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Terry Pratchett computer sniper-scope: Spec-ops mini version

Famous Pentagon boffinry powerhouse DARPA has made a new announcement on its "One Shot" programme, which ensures that a million-to-one shot will – as on Terry Pratchett's Discworld* – hit the target nine (well, six) times out of 10. Boatswain's Mate 3rd Class Todd Hubert - and his spotter, Seaman Chad Luck - of the US Navy …
Lewis Page, 24 Nov 2011
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US Special Ops robot whispercopter crashes in Belize

Tests by the US special forces of a radical, new-technology robot helicopter equipped with a radar intended to penetrate jungle canopies from above, have been terminated after a trials aircraft crashed in Belize. The A160T unmanned helicopter equipped with FORESTER radar. Credit: Boeing If the imperial stormtroopers had had …
Lewis Page, 13 Sep 2010

Thieves steal 3,000 laptops from US Special Ops contractor

Thieves lifted 3,000 laptops from a military contractor for the US Special Operations Command in a leisurely nine-hour robbery back in March, it has emerged. According to the St Petersburg Times the brazen bandits loaded a brace of trucks with the lappies and a pile of other kit in the robbery at the offices of US contractor …
Joe Fay, 14 Jul 2010
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New airlock mini-sub for US Navy SEAL 'operations'

The US Navy SEALs, America's secretive frogman-commando elite, are to get a new and enlarged pocket submarine which will allow them to travel most of the way to an objective inside in the dry and then exit through an airlock before swimming on for their final approach. Navy Swimmer Delivery Vehicle Ordinary "wet" SDV mini- …
Lewis Page, 11 Feb 2010
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Aerial laser gunboat 'burns hole in fender' of moving car

The Advanced Tactical Laser (ATL) ray-cannon, mounted in a specially-equipped Hercules transport plane flying above New Mexico, has now succeeded in "putting a hole in the fender" of a ground vehicle driving along beneath it. The not particularly awesome result was announced by Boeing, maker of the ATL, yesterday. "In …
Lewis Page, 14 Oct 2009
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US Spec Ops operates psywar websites targeted at UK

The secretive US Special Operations Command (SOCOM) has awarded arms globocorp General Dynamics a $10m contract to set up a network of psychological-warfare "influence websites" supporting the Global War On Terror. France and Britain are specifically included as "targeted regions". SOCOM is principally famous for its large …
Lewis Page, 16 Sep 2009
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Secret US robo whispercopters head to 'undisclosed location'

The US Special Operations Command - SOCOM, America's secret military elite - is to double its fleet of robot whispercopters in coming years, according to reports. It has also been revealed that eight of the high tech droid kill-choppers will soon go operational as surveillance craft at "an undisclosed location" overseas. The …
Lewis Page, 06 May 2009
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New Navy SEAL minisub's IT-system specs released

The secretive US Special Operations Command (SOCOM) has revealed the data-handling features it would like to see on its planned new fleet of mini submarines for use by elite US Navy frogman-commandos. At the moment, the famous yet hush-hush Navy SEALs use the Swimmer Delivery Vehicle (SDV) Mark 8 Mod 1, a large electrically- …
Lewis Page, 10 Apr 2009
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Spaceborne-forces planners meet with orbital joyride firms

Pentagon space warfare planners want to work with the nascent private space-joyride industry, according to reports. Ambitious US Marine plans to fire a few good men round the world on the same timescale as nuclear warheads have been scaled back, and might instead involve shorter one-way trips using variant Virgin Galactic …
Lewis Page, 24 Feb 2009
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DARPA wargamer calls for US X-Men superplane fleet

A prominent US wargames and military crazytech expert has called for the Obama administration to build a large fleet of X-Men style stealth transport planes, able to deliver America's secret elite forces anywhere in the world regardless of the local government's wishes. Robert Martinage, a senior wonk at the CSBA thinktank in …
Lewis Page, 21 Nov 2008
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US spec-ops get robot whispercopter kill fleet this month

The US Special Operations Command (SOCOM) secret military forces are receiving their first robotic whisper-mode helicopters, according to reports. The plan is for the you-never-saw-us-we-aren't-even-here brigade to receive a ten-strong fleet of Boeing A160T "Hummingbird" droid kill-choppers, under an extended demonstration …
Lewis Page, 11 Nov 2008
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Laser raygun plane gets $30m 'extended evaluation'

US arms goliath Boeing is pleased to announce it has been awarded an extra $30m by the US Air Force to keep its Advanced Tactical Laser (ATL) raygun aeroplane in operation, following the original "technology demonstration" deal under which it was built. However, the technology appears yet to be demonstrated, as no inflight …
Lewis Page, 15 Oct 2008
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iRobot buys underwater minisub-droid firm

iRobot Corp, famed as the manufacturer of the "Roomba" autonomous floor-cleaner, has bought underwater robot maker Nekton Research - suppliers of droid submarines to the US military. “We believe that the underwater market is the next frontier for robots,” said Helen Greiner, iRobot co-founder. “This acquisition positions us …
Lewis Page, 08 Sep 2008
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Aerovironment sells hurl 'n' splash roboplane to US spec-ops

The US Special Operations Command, SOCOM - aka the "snake eater community"* - has just placed a new order for hand-launched aerial surveillance robots which could be worth up to $200m and see hundreds of portable drones delivered. The potentially very lucky company is Aerovironment, already well known for such projects as the …
Lewis Page, 08 Jul 2008
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Boeing: Black's the new black for black-helicopter projects

US aerospace colossus Boeing has revealed plans for its unmanned whisper-mode stealth helicopter, the A160T, to return to flight following a recent crash. The revolutionary, groundbreaking aircraft (cough) pranged itself during test flights last year, but Boeing believes that the software problems leading to the crash have been …
Lewis Page, 01 Apr 2008
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US Special Ops buys hydrogen droid strato-comms tech

The US Special Operations Command (SOCOM) has decided to buy a hydrogen-fuelled robot plane which can cruise at 60,000 feet or more for five days at a time. The cost-plus deal allocates $57m for an initial "Global Observer" drone, with options for an additional two aircraft which could take the total value to $108m. SOCOM …
Lewis Page, 02 Oct 2007

Dell provides software assurance to Special Ops Command

Dell continues to be a favoured software licencing and assurance contractor for the US Special Operations Command (SOCOM). The Department of Defence announced on 29 June that Dell would receive a $17,865,560.23 contract modification for "renewal of software assurance for software that currently has a license and software …
Lewis Page, 03 Jul 2007
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Special-forces robot whisper-copter enters flight test

Flight tests of a revolutionary new robot helicopter have begun, according to the maker, US Aerospace giant Boeing. Of course, robot helicopters are nothing new. Remotely-piloted types have been possible for decades, and in recent years various craft have emerged which can fly pre-planned routes and even land themselves without …
Lewis Page, 18 Jun 2007
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TV's cyber-jihad slot exposes al Qaeda's web ops. Or not

Analysis Depressing evidence that the US news big deals have jumped the rails flows daily in the war on terror. Take 60 Minutes' recent special on "" Reported by Scott Pelley and produced by Harry Radcliffe, the 800lb gorilla of US journalism led with the tired story of al Qaeda in cyberspace. It was so poor one could easily …