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SMBs are tumbling into the cloud? Oh get real

Column “SMBs are now turning to the cloud to meet their IT needs”. If you have anything to do with the technology industry then the claim will sound very familiar. The implication is that cloud computing is now universally accepted among small and medium businesses, and that a huge shift has taken place in terms of buying behaviour. …
Dale Vile, 2 Aug 2013

Android FOUND ON TABLETS inscribed with WORD OF GOD

A church has handed out tablets instead of hymn books - but not stone ones etched with the 10 commandments: these are Android fondleslabs whose pinch-to-zoom feature is a godsend for elderly parishioners, we're told. The first tab-equipped Church of England congregation at St John's Church in Mickleover, near Derby, clutched …
Bill Ray, 9 Apr 2013
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5,000 UK pubs get free Wi-Fi... and they're not even all in London

Punch Taverns, operator of more than 5,000 tenanted and leased pubs in the UK, has signed with The Cloud to put free Wi-Fi in all of them in the hope of promoting a little lunchtime drinking. That's drinking coffee and tea, as well as beer, but the chain reckons sales of everything increase once Wi-Fi is freely available as …
Bill Ray, 10 Jan 2013
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Hard-up Brit bankers bag endless free Wi-Fi during cig breaks

The City of London will get free unlimited Wi-Fi internet access from The Cloud following a successful six-month trial. The wireless connectivity biz blanketed the capital's financial district with Wi-Fi in 2007 but limited city slickers to 15 minutes of free use before it started charging for the service. But in March this …
Bill Ray, 18 Dec 2012
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London wage slaves face hour of Cloud discharge a day - official

Passengers travelling on London Overground are to get free internet access after the body that runs the train network, London Overground Rail Operations Limited, signed a deal with The Cloud to roll out Wi-Fi at its stations. The contract will give travellers one hour of free online access every day, at any station on the …

O2 quietly cans gratis Cloud Wi-Fi connectivity

O2 has quietly dropped The Cloud from the list of Wi-Fi hotspot aggregators it grants its mobile customers free access to. Until the start of the month, O2 customers could access the internet through The Cloud's many WLANs. Now, however, only BT Openzone and O2's own O2 WiFi hotspots are included for free. Punters tell us …
Hard Reg, 7 Feb 2012
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City slickers get another 5 years of free Wi-Fi

The City of London has extended its deal with The Cloud for blanket Wi-Fi coverage, including the offer of 15 minutes of free access intended to lure surfers into paying £2 for a day pass. The service has been running since 2007, provided by The Cloud and covering just about all of the Square Mile that makes up the City of …
Bill Ray, 13 Oct 2011
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Public Wi-Fi is a dog's dinner, says Cloud founder

Britain's Wi-Fi networks need masses more investment if they're to fulfill their potential, says the founder of The Cloud. George Polk founded the network in 2003 and left in 2007. BSkyB snapped it up last week. But he wasn't going to paint a rosy picture for the new owner's benefit, we discovered. "Sometimes it works, …
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BSkyB reels in Wi-Fi network operator The Cloud

BSkyB confirmed this morning that it bought Wi-Fi hotspot provider The Cloud Networks Ltd earlier this month for an undisclosed sum. It said the deal was subject to regulatory clearance in Jersey, where The Cloud recently inked a partnership with Jersey Telecom. Sky said it has bought The Cloud to beef up its mobile content …
Kelly Fiveash, 27 Jan 2011
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BSkyB to scoop up The Cloud in bid to rival BT wireless biz

BSkyB is reportedly poised to buy wireless hotspot provider The Cloud later this week. According to The Sunday Times (behind paywall), which is owned by Sky parent News Corporation, the broadcaster will announce the acquisition later this week. The newspaper said that under the deal, Sky would offer its 2.8 million fixed-line …
Kelly Fiveash, 24 Jan 2011
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Great Scot! Wi-Fi on the Glasgow Subway

Glasgow Subway is Wi-Fi-ed up, a first for a British underground railway. The service is supplied by hotspot provider The Cloud and is available in all 15 stations and platforms. But no tunnels. Commuters are initially offered fifteen minutes free and then must buy on standard subscription terms - £2 for a 24 hour period. O2 …
Caleb Cox, 26 Oct 2010

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