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Google plans orbital mind control

You read it here first: despite its famous "Don't be evil" mantra, we can exclusively reveal that Google is planning a SPECTRE-style operation co-ordinated from an extinct volcano aimed at the complete subjugation of humanity by means of "orbital mind control". The proof for this diabolical scheme for world domination ( …
Lester Haines, 08 Mar 2006
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Hey, Korea - unbundle this!

The Rotting Dog Blog The Rotting Dog Blog: Utopian distemper and other musings Korea December 5, 2005 - 07:17 am This Korea versus Microsoft punch-up has got the blogosphere all a-buzz this morning. Seems the Reds have slapped a $32m fine on Bill Gates for not pulling messaging and Media Player from its OS in breach of local antitrust laws. …
The Rotting Dog, 08 Dec 2005
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Emmys to honour mobile content

The National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences - the body responsible for dishing out niche-market Emmys, including those for daytime TV, sports and news - is to honour original mobile content with a new category of award, the New York Times reports. Although the US demand for mobile entertainment is small - there are an …
Lester Haines, 11 Nov 2005
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The mysteries of shootings, volcanoes and flying spaghetti monsters

Letters Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, the game that some seem to think is imbued with mythical powers of monster creation (maybe this is a mod we haven't come across) is still hitting the headlines, and probably checkout registers of stores across the land. Most recently this has been courtesy of lawyer Jack Thompson, who says there is …
Lucy Sherriff, 19 Aug 2005
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Spam poetry: transcending the junk mail paradigm

It's taken a while, but we have sifted through the flotsam and jetsam which washes every day through inboxes world-wide and found the precious pieces of amber which lie hidden within. Yes indeed, it's time to hand out some Reg goodies for contributions to what we have called "Spam Poetry" - those bursts of random, spam-filter- …
Lester Haines, 23 Jul 2004
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Outsourced US outfit rattles eBay begging bowl

If you’re a European firm looking to outsource your 3D graphics, animation, and rendering requirements to an impoverished nation where jobs are harder to find than an Iraqi biological weapon of mass destruction, then today’s your lucky day. For bids in excess of a modest $510, you can secure the services of “eDream Team”, …
Lester Haines, 30 Mar 2004
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MS Tablet suits Corridor Warriors, Canteen Commandos

Microsoft today identifies a key demographic for its TabletPC initiative, and it isn't pretty. "She's a corridor warrior," begins the blurb. "she spends more time attending meetings and dashing between conference rooms than at her desk." "Yet as she dashes along the corporate hallways…" it continues, but we think you get the …
Andrew Orlowski, 30 Oct 2002
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BT Retail talks down costs, talks up revenues

BT Retail CEO Pierre Danon today outlined his plans to cut massive costs from the company's bottom line, defending its core revenues and delivering at least three per cent annual revenue growth over the next three years. BT Retail aims to grow revenues in two areas; extending existing business through new initiatives - bringing …
James Watson, 04 Dec 2001
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Sharp unsheathes Muramasa ultra-slim notebook

Preview Muramasa Sharp launched its ultra-thin 'Muramasa' PC-UM10 notebook in Europe today following the machine's Japanese debut back in June. Not that the company seems to have learned much in the meantime - the Muramasa has undergone very little change as it has moved from one market to another. And for a notebook designed to offer …
Tony Smith, 11 Sep 2001
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Dead in the watermark, SDMI turns to chips, players?

A recent Federal filing by the Secure Digital Music Initiative (SDMI) reveals a massive cull/defection of members, and a small clutch of additions who may in some ways be related. The filing can be seen here, or is mirrored at Cyptome target="new"here. There are nine joiners, and 27 leavers. The volume of leavers might be …
John Lettice, 05 Jun 2001
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'I'm not a quitter and I love my critics' – BT's Bonfield

Sir Peter Bonfield, BT's CEO, told reporters this morning that he has not intention of leaving the beleaguered telecoms giant. "I'm not a quitter," he said. "I like working with the people here." Asked if he would like to take a samurai sword to his critics, he said: "Critics are good - they chivvy us along. I would never …
Kieren McCarthy, 10 May 2001
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Punters shun online auctions after losing e-bid virginity

Online auctions may get shedloads of hits, but visitors aren't returning to the sites after losing their e-auction virginity. The number of newcomers to these sites is rising, but nineteen per cent of them in Q2 said they wouldn't go back to an auction site, up from nine percent in Q1. In the first quarter of this year eight …
Linda Harrison, 14 Oct 2000
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AMD loose cannon in Via-Intel deal

Analysis Intel's CEO, Craig Barrett, was unequivocal about his firm's continued interest in the chipset market when he spoke to journalists in Sweden a fortnight ago. That, he said, would undermine confidence in the marketplace, and would not be something Intel would ever contemplate. Still, there's chipset business and there's chipset …
Mike Magee, 08 Jul 2000
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Hardware Round-up Sites awash with AMD-Intel samples

Both AMD and Intel are now beginning to seed the hardware sites with processors, and here you'll see Anandtech's review of the Pentium III 800MHz part...And mysteriously there is a whole raft of similar articles all over the Wibbly Wobbly Web. CPU Review has posted some benchmarks of scientific code running on AMD's Athlon …
Team Register, 15 May 2000
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Intel continues Rambus PR puff

Chip giant Intel endorses Rambus memory so frequently,and with such ardour, for its up and coming Willamette platform that if you believed in conspiracy theories you'd be bound to find one here. According to a story in yesterday's EE Times, Intel has once more reiterated its faith in Rambus memory as being the only memory that …
Mike Magee, 10 May 2000
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Rambus no longer makes Intel's eyes twinkle

Analysis A senior Intel source told The Register in February that he was very surprised when Rambus became the unexpected star of its Developer Forum show. We can thank senior Intel VP Dr Albert Yu, however, for putting the spotlight on the amazing dancing Rambus. Yu, demonstrating the Willamette processor at IDF, unequivocally stated …
Mike Magee, 08 May 2000
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Micron readies DDR memory salvo

Micron, a major worldwide manufacturer of memory, said today that it will demo three platforms using double data rate (DDR) memory at WinHec 2000 in New Orleans next week. The products it will show include a dual processor platform. Although Micron does not say this is better than Rambus, it does point to benchmarks conducted by …
Mike Magee, 20 Apr 2000
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AMD Athlon 1GHz retail sales kick off in Japan

Sales of AMD's 1GHz Athlon processor have now started in Japan's high tech area Akihabara, Japanese reader Battlax reports. At the same time, a number of other technologies have started to appear on the streets round Akihabara, which are famous for showing hi-tech the rest of the world has to wait for. You can find the Athlon …
Mike Magee, 09 Apr 2000
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Micron rolls out faster DDR chips

US semiconductor firm Micron said yesterday it has started to sample 150MHz and 166MHz versions of 2MB x 32 double data rate (DDR) memories. The firm said the memories, which uses 0.18 micron process technology, are intended for high bandwidth applications. The parts are intended for graphics and telecoms applications, Micron …
Mike Magee, 24 Mar 2000
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Micron DDR samples out and about

Intel Developer Forum Chip manufacturer Micron was demonstrating two working systems of DDR (double data rate) memory using the Samurai chipset at its stand in the exhibition section of the Intel Developer Forum. All during the week, senior Intel personnel have told us that Willamette, when it launches, will be positioned as a Rambus solution, while …
Mike Magee, 16 Feb 2000
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Intel to come clean on i820, Rambus tomorrow

Intel will tomorrow morning US Satan Clara time hold an analyst briefing at which it is expected to clarify its position on the vexed future of the Camino i820 chipset and Rambus memory technology. As we reported last week, the indications are that it will admit that product is at least three months away. Sources have told The …
Mike Magee, 11 Oct 1999
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Solar cells to power Iridium phones and more

Solar cells are on the verge of becoming economical enough to be used in both commercial and domestic environments. And panels that will power satellite phones and notebooks are in production. But the economies of scale are such that it may be two or three years before manufacturers, including Siemens and Japanese company …
Mike Magee, 30 Nov 1998