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From Watson Jr to Watson AI: IBM's changed, and Papa Watson wouldn't approve

Completed in 1983, IBM's prestigious South Bank office in London, on the banks of the River Thames, owes a lot to the Brutalist style of architecture, popular in the 1960s and 1970s. It makes heavy use of concrete: a solid building for a solid company. The IBM logo has been outside that building for more than 30 years, an …
Billy MacInnes, 23 Jun 2016

You're still hired: Viglen bosses get to keep jobs for another year

Viglen's financial performance has improved, meaning chief exec Bordan Tkachuk and chairman Claude Littner will avoid Lord Sugar's fearsome finger - which is usually waved about when numbers are down or Apprentice wannabes get the boot. For the year ended 30 September, the public-sector-focused provider of PCs, storage and …
Paul Kunert, 19 Jun 2013
Microsoft Xbox 360 - Jubilee celebration edition

'Sorry, I don't get the drama around having an always-on console'

Quotw This was the week when former British Prime Minister Baroness Margaret Thatcher died, setting the Twitosphere alight with opposing deluges of vitriol and veneration. The passing of the woman the media insists on referring to as "divisive" inspired a whole slew of people to post "Ding dong the witch is dead" tweets, while others …
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Sir Alan Sugar hits eject button at Viglen

Sir Alan Sugar resigned as chairman at Viglen on 1 July, hard on the heels of his appointment as the government’s Enterprise Champion, a Companies House document has revealed. He became a director of the UK computer maker in 2002, after buying it back in the 1990s. However, Sugar's sudden decision to hang up his boots at …
Kelly Fiveash, 06 Jul 2009

Sir Alan Sugar hails £30m 'equitable' Viglen win

Viglen, the UK PC maker, has won a Office of Government Commerce contract worth up to £30m to supply public sector organisations with 70,000 PCs. Its chairman, Sir Alan Sugar, is very pleased indeed. “We are delighted to have been awarded this contract on an equitable basis”, he says. Does this suggest to you that he thinks …
Team Register, 05 May 2009
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Furse should not resign, she should be sacked

Comment The farce of the London Stock Exchange not only crashing but failing to get its systems up and running again should surprise no one. Well, no one except LSE boss Clara Furse, who demonstrates little understanding that technology is crucial to her business. I’ve worked for members of the London Stock Exchange and everyone …
Dominic Connor, 13 Sep 2008
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Alan Sugar leaves Amstrad

Sir Alan Sugar is leaving Amstrad a year after he sold the set-top box maker business to BSkyB. The man who introduced the world - or at least the UK - to the joys of the twin VCR, the hi-fi separates system that is actually one big card-boardy box, and of course the PCW has relinquished the chairmanship of the company, which …
Joe Fay, 02 Jul 2008

Sir Alan Sugar makes more than Ingram, and Eminem takes second bite at Apple

Let's imagine someone's talking, making a pitch. This is what they're saying: "Here's the deal. We set up a distribution company, call it Ingram Micro, and turn it into the biggest IT distributor in the world. Good plan, right? And once we're the biggest in the world, the sky's the limit. Massive sales - $8.19bn in the second …
Billy MacInnes, 02 Aug 2007
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BSkyB buys Amstrad

BSkyB is paying £125m for Amstrad - Sir Alan Sugar's set-top box manufacturing firm. Sky is offering 150 pence for each Amstrad share, which is 23 per cent more than the shares were fetching on the open market last night. On the London Stock Exchange Amstrad shares have jumped almost 20 per cent to 145p on the news. Amstrad …
John Oates, 31 Jul 2007

Sir Alan Sugar unveils East End supercomputer

Everyone's favourite shouty TV star, Sir Alan "you're fired!" Sugar unveiled a supercomputer at Queen Mary, University of London this morning. Sugar cajoles wannabe entrepreneurs on BBC1's The Apprentice and is founder of computer maker Amstrad. But the hat he wore today was the one of chairman at Viglen, the company that …
Kelly Fiveash, 03 May 2007

BBC journo 'reveals' BBC DAB-on-iPod plan

Someone at the BBC has told someone else at the same organisation that the company is considering offering an add-on digital radio for iPods. Or maybe cars. Or maybe other devices. Staffer A could not tell staffer B when the gizmo will ship, how much it might cost, or whether it will be offered in black, white or both. One of …
Tony Smith, 11 Aug 2006

Amstrad pulls em@iler from shelves

Amstrad's integrated 'phone and email device is being withdrawn from retail sale after poor sales this year provoked the company to pull the emailer. Amstrad shifted 61,000 units during the year - which Amstrad described as: "currently the worst high street retail market for many years". The board is writing off £5.7m to cover …
John Oates, 26 Sep 2005
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Amstrad slashes cost of E3 e-mailer

Amstrad is slashing the cost of its E3 e-mailer in a bid to boost sales of the videophone thingamajig. From this weekend the E3 will be halved from £99 to £49 in certain shops including Argos, Dixons and Comet. The idea behind the price cut is to encourage punters to buy the phones in pairs. Why? 'Cos then it should " …
Tim Richardson, 23 Mar 2005
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Amstrad blows £2m plugging E3

Amstrad is to splurge £2m in the run-up to Christmas advertising its new email-enabled home videophone - the Amstrad E3. The new device was unveiled in September by boss Sir Alan Sugar in a bid to bring video telephony to the masses. The E3 provides the same voice telephony and email services as its predecessors, the em@iler …
Tim Richardson, 28 Oct 2004
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Em@iler drives Amstrad to increased profit

Amserve - the ISP business of consumer electronics outfit Amstrad - has helped the company increase turnover and profit. Last year, the Amserve business racked up a £6.1m loss on sales of £9.4m. Publishing today its prelims for the year to the end of June, Amserve turned that loss around into a pre-tax profit of £3.1m on …
Tim Richardson, 23 Sep 2004
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Amstrad unveils £99 videophone

UK consumer electronics company Amstrad today launched the third generation of email terminal - now dubbed the E3 - in a bid to bring video telephony to the masses. While the device is initially geared toward dial-up connectivity, company chief Sir Alan Sugar forecast support for broadband through a plug-on Wi-Fi unit, The …
Tony Smith, 15 Sep 2004
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Sugar buys the company formerly known as Viglen

ComputerWire: IT Industry Intelligence Sir Alan Sugar, chairman of Learning Technology Plc, a network integrator and PC retailer to the UK education market, has decided to bring the company back under his control for a bargain-basement price after seeing its share price plummet to record lows in July. Expressing disgust at …
ComputerWire, 05 Aug 2002
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Amstrad touts em@iler-plus on TV

Amstrad is to spend £ 2.2m on advertising the e-ma@iler plus, its text-messaging, games-playing, email delivering telephone, on television. The campaign which kicks off in March, will have an effect on second half results, but the promotion will be good for the long term, chairman and CEO Sir Alan Sugar says in a statement. …
Drew Cullen, 15 Feb 2002
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Amstrad unveils new telephone

Amstrad has unveiled a new silver telephone. The "phone" lets people call others and speak to them. Equally, it lets people receive phone calls. And there's an answering machine built in as well. Which is handy if you’re out. Or don't want to speak to someone because you’re busy. Oh yes, and bolted on is a small screen and …
Tim Richardson, 06 Feb 2002
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Huge Windows XP sales save the world

We've told you this before, but it's pertinent. A few years back The Reg ran into our old friend Mich Mathews in the Microsoft press office at Comdex. She was, she happily told us, busy writing the keynote Bill had made the previous evening. And here we go again - Mich is surely too grand these days to be doing this stuff, but …
John Lettice, 13 Nov 2001
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Amstrad CEO resigns over Sir Sugar's emailer obsession

The CEO of Amstrad, Bob Watkins, has resigned after 25 years with the company, less than a week after it had unveiled yet another poor set of results. The reason is believed to be chief exec Sir Alan Sugar's obsession with the emailer device - a phone that lets you send emails. The emailer has been a fantastic failure, cost the …
Kieren McCarthy, 02 Oct 2001
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Sugar's em@iler backlash backfires

Sir Alan Sugar's plans to hit back at a national newspaper journalist for daring to include his company's em@iler product in a list of 'techno flops', has backfired. A little. Sugar was so incensed by an article by The Independent's technology editor Charles Arthur, that he emailed all 95,000 Amstrad em@iler owners and called …
Robert Blincoe, 08 May 2001
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Gates no longer richest man on planet

Bill Gates is no longer the richest man on the planet. Thanks to the DoJ and the recent fall in tech stocks, poor ole Bill will have to make do with £37.5 billion. He had lead the world for three years thanks to his huge share holding in Microsoft but now new king of the castle is publicity-shy head of Wal-Mart S Robson Walton …
Kieren McCarthy, 23 Apr 2001
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Dixons buys a piece of Sugar's e-m@iler

Dixons Group has bought 20 per cent of Amserve -the Amstrad subsidiary responsible for the "E-m@iler"machine. The 15 million pounds deal is split two ways - the retail giant is paying 3 million pounds cash, while also agreeing to provide a service support and distribution package - courtesy of its 1,000 UK shops - valued at 12 …
Linda Harrison, 08 Jun 2000
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Amstrad product of the century looks expensive to us

Amstrad today launched its "product of the century", aimed at low email users - or the rich. Amstrad e-m@iler Amstrad chief Sir Alan Sugar claimed the "e-m@iler" gadget would take high technology to the high street. The device is a telephone, answerphone, fax, personal organiser and monitor, with email facilities, all rolled …
Linda Harrison, 29 Mar 2000
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Amstrad leaks like leaky thing over ‘Web phone’ launch

Details of Amstrad's mystery Web surfing product have started to leak out ahead of this week's launch. A screaming exclusive from ZDNet UK revealed the "smartphone", developed jointly with BT and manufactured in Asia, will offer a personal information manager (PIM) as well as GSM capabilities. The price, said to be so low that " …
Linda Harrison, 27 Mar 2000
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Lastminute: What the Papers Say

Ian King, Business Editor, The Sun The value the market has put on is absolutely ridiculous. It is now worth more than the combined values of retailers Somerfield, Courts, and House of Fraser and Aston Villa. For a firm which, by its own admission, is unlikely to make a profit for "the forseeable future" and whose …
Team Register, 15 Mar 2000
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Mirror editor in Viglen share-deal row

Daily Mirror editor Piers Morgan is being investigated by the Stock Exchange after it emerged he bought shares in Viglen Technology the day before they were tipped by his paper. The share-dealing row, which has even embroiled The Register, goes back to 17 January when the tabloid editor paid £20,000 for shares in the London PC …
Linda Harrison, 03 Feb 2000
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Viglen unveils e-biz division

Viglen is to set up a new division to buy Internet companies as it steps up its search for a dissatisfied Net guru to join its ranks. The London-based PC builder today revealed its intention to form a subsidiary "to make strategic investments in a series of ecommerce and Internet related ventures". According to Sir Alan Sugar, …
Linda Harrison, 18 Jan 2000