003
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MemSQL bods develop new transaction: $35m now in-pocket

The in-memory former-Facebook database jockeys at MemSQL have taken in $35m in valley lucre. The series-B funding round was announced on Wednesday and saw Accel Partners lead an investment round in the database technology. MemSQL's in-memory database is designed to run on scale-out commodity hardware, and pulls off various …
Jack Clark, 23 Jan 2014
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VeriSign: illiterate ramblings

VeriSign's [VRSN] controversial Site Finder service, launched last week, has helped VeriSign become one of the top ten websites in terms of user numbers. However, industry estimates of how much revenue it could generate from this service seem to be overly optimistic - unless VeriSign is planning to make some modifications. …
Datamonitor, 25 Sep 2003
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Web crams down 7 MEEELLION more domain names

The number of registered domain names on the internet increased by 7.5 million to stand at 233 million in the first quarter of the year. That's according to Verisign, which found that the web address universe grew 11 per cent year-on-year and 3.3 per cent sequentially in Q1. The mega-registry's own mountain of .com and .net …
Kevin Murphy, 16 Jul 2012
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Verisign backlash gathers force

The backlash against Verisign's controversial decision to direct users who get lost on the Web to a search engine site run by the company is gaining momentum. Net users have set up an online petition to protest the move, which critics say is an abuse of Verisign's role as steward of the .com and .net top level domains and a …
John Leyden, 19 Sep 2003
The Register breaking news could cost VeriSign $100m, says suit

ComputerWire: IT Industry Intelligence Sex.Com, the disputed adult web portal currently owned by Grant Media LLC, said it is a step closer to a ruling on whether it can claim damages from VeriSign Inc for alleged negligence in the transfer of the domain name to another party. The company said in a statement Thursday …
ComputerWire, 20 Jan 2003
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VeriSign and ICANN strike monster net deal

VeriSign has dropped all its lawsuits against internet overseeing organisation ICANN, agreed to hand over ownership of the root zone, and in return been awarded control of all dotcoms until 2012. The agreement is a huge boost to ICANN, dragged down by the lawsuits and fighting for autonomy against both the US government and the …
Kieren McCarthy, 25 Oct 2005
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Intel selects Verisign for mobile security

ComputerWire: IT Industry Intelligence VeriSign Inc has secured itself a place at the heart of Intel Corp's mobile strategy with a deal to embed its technology in the chip giant's next generation notebook processor. Under the deal, announced at the chip vendor's developer forum in San Jose yesterday, VeriSign will optimize …
ComputerWire, 11 Sep 2002
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RSA and Verisign beat SSL patent infringement rap

An American jury has rejected claims by a retired Florida engineer that RSA Security and VeriSign infringed his encryption patent. In a February 2001 patent infringement lawsuit, Leon Stambler contended that products marketed by RSA Security that use SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) version 3.0, infringed three of his patents. SSL …
John Leyden, 14 Mar 2003
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ICANN mulls over Verisign land grab

ComputerWire logo A service for resolving so-called internationalized domain names (IDNs) introduced by VeriSign Inc last Firday has drawn the attention of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, which has certain powers over the internet's domain name system. ICANN said it became aware of "expressions of …
ComputerWire, 07 Jan 2003
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ICANN approves VeriSign's .com monopoly

It appears that VeriSign is going to control the .com registry for all eternity following a decision by ICANN Monday which guarantees it ownership until November 2007, and sweetens the pot with an option to renew for four years thereafter. VeriSign will retain rights to the .org registry through 2002, and .net through 2005. …
Thomas C Greene, 03 Apr 2001
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BIND developer blocks Verisign Net grab move

The developer of the technology used to direct surfers on the Web has announced it is developing a workaround designed to stop users who mistype URLs ending up at VeriSign's new search site. The Internet Software Consortium, the nonprofit body that develops the ubiquitous BIND domain name server, is adapting its software so …
John Leyden, 17 Sep 2003