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'GCHQ's surveillance data gulp is BULKY and WARRANTLESS', human rights groups moan

Britain's spooks routinely rummage through reams of intelligence data from the NSA and other foreign spy agencies without first having to request a warrant, it has been claimed. According to the human rights groups that brought the UK's snooping agency GCHQ to court in July this year, secret internal policies unveiled during a …
Kelly Fiveash, 29 Oct 2014

2e2 staffers get day in court over unpaid pre-meltdown wages

Hundreds of former 2e2 UK employees will be told just days before Christmas at a Reading tribunal whether wages owed to them will be paid in full or not. There are some 356 claimants of 2e2 UK Ltd, Oakley Capital Ltd, Daisy Data Centre and Telefonica, a clerk at Reading tribunal told The Channel. The hearing date has been set …
Paul Kunert, 24 Sep 2013

Former staffers of titsup Brit IT giant 2e2 haul administrator to court over pay

A group of former 2e2 staff are set to discover next week at an employment tribunal how successful they've been in efforts to recover monies they claim are owed to them by administrator FTI Consulting. The 200-strong bunch will have their case heard in Reading on 17 September under the representation of Jenny Andrews at …
Paul Kunert, 11 Sep 2013
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Ruling: Gov reports into ID scheme must be disclosed

The Information Tribunal has ruled that Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests for internal government reports into the cost-effectiveness and feasibility of the planned National ID Card scheme should be granted. The reports in question, thought to be critical of the ID scheme, have thus far been withheld. In a decision …
Lewis Page, 20 Feb 2009
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Police told: Delete old criminal records

The Information Tribunal has told five police forces to remove old, minor criminal records from their databases. Some of the cases date back 30 years. They include a person under 18 who was fined £15 for stealing a 99p packet of meat in 1984; a girl under 14 cautioned for a minor assault who was told her record would not be …
John Oates, 22 Jul 2008
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Info chief to clamp down on silly FOI requests

Information Commissioner Richard Thomas is to announce plans to deter vexatious requests made under the Freedom of Information Act. At a conference in London, he will say that such cases can waste public money and jeopardise the reputation of the Act. Speaking on BBC Radio Four's Today progamme, Thomas said that examples were …
Kablenet, 25 May 2007
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OGC claims e-auction success

The Office of Government Commerce (OGC) has reported that a group of councils and NHS trusts saved almost 50 per cent of the previous cost of IT hardware in an electronic auction. The 14 local authorities and six health trusts spent £6.9m on six lots benchmarked at £13.7m in an auction taking place on 10 May. It was the …
Kablenet, 15 May 2007
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Minister defends UK government reforms

Cabinet Office minister Pat McFadden has said the growth of online public services will not discriminate against those without access to the internet. McFadden made the assertion at a hearing of the Commons' Public Administration Committee on making public services responsive to people yesterday. He told the MPs that the …
Kablenet, 11 May 2007

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