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You've heard of the internet, right? Well this here might just be the INTERCLOUD

Equinix has removed one of the most intractable stumbling blocks in cloud computing's evolution from a high-price, differentiated market into one of low-cost utilities – by making it trivial for customers to suck data out of one provider and pour it into another. The colocation provider announced its Cloud Exchange service on …
Jack Clark, 30 Apr 2014
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Utilities turn in blacklisted carbon emission credits

More prominent power generation outfits have surrendered stolen carbon emission permits after realising that they had inadvertently purchased illicit goods. German utility Eon and Frankfurt-based infrastructure provider Infraserv turned in a collective total of 27,100 blacklisted EUAs (EU Emission Allowances). The certificates …
John Leyden, 27 May 2011
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Cisco, IBM plant feet further into smart grid sector

Cisco and IBM intend to champion America's "smart grid" gold rush, a market flush with billions of dollars in grants conjured by the US government to modernize and secure the country's dated energy infrastructure. Both their plans involve wooing as many partners as possible until their respective kit and services are adopted …
Austin Modine, 18 Sep 2009
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Renta-cloud storage service launches itself at UK SMBs

Can't afford to buy a car? Then hire one as needed. That's the ThinkGrid cloud storage pitch in a nutshell. It's offering it to small and medium businesses (SMBs) that can't afford their own disaster recovery storage. The idea is to ship encrypted files over the network to ThinkGrid's MezeoCloud storage platform and use this …
Chris Mellor, 25 Jun 2009

Sun pitches new cloud as 'Open Platform'

As part of its roll-out of the Sun Cloud this morning at the CommunityOne East developer event in New York, the executives in charge of the developer community and cloud efforts at Sun Microsystems provided a little more detail on how it will be promoting not only its own public cloud, but APIs and management tools that will …
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Hutton robs forces, pours MoD cash into UK arms biz

Analysis A long-awaited announcement regarding the British forces' ongoing equipment programme has just been made by Defence Minister John Hutton. As had been expected, Mr Hutton has decided to pour cash into the lame-duck UK helicopter industry and to postpone spending on the Royal Navy's planned aircraft carriers. He has also decided …
Lewis Page, 11 Dec 2008

Sun girds its grid for cloud business spin out

Exclusive Sun Microsystems' utility computing operation is being turned into a separate cloud business unit lead by Sun's chief sustainability officer Dave Douglas. The Reg has learned Douglas will run, which provides hosted applications, servers and storage charged on a per-use basis, and will report directly to Sun chief …
Gavin Clarke, 31 Jul 2008

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