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Samsung X series

Samsung pledges X-series laptops 'will not explode'

IFA Samsung has launched a notebook range featuring batteries that it has claimed won’t explode, ever. Samsung_X_Series_03 Samsung's X series notebook: Incidents of laptop batteries suddenlt catching fire or exploding have generated lots of negative PR for many manufacturers over the past few years, Sony especially. However, …
James Sherwood, 04 Sep 2009

Lenov-OUCH! 500,000 laptop cables recalled in burning mains cock-up

Lenovo is recalling about 500,000 AC power cords for its B, G, and V-series laptops and IdeaPads – after 15 cases were reported of the cables overheating, sparking, melting and burning. "Only the AC Power Line Cord is being recalled," Lenovo said on its global recall website. "The Adapter that connects to the computer is not …
Iain Thomson, 11 Dec 2014
Toshiba Qosmio X70 gaming laptop

El Reg gets its hands on Haswell fondle-gizmos at posh Tosh bash

Pics Intel Haswell fever today had Toshiba showing off its full range of laptops, some of which featuring the new chips - plus some new tablets to boot. The new Satellite laptops and Qosmio gaming models were out in the wild in a swish London hotel, nestling up against three new Excite 10in Android tablets – more on those fondleslabs …
Bob Dormon, 04 Jun 2013

Sony recalls burning US laptops

Sony is recalling 73,000* Vaio TZ-series laptops sold in the US, as a possible short circuit of wires near the hinge could burn users. *The BBC reports 440,000 machines in the US and Japan are affected by the recall, but none in the UK. The US Consumer Product Safety Commission is working with Sony to get the machines back. …
John Oates, 04 Sep 2008
The Register breaking news

Revealed: The Brit-built GRAVITY-powered light that costs $5

Vid An ingenious gravity-powered light source has reached its first funding goal in four days. Co-invented by industrial designer Martin Riddiford - who crafted Psion's hardware - the cheap kit allows an LED to be run for 30 minutes from a three-second pull on a rope. Gravity does the rest. The GravityLight was devised with …
Andrew Orlowski, 12 Dec 2012

Dell Linux is go

Dell has finally chosen a Linux distribution to offer on its desktop and laptop machines. Following news that Michael Dell was running Ubuntu on his personal laptop, the company has followed suit and from late May Dell machines will ship with Ubuntu 7.04 as an option. There's no official word from Dell, but several sources …
John Oates, 01 May 2007

Blazing Vaios: Sony's hot-tops hit the UK, too

Sony secretly wrote to its UK channel partners earlier this week warning them that the company planned to recall some Vaio TZ-series laptops, The Register has learned. The firm, which was forced to recall 440,000 Vaio notebooks worldwide because of wiring faults that could cause overheating, asked its Blighty resellers to “keep …
Kelly Fiveash, 05 Sep 2008

IFA 2009: All the Stories

Complete Coverage All the key product introductions, all the new technologies, all the stories. HD TV, Blu-ray Disc and 3D LG promises 3D plasma telly LG parades 'first ever borderless' TV Toshiba unwraps Blu-ray player LG demos world's largest OLED TV Sharp launches ultra low power LCD TVs Philips cautious on 3D TV plans Blu-ray Disc players: …
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Dell zeroes in on US customers with 0% financing

Dell is offering its US corporate customers zero per cent financing to encourage them to buy more products in what has been a tumultuous year for the computer giant. The company is blaming the recessive economy for the decision, but it told The Register that – for now at least – there’s no plan to extend the financing deal to …
Kelly Fiveash, 26 Nov 2008
HP Logo

HP invites you to touch its PCs

As part of its ongoing rollout of new PCs and laptops ahead of the Windows 7 launch next week and a presumed bump up in PC sales, Hewlett-Packard has announced another batch of new machines for consumers and corporates. The big push today is for relatively inexpensive touch screens for laptops and desktops and low-cost Compaq- …

Silly season starts early as IT goes strictly business

This week was awash with silly stories - UFOs over Guernsey, dogs defecating on eBay, police charging a stripagram for wearing a police uniform in the street (maybe he should have whipped it off there and then), people being duped into buying sheep thinking they were poodles - you name it, it was there. No wonder there was so …
Billy MacInnes, 03 May 2007