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Ada Lovelace

Despite best efforts, fewer and fewer women are working in tech

Women are still losing ground in the computer science and IT fields, despite corporate pledges to improve gender diversity in their ranks. This according to research carried out by Accenture and Girls Who Code, which found the overall percentage of women in computing jobs is set to decline in the coming years from 24 to 20 per …
Shaun Nichols, 20 Oct 2016
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Twitter hunts app-making, security-boosting techies

Twitter is looking to hire engineers that will enable it to develop revenue-generating services and improve its security. The popular micro-blogging site is advertising for 27 positions which, if filed, would expand its headcount by approximately 20 per cent. Engineering and software developer functions account for around 20 of …
John Leyden, 12 Jan 2010
Dead face

Serco sharpens the IT guillotine

Government services firm Serco is looking to cut up to 500 jobs from its IT division, with satellite offices and its Birmingham HQ all likely to be hit. Serco bought ITNet in 2004 and has contracts with the RAF and several local authorities. A spokesman for the firm confirmed to The Register that restructuring meant jobs …
John Oates, 04 Jul 2008
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Al-Qaeda seeks geek fanatics for Jihoo!

It's official: the days of Ozzie bin Laden promotional vids featuring the fun-loving al-Qaeda big cheese holding forth at length to some antiquated VHS camcorder while lovingly fingering his AK-47 are well and truly over. Yup, the terror organisation has now, according to this chilling report, upped its game to the point where …
Lester Haines, 14 Mar 2008
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Are you a bored web techie? Join al-Qaeda

You won't find the ads down at your local job centre, but al-Qaeda is recruiting web techies for its fast-growing international internet propaganda operation. According to Reuters, the fun-loving organisation has published web adverts "asking for supporters to help put together its Web statements and video montages", or more …
Lester Haines, 07 Oct 2005
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Insight UK hits back at ‘jobs on the rocks’ claim

Insight UK - part of the giant US-based IT reseller Insight Enterprises, Inc - has hit back at a report that a Government-backed deal to bring more than 1,700 new jobs to Sheffield is "heading for the rocks". Earlier this week, a Sheffield newspaper, The Star, reported that Insight UK was "not meeting its job creation targets …
Tim Richardson, 29 Jan 2004
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Nominet names electoral candidates

Nominet has just released full details of the people standing for the four vacant positions on its Public Advisory Board. There are seven of them (down from 13 last time), six of which we told you about on Friday. They are: Adam Beaumont, Clive Feather, Peter Gradwell, Angus Hanton, Sebastien Lahtinen, Hazel Pegg and Frank …
Kieren McCarthy, 10 Feb 2003
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Election fever grips UK domain registry

UK domain registry Nominet will announce the people standing for the four vacant positions on its Policy Advisory Board (PAB) on Monday. Why is this of interest? Because the PAB is the link between everyday Internet users and Nominet's Council of Management that decides what it going to happen with the Internet in the UK. The …
Kieren McCarthy, 07 Feb 2003