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Bankrupt Bitcoin bunker blender begins: MtGox admin starts liquefaction

The Tokyo District Court-appointed administrator for MtGox has begun formal proceedings to liquify the collapsed Bitcoin exchange. In a letter published on the bankrupt biz's website, lawyer Nobuaki Kobayashi confirmed he will "administer and dispose of the assets" of MtGox. "[I] will implement the bankruptcy proceedings, in …
Jasper Hamill, 24 Apr 2014
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Sueball-happy patent biz slaps lawsuits on FOURTEEN tech firms

Seven electronics companies have been caught in the sights of a massive patent infringement lawsuit from Optical Devices, which is currently attempting to get a ban on the import of devices using the allegedly infringing tech from the ITC. These include everything from storage devices and servers to TVs, console gaming systems …
Chris Mellor, 23 Oct 2013
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Yahoo! boss! boots! out! CFO! and! Google! kisses! up! for! future! search! deal!

It's easy for Google chairman Eric Schmidt to be playful about a future search deal with Yahoo! now that ex-Chocolate Factory Golden Girl Marissa Mayer is at the helm of the Purple Palace. Schmidt apparently hinted at just such a search pact on Tuesday. At present, Yahoo!'s search is powered by Microsoft's Bing – but there's …
Kelly Fiveash, 26 Sep 2012
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Steve Ballmer window-dresses Windows 8

Microsoft chief Steve Ballmer confirmed yesterday that the company's "next generation of Windows systems" will be released in 2012. Interestingly, Ballmer also acknowledged the Windows 8 name, which up to now has been batted aside by Microsoft flacks, who have been keen to keep details about Redmond's next OS off the news …
Kelly Fiveash, 24 May 2011
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Leaked US cables finger Chinese army hackers for cyber-spying

Leaked US diplomatic cables have provided some of the first hard evidence that the US is engaged in a heated cyberespionage battle with China, a conflict diplomats reckon is showing few signs of cooling off. Diplomatic cables, obtained by WikiLeaks and released to the media by a third party last week, trace a series of …
John Leyden, 18 Apr 2011
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Bloated US patent holder sues 9 tech companies

An Intellectual Property-gathering outfit founded by ex-Microsoft CTO Nathan Myhrvold has thrown a patent infringement sueball at nine tech companies. Intellectual Ventures filed a lawsuit against three semiconductor vendors - Altera Corp, Microsemi Corp and Lattice Semiconductor Corp - in the US District Court of Delaware. …
Kelly Fiveash, 09 Dec 2010
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Big Blue shares cloudy thinking with developers+dog

If there was an index for how many times a vendor hops onto a new buzzword and tried to slap it on every product in their catalog, then it is probably safe to say that IBM would be the most actively traded stock on the Cloud Computing Exchange. Today, as part of its ongoing effort to explain what cloud computing is and why we …
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Trend Micro's CEO says 'AV industry sucks'

Interview Trend Micro’s CEO threw down the gauntlet to her competitors last week, proclaiming that hackers are ahead of the game and that the anti-virus industry “sucks”. Chief exec Eva Chen, who co-founded the Tokyo, Japan headquartered-firm in 1988 with Steve Chang, announced last Wednesday a radical shift in business strategy for …
Kelly Fiveash, 22 Jun 2008
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John Lennon's specs provoke online bidding frenzy

A pair of John Lennon's trademark specs, given by the Beatle to a Japanese TV producer back in 1966 and up for sale on, have reportedly attracted bids as high as $1.5m, Reuters reports. John Lennon's specs as seen on The wire-framed glasses came into the possession of Junishi Yore when he was acting as …
Lester Haines, 17 Jul 2007

Socket to me VIA

VIA’s Mini-ITX EPIA PN motherboard has been spotted on sale in Tokyo, Japan and while two versions use a VIA C7-M processor (choice of 1.5GHz or 1.8GHz if you really want to know), the third version has a 479-pin processor socket. Combine that with the VN800+VT8237R chipset combo and it’s a safe bet that the PN supports the …
Leo Waldock, 05 Sep 2006
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Vodafone to offer in-flight Wi-Fi

Vodafone has agreed to allow its mobile data customers to use Boeing's Connexion in-flight Wi-Fi service, the mobile phone network said last week. The deal is essentially a classic roaming arrangement, with Connexion's airborne access points operating like any terrestrial hotspot to connect a Wi-Fi enabled notebook to the …
Tony Smith, 13 Dec 2004

Oracle ships 10g application server for grids

Oracle has announced the availability of its 10g application server for grid computing, first launched with great fanfare in September. Application Server 10g uses workload management techniques to share loads across large numbers of processors in a grid configuration. The server is accompanied by software tools designed to …
News IS, 12 Dec 2003
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Mitsubishi mulls outsourcing PC Servers to NEC

ComputerWire: IT Industry Intelligence Japanese electronics conglomerate Mitsubishi Electric Corp is in talks with NEC Corp about outsourcing the manufacture of its PC server line, according to the Nihon Keizai Shimbun. The Japanese newspaper reports that Tokyo, Japan-based Mitsubishi will outsource the production of its PC …
ComputerWire, 29 Jan 2003
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Sharp piggybacks WLAN for PDA voice service

ComputerWire: IT Industry Intelligence Sharp Corp is launching a commercial wireless LAN (WLAN)-based IP telephone service in Japan. The Tokyo, Japan-based electronics giant plans to use 300 public WLANs owned by NTT DoCoMo Inc for the service. It will be offered on a free trial basis to 1,000 owners of its Linux-powered …
ComputerWire, 18 Dec 2002
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Sony bundles StarOffice for Europe

ComputerWire: IT Industry Intelligence Sony Corp's European information technology arm is the latest hardware vendor to move away from Microsoft Corp's office application suite, and has adopted Sun Microsystems Inc's StarOffice software for select PC models across Europe. The Tokyo, Japan-based company has already adopted …
ComputerWire, 09 Dec 2002
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DoCoMo scales down 3G target as income slumps

ComputerWire: IT Industry Intelligence NTT DoCoMo Inc expects to have only 320,000 subscribers for its 3G services by the end of its current financial year, and has abandoned its original optimistic forecasts that it would have 1,380,000 users by that date. The downgrading of targets by the Tokyo, Japan-based mobile …
ComputerWire, 21 Nov 2002

NEC unveils fault-tolerant Linux server

ComputerWire: IT Industry Intelligence NEC Corp has announced the European release of its first fault-tolerant Linux server, the Express5800/320La, which has been developed in conjunction with fault tolerant server specialist Stratus Technologies Inc. Tokyo, Japan-based NEC's two-way Intel Corp processor-based dual redundancy …
ComputerWire, 06 Nov 2002
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Trend Micro guarantees Virus Response

ComputerWire: IT Industry Intelligence Trend Micro Inc is claiming to be the first anti-virus vendor to offer a virus response service level agreement to business customers. With the introduction of its SLA offering, the Tokyo, Japan-based company is offering a financial payment to customers if it fails to meet a two-hour …
ComputerWire, 08 Oct 2002
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DoCoMo writes off $4.7bn overseas

ComputerWire: IT Industry Intelligence A massive slide in the value of mobile carriers has forced NTT DoCoMo Inc to write JPY 573bn ($4.7bn) off the value of three of its major overseas investments. The move comes at a bad time for the Tokyo, Japan-based carrier as the costly consequences of its expansion into world markets …
ComputerWire, 03 Oct 2002
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Microsoft wins Legend Tablet PC deal

ComputerWire: IT Industry Intelligence Microsoft Corp hopes its up-coming Tablet PC will make a splash in China, having signed a deal with dominant manufacturer the Legend Group Ltd. Redmond, Washington-based Microsoft is reported to have signed a deal with Beijing, China-based Legend Group, which Microsoft called China's …
ComputerWire, 13 Sep 2002
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TurboLinux distro business sold, PowerCockpit retained

ComputerWire: IT Industry Intelligence Turbolinux Inc has become the latest company to exit the Linux business after selling its Linux distribution interests to Japanese software house Software Research Associates Inc. The company has retained its proprietary PowerCockpit server provisioning software, around which it is …
ComputerWire, 22 Aug 2002
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i-Mode comes to Spain

NTT DoCoMo Inc spread its i-mode tentacles ever further yesterday with the announcement of a tie-up with Telefonica Moviles SA that will see the wireless internet service launched in Spain in the first half of 2003. Tokyo, Japan-based DoCoMo will provide its i-mode patents and technical know-how to the Spanish mobile giant's …
ComputerWire, 25 Jul 2002
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DoCoMo admits wireless pix overcharging

ComputerWire: IT Industry Intelligence NTT DoCoMo Inc has admitted overcharging subscribers to its photo messaging service by almost $350,000 in the last six weeks, after experiencing connection problems to its servers. The Tokyo, Japan-based mobile operator said the problem with its i-shot service resulted from dropped …
ComputerWire, 23 Jul 2002
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Fujitsu plans cuts, predicts two more years to recovery

ComputerWire: IT Industry Intelligence Fujitsu Ltd is planning job cuts and believes that the market will not recover for another two years. The Tokyo, Japan-based computer giant said the WorldCom scandal and concerns over the US economy, will almost certainly mean further restructuring this year, despite the fact that its …
ComputerWire, 12 Jul 2002
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NEC UK sets up data storage division

ComputerWire: IT Industry Intelligence NEC Corp has announced the launch of a new Data Storage Division that will sell a range of items of its own manufacture through channel partners in the UK. The UK arm of the Tokyo, Japan-based company will sell a range of hardware products through its Data Division. It will concentrate …
ComputerWire, 05 Jul 2002
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Toshiba Chases HP iPaq Lead

ComputerWire: IT Industry Intelligence By its own admission, Toshiba Corp is today only a "blip on the radar" of PDA market leaders Hewlett-Packard Co and Palm Inc, but its latest range is intended to catapult it into contention by embracing growing corporate demand for wireless handheld devices. The Tokyo, Japan-based …
ComputerWire, 18 Jun 2002
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Trend Micro strengthens hybrid worm defences

ComputerWire: IT Industry Intelligence Anti-virus vendor Trend Micro Inc is expanding its software and services portfolio on order to respond to hybrid worms and malicious code attacks such as Nimda. The company currently offers pattern file responses and scanning to enable customers to respond to malicious attacks, but it is …
ComputerWire, 22 May 2002
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Toshiba and MIPS partner for next-Generation RISC

ComputerWire: IT Industry Intelligence Toshiba Corp and MIPS Technologies Inc are teaming up to jointly develop a new 64-bit RISC chip designed to offer the highest available performance for 64-bit embedded microprocessor products. The new TX99 processor will be based on an enhanced MIPS core, codenamed Amethyst, and the …
ComputerWire, 20 Feb 2002
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Toshiba to flog mobile phones in Europe

ComputerWire: IT Industry Intelligence Toshiba Corp has become the latest Japanese electronics giants to lustfully eye the European mobile phone market. Tokyo, Japan-based Toshiba is planning to launch a range of European GPRS (general packet radio services) handsets in the summer of 2002. The company is hoping that it will …
ComputerWire, 07 Feb 2002

World's first 3G network live today

The world's first 3G network goes live today in Tokyo, Japan. Run by NTT DoCoMo, the networks will enable subscribers to watch video clips and listen to music on new mobile handsets. If two people use the handets they will be able to see one another thanks to an in-built camera on the device. The service, called Freedom Of …
Kieren McCarthy, 01 Oct 2001

How the hell… do I countersue Rambus?

In the interests of history, we thought we would bring to our readers the entire document Hitachi presented in its bid to countersue Rambus. Last week, as reported here, Hitachi settled with Rambus but we have had many enquiries as to which DDR and SDRAM patents are involved. Those details are within this court deposition, as …
Mike Magee, 26 Jun 2000