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Fusion-io: SSDs are useless ... Let's build one

After knocking SSDs for poor performance, Fusion-io is now building one itself – but throwing out existing speed-limiting SSD interfaces designed for disk drives. A preview device, running at 95,000-plus IOPS, was shown at HP's Discover event in Vienna last month. Fusion-io has criticised SSDs for poor performance, saying: …
Chris Mellor, 8 Dec 2011
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SSDs choked by crummy disk interfaces

A flash device that can put out 100,000 IOPS shouldn't be crippled by a disk interface geared to dealing with the 200 or so IOPS delivered by individual slow hard disk drives. Disk drives suffer from the wait before the read head is positioned over the target track; 11msecs for a random read and 13msecs for a random write on …
Chris Mellor, 7 Dec 2011

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