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Femtocells at tipping point: Don't want to become also-RANs

The femtocell industry gathered for its fourth annual world summit this week, and it was clear that significant progress had been made since the last London-based gathering. In June 2010, the tiny base stations had achieved wide acceptance as carrier controlled devices to improve indoor coverage and support offload. However, …
Wireless Watch, 26 Jun 2011

Intel stuffs speedy security into silicon

Intel Labs has announced two new chunks of test silicon that expand the company's definition of what it considers "job one" in terms of product development. "I've given our company a charter to make [security] job one," Justin Rattner, director of Intel labs quoted CEO Paul Otellini as saying in an interview earlier this year …
Rik Myslewski, 17 Jun 2010
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AMD fab spin-off to break super-skinny ground

Globalfoundries, AMD's fab spin-off, has officially pledged to start construction of New-York-state plant targeting bleeding-edge 32nm and smaller-process silicon. The company said Tuesday it sent a formal commitment letter to the state of New York for the construction of Fab 2 facilities at the Luther Forest Technology Campus …
Austin Modine, 10 Jun 2009

Apple ARMs up iPhone

An Apple engineer updating his LinkedIn profile has let slip his work on an ARM CPU architecture for the iPhone, confirming the rumour that Apple is working on its own variant of the processor developed for the successor to the BBC Micro. The engineer is one Wei-han Lien, whose profile is now mysteriously absent from LinkedIn …
Bill Ray, 16 Sep 2008
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Motorola hires Jha to get handset biz out of a pickle

Motorola has finally found a new CEO for its ailing handset division, after tempting Sanjay Jha away from mobile chip giant Qualcomm. Jha takes also picks up the title co-CEO of Motorola, alongside Greg Brown, who will also head up its Broadband Mobility Business. Normally any hint of democracy at the top of a company spells …
Joe Fay, 4 Aug 2008

AMD mugs Intel in backstreets of Paris

AMD unveiled its marketing strategy for its Puma notebook silicon this week: rub Intel’s nose in it for as long as it can get away with it. Perhaps it’s no coincidence the launch was in Paris. The chip makers’ execs were at pains to point out that “this is not a paper launch” and you can buy systems running these chips today. …
Joe Fay, 5 Jun 2008
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Graphene breakthrough threatens silicon's chip glory

For years graphene has proved a cruel temptress for the semiconductor avant garde. The material - a layer of carbon atoms grouped in the ever popular honeycomb lattice - promised major performance gains over silicon. The problem with the stuff, however, has been arranging it in a large enough layer to replicate the 8- to 12-inch …
Ashlee Vance, 20 Dec 2007

Boblbee offers sunny side up music

Lapping up the Sun’s rays to power our consumer gadgets is all the rage. The latest solar-powered device is called the Boblbee and promises to both charge and protect your iPod. You may run out of food and water whilst out and about, but the Boblbee will ensure that you never run out of enough juice to power your iPod. It …
James Sherwood, 22 Aug 2007

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