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Yamaha DVX-1000 2.1 home cinema system

The DVX-1000 promises to be the last word in 2.1-channel home cinema, delivering a level of surround sound not heard before from a three-speaker system. Or so Yamaha would have us believe. It claims the DVX will deliver a 7.1-channel experience from just three speakers, a technique Yamaha's marketing droids have dubbed Air …
Lewis Caliburn, 19 Nov 2008
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Seagate hands over $45m for FDD patent

Disk drive giant Seagate has coughed up $45 million (£27 million) to settle a seven-year-long row over patent infringements with one-time drive maker Rodime. Rodime claims it pioneered the development of the 3.5in drive in 1983 and that Seagate had used it without paying royalties. A Californian District Court dismissed the case …
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24xCD-R, 10xCD-RWs get pumped out

Production of 24x CD-R drives is ramping up and Plextor has kicked in with a CD-RW which offers: 24x CD-R; 10x CD-RW, and 40x CD-read. It's an internal drive with E-IDE interface. Plextor isn't the first with this, and Ricoh says it has had 1-24x CD-R's available since the beginning of May, included in its MP7200A-DP 20x 10x …
Robert Blincoe, 25 Jul 2001

Olympus SP-570 UZ 'superzoom' camera

The problem with many in-between/crossbreed/hybrid products is that they can suffer a little from an identity crisis...and the Olympus SP-570 UZ is no exception. At first glance, it looks like a compact version of a DSLR: it’s got a large zoom lens at the front, an SLR-type grip and it’s a mile away from the ultra-slim compacts …
George Cole, 07 Aug 2008
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Great Fujitsu hard drive fiasco rumbles on

Questions surrounding the Great Fujitsu Hard Drive Fiasco simply won't go away, however much the Japanese manufacturer hopes that they might. Earlier this month we reported a product recall - sorry replacement - of 300,000 faulty Fujitsu hard drives. The fault, which is supposedly brought on by heat and prolonged usage, lies …
John Leyden, 24 Sep 2002
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Ex-Info’Products employee wins his day in court

Compel has been ordered to pay £1,000 to a former employee of Info'Products for unpaid wages. Ryan Diblee, a former account co-ordinator at reseller Info'Products, won his case on 13 April at Chelmsford County Court. He was awarded £955 for commission deducted from his salary between April and December 1998. Diblee, who …
Linda Harrison, 16 Apr 1999
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BOFH and the cyberchair

BOFH 2004: Episode 3 So I'm relaxing in the office when the Boss has a loneliness attack and decides to come visiting. I know it's loneliness because he hasn't brought the wadge of paper he generally carries with him to remind him of what he came for. "Just... ah... checking to see how things are going at... er... Mission …
Simon Travaglia, 27 Jan 2004
Canon EOS 5D Mark II

Canon EOS 5D Mark II

Back in 2005, the EOS 5D digital SLR marked the best way into full frame (24x36mm) shooting for Canon owners. Optically, this model was on a par with 35mm cameras of old. With a sensor this size, finally, here was a way of getting the original focal length of your old 28mm lens back from the scaling beyond 40mm that occurs when …
James Cumpsty, 08 Jun 2009

SuperDLT increases capacity, cuts choice

Check out The Register's Enterprise Storage Channel With the SuperDLT 320 tape drive now available in quantity and the Benchmark takeover underway, Quantum is working hard to keep LTO at bay. "LTO is now our main competitor, but we can go further than them because we have more surface area to play with - they have to use a …
Bryan Betts, 09 Oct 2002

Dell sees the channel light while Microsoft is cast as open source redeemer

It's finally happened. Dell has publicly stated what we in the channel have known all along. You can't live without resellers and partners. Not long after his second coming at the company and after many years of outright hostility to the indirect channel, CEO Michael Dell has undergone a conversion, telling CRN US: "There are …
Billy MacInnes, 24 May 2007
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My cat is a dog! The twisted logic of ZDNet's DOS FAT FUD

Many, many, many of you wrote in about Befuddled by file systems, browsers, computer history? Here's a selection. I suffer this phenomena for years. Everytime when someone wrote crap in a mag, friends of mine who read that believe the stuff and try to tell me I'm stupid. Tom Servo You were much to kind to David B. That …
Andrew Orlowski, 21 Sep 2001
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Ethical hackers meet airbag-toting cyborgs

We ran an article this week about Harvard Business School's decision to reject applicants who had used a mini-hack to sneak a peek at the status of their applications. In it, writer Mark Rasch asked a lot of questions about the ethical position of the applicants, the university and the those responsible for the security of the …
Lucy Sherriff, 24 Mar 2005
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Thank God someone's finally exposing this charlatan

See also: You both make good points, but we're still leaning in Steve's direction Steve walks on water; you're a moron, and so's your old man Have you seen the latest vuln dev posts from this morning? Gibson's taking crap from all angles. Looks like consenses from the list is that he's pretty clueless and only out for PR. One …
Thomas C Greene, 09 Jul 2001