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HP sacks English employees to bag Scots gov jobs cash

HP will axe workers in Sheffield and shunt their roles to Renfrewshire in Scotland to bag a £7m grant from the Scottish government, the Public and Commercial Services (PCS) trade union claims. It's understood the multimillion-pound grant from the public purse is a reward for boosting local employment. About a third of support …
Paul Kunert, 17 Jun 2013
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ROBOT COCKROACH SWARM unleashed in Sheffield lab

Vid Robot boffins have trained a swarm of mini-machines to work together, finding each other and grouping together to carry out simple tasks. The 40-strong Robot Swarm Inspired by Nature (see video above) can fetch and carry much larger objects by working together like ants. They can also regroup after being scattered across the …
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Coppers prowl Sheffield's Letsby Avenue

The news yesterday that the good burghers of Butt Hole Road, South Yorkshire, had got a tad irritated with living on an international laughing stock provoked a few Reg readers to offer their particular fave street names. Among the comments was the claim that Sheffield boasts a Letsby Avenue and, of course, on said thoroughfare …
Lester Haines, 27 May 2009
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BT Wholesale cuts off Prodigy Internet

Sheffield-based ISP Prodigy Internet has effectively been shut down, after BT Wholesale began redirecting its customers to a "walled garden" page to obtain Migration Authorisation Codes (MACs). A spokeswoman for the communications regulator Ofcom said it had worked with BT Wholesale to "maintain service" on Monday lunchtime …
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Police bail sysadmin in animal rights extremism probe

A Sheffield man has been released on police bail after being questioned in connection with comments posted to the activist news website Indymedia, which included the personal details of a prominent High Court judge. The man, in his 40s and thought to work as a systems administrator, was arrested on Monday and questioned for …
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National DNA database grows on the genes of the innocent

Almost 600,000 genetic profiles taken from innocent people have helped swell the National DNA Database to cover about seven per cent of the UK population. Home Office figures also reveal that DNA profiles from 39,095 children who have never been charged, cautioned or formally reprimanded are now on the database indefinitely. …
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PlusNet just wants to be loved - again

Analysis Beleaguered ISP PlusNet is attempting a comeback with a suite of new deals, backed by its new owner BT. PlusNet's 200,000 subscribers were picked up by BT at the tail end of a year which saw its long standing good reputation dismantled at its own hand. Technical cock ups, followed up with terrible customer service resulted in …
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PlusNet boss stands down

PlusNet CEO Lee Strafford has stood down about three months after the firm was sold to BT for £67m. In a statement, PlusNet said: "Today we announced to staff that Lee Strafford, our CEO, is no longer with PlusNet." Strafford had grown the firm from a small ISP into a nationally recognised brand, the statement added. Neil …
Mark Ballard, 5 Mar 2007

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