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Toilet roll printed with fake US $100 bills

Bill Gates can’t give it away... Still crazy rich after all these years

Tech billionaires dominate the upper reaches of the Forbes Rich list this year, which proves that while he’s good at many things, Bill Gates just ain’t cutting it at throwing away cash. Gates came in top again, with a whopping $75bn fortune. The second spot is taken by Zara boss Amancio Ortega, with $67bn, while Warren Buffett …
Joe Fay, 02 Mar 2016
My bowls of stew and rice

A Quid A Day for NOSH? Luxury!

WiF It's that time of year as El Reg limbers up for the Quid A Day Nosh campaign and I'm here to point out that in context this is actually a pretty easy challenge. It must be, in technical terms, if one billion mostly illiterate peasants manage it all year round every year. Which is rather the point of the challenge in fact, to …
Tim Worstall, 26 Mar 2015
Bill Gates

He can't give it away FAST ENOUGH: Bill Gates richest man in world again

Despite Bill Gates' best efforts to offload his massive pile of cash, it seems there's literally nothing the Microsoft founder can do to avoid being the richest man in the world. Gates was named wealthiest human on the planet by Forbes for 16 of the past 21 years. According to the research, last year Gates made more money than …
Kat Hall, 03 Mar 2015
ipod u2 edition

U2? 81 million Apple iThing-strokers know a place where the Beats have no shame

Some might say that being on the cover of Vogue is pretty cool. But when Apple foisted U2's latest album on 81 million innocent people? Quite the opposite. Apple has told the music bible Billboard that some 81 million people took the chance to "experience" Songs Of Innocence, with 26 million downloading the thing in its …
Jasper Hamill, 10 Oct 2014
Bill Gates and friends

Bill Gates is BACK... as CHIEF RICH human of PLANET EARTH

Microsoft supremo Bill Gates is once again the richest person on the planet, after being relegated to second place for the last four years. Forbes said that Gates had forced Carlos Slim into the runner up position by amassing $4bn more in personal wealth in 2013 courtesy of MS shares performing well on Wall Street. The 58- …
Team Register, 03 Mar 2014
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Top UK billionaires considerably richer than Chinese ones ... for now

A rundown of the richest people in China has revealed that the very wealthiest British billionaires collectively boast more cash than their counterparts in the People's Republic. The top ten wealthiest Chinese citizens are worth a total of £69.31billion ($109.3billion), according to an annual analysis by the Hurun Research …
Jasper Hamill, 12 Sep 2013
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Chinese gaming giant NetEase opens pig farm

Chinese online gaming giant NetEase has made a surprise move into the commercial pig-rearing business. The firm, which runs the hugely popular web portal, announced revenues of two billion yuan (£199m) in the second quarter from its massively multiplayer online games and other services. Now founder William Ding, who …
Phil Muncaster, 19 Oct 2012
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China's tech elite crack Forbes' Rich List

China’s growing army of tech entrepreneurs have consolidated their position at the apex of the country’s elite, according to the latest Forbes rankings, although most still have some way to go before challenging the likes of Gates and Ellison. Forbes Asia officially released its China Rich List on Monday, and although the Top …
Phil Muncaster, 15 Oct 2012
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Will Android, HTML5 tempt tabloid tablet tyrant Rupert Murdoch?

Analysis Rupert Murdoch has split News International in two, separating publishing (including his British phone-hacking-accused newspapers) from broadcasting and entertainment (everything else). Commentators reckon the move is to protect the latter half from the “contagion” of the press ethics scandal engulfing the journalism arm of …
Gavin Clarke, 04 Jul 2012
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Catch of the Day on track for $AU250m

Investors may be turning off the group buying craze in the US – courtesy of Groupon - but in Australia the verve for online discounts continues to ka-ching. James Packer backed, CatchOfTheDay, the operator of and online supermarket, has hit its fifth year of operation on track to deliver …

Rich List tech baron heads home as Itopia reseller biz enters administration

Troubled London-based VAR Itopia Group has gone into administration, The Reg can confirm. As revealed in recent weeks, the reseller minnow, which of late has been looked after by Sunday Times Rich List regular Robin Lodge on behalf of an investor, ran into financial difficulties and was facing a winding-up petition from …
Paul Kunert, 27 Sep 2011
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Junior tech moguls rock rich list

Atlassian’s founders Mike Cannon-Brookes and Scott Farquhar have made the top five of BRW magazine’s annual Young Rich List, with combined riches of $AU360 million, up from $AU314 million last year. Tech entrepreneurs delivered a strong presence in the 2011 list with around 25 percent of the 100 junior tycoons making their …

Reseller biz faces winding up order

The phone lines at ITopia Group, which faces a winding up order sought by distributor Computer 2000 amid allegations of unpaid debts, have rung unanswered for the fourth consecutive day. The London-based outfit - whose operations include network and storage reselling, managed services and a consultancy - is currently being run …
Paul Kunert, 16 Sep 2011
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Son of Kaspersky Lab's CEO 'kidnapped'

The 20-year-old son of Kaspersky Lab's CEO has reportedly gone missing, with kidnappers said to be demanding €3m for his release. According to (via Google Translate), Ivan Kaspersky – the son of Eugene Kaspersky with his ex-wife Natalya Kaspersky – disappeared two days ago. Since then the police, Russian secret …
Kelly Fiveash, 21 Apr 2011
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Zuckerberg leapfrogs Jobs on Americans' rich list

Facebook boydroid Mark Zuckerberg has more pennies in his piggy bank than Apple boss Steve Jobs, according to the latest Forbes rich list. According to Forbes 2010 rich list of the wealthiest Americans, 26-year-old Zuckerberg now has a net worth of $6.9bn. Of which $4bn was added to his personal treasury this year, pushing him …
Kelly Fiveash, 23 Sep 2010
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Carlos Slim is world's richest man, Bill Gates now number two

Mexican telecoms bazillionaire Carlos Slim is the world's richest man, pushing Bill Gates into second place. Gates has been at or near the top of the Forbes Rich List for most of the last 15 years - he retook the top spot from uber-investor Warren Buffett last year, despite retiring and starting to give away his massive …
John Oates, 11 Mar 2010
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Gates retakes rich list top spot as Zuckerberg slides off chart

Bill Gates struck a blow for the world's techies yesterday, when he regained his spot at the top of the world's billionaire list despite mislaying around $18bn over the last year. But, illustrating how recessions hit the youth hardest, Facebook boy wonder Mark Zuckerberg has been booted off the Forbes Magazine billionaire list …
Joe Fay, 12 Mar 2009

Gates dethroned as tech's richest get thumped

It seems that tech's billionaires are sharing the privations of ordinary citizens, whose savings are vanishing and pensions becoming worthless as stock markets tumble. Bill Gates' 15-year reign as America's richest person is reportedly over, as the value of his investments has shrunk, surrendering his crown to investor Warren …
Gavin Clarke, 10 Oct 2008

Bill Gates loses richest man crown

Bill Gates is no longer the richest man on the planet. Investment guru Warren Buffett has knocked him off the number one spot for the first time in over a decade. Gates has been at the top of the annual Forbes rich list for the past 13 years. Buffett now has a personal fortune of about $62bn - ahead of Gates' cash pile of $ …
Kelly Fiveash, 06 Mar 2008
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Gates loses 'World's richest' crown

A Mexican telecoms tycoon has dethroned Bill Gates as the World's richest man. Carlos Slim ended Gates's 13-year reign thanks to a 26 per cent surge in the stock price of his company America Movil during the second quarter. Slim boosted his personal net worth to $67.8bn compared to last year’s $30bn. Gates was worth $59.2bn …
Gavin Clarke, 03 Jul 2007
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Judge sentences 'hacker' PIs, clients

A total of 38 months jail time was handed down on Wednesday to employees and clients of a London private detective agency which illegally hacked into telephone lines. Eight people connected with the agency, which cannot be named for legal reasons, variously admitted charges of conspiring to intercept communications unlawfully, …

Bill and Ballmer's bonuses shrink

Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer saw their salaries go up slightly, but watched their bonuses shrink by $50,000 in 2006. The top two at Microsoft got paid $616,667 in salary and received a $350,000 bonus - down from $400,000 in 2005. Ballmer also got some $9,482 for "all other compensation" - while Bill Gates got $2,112. A proxy …
John Oates, 05 Oct 2006

Elonex: the end of an era

Analysis The reaction of many people in the PC business to the news that Elonex Plc (UK) was in administration was a shrug: Elowho? Elonex logo The brand name and some assets of the veteran PC were picked up last month by Afics, a cartridge recycling firm, which is still mulling over whether it will sell Elonex-branded PCs. So now …
Tim Phillips, 18 Jul 2006
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No bonus for Google founders

Billionaire Google execs Larry Page and Sergey Brin are not getting bonuses from the search engine they founded together. Also off the bonus list is chief executive, and fellow billionaire, Eric Schmidt. But the three did get a holiday bonus of $1,566 (£837) along with their salaries. Google's initial public offering earned …
John Oates, 24 Mar 2005
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Gates' money-pile now bigger than galaxy

It was five years ago today... When looking at the total sum of Bill Gates' wealth we are reminded of the old Abba song. No, not Money, Money, Money, but rather SOS, which begins with the line: "Where are those happy days, they seem so hard to find..?" The reason for our melancholy turn is the following historical wedgefest: Gates' money-pile now bigger …
Team Register, 22 Jun 2004
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McDonald's breaks IT barriers with McAsian web site

Is it possible that McDonald's - a brick-and-mortar burger seller - has outclassed its corporate peers in the IT sector with the most profound use of the Internet yet? Yes. When we first stumbled upon McDonald's I-AM-ASIAN website, we thought it was a slightly racist, bizarre locale, promoting the central role hamburgers play …
Ashlee Vance, 13 May 2004
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Madge Networks goes titsup, flips up as Madge Ltd

Madge Networks N.V., almost the last man standing in the Token Ring market, has gone bust in the Netherlands. An administrator appointed by the Dutch courts in April 17 was yesterday granted a bankruptcy order in Holland, in a process similar to that of a Chapter 7 bankruptcy under US law. Madge's operating business has been …
John Leyden, 23 May 2003
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Luke Ireland moves to Centerprise

Centerprise has poached Luke Ireland from rival UK PC builder Ireland left his job as operations director at Evesham on June 1, and started at Dixons PC supplier Centerprise at the start of July. But Ireland, who spent ten years at Evesham after joining the outfit straight from school, today remained cagey about …
Linda Harrison, 23 Jul 2001
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Easy Web café man becomes billionaire

The man behind the EasyEverything Web cafés, Stelios Haji-Ioannou, has entered the exclusive 'billionaires club'. He's been valued at $1.5 billion by Forbes Global magazine. His fortune has been made on his budget airline EasyJet, as well as Web surfing, and shipping. He got off to a good start though, with a $117 million sub …
Robert Blincoe, 22 Jun 2001
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Time Computers and its secret CEO

There's a new sheriff in town at Time Computers. Staff say the two brothers who founded the business, Tahir Mohsan and his half-brother Dr Tariq Mohammed, are no longer calling all the shots. That role is taken by a mystery gentleman called Brian Lynn, the new CEO (not MD, as we reported earlier). Lynn actually took over three …
Robert Blincoe, 11 May 2001
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EasyJet pushes 90% of ticket sales onto Web

EasyJet, the budget airline, boosted online booking to 89.2 per cent of its total sales last month. A year earlier it was managing to get 64.3 per cent of ticket sales booked on the Web. Customers have been pushed to carry out online business with EasyJet by: £2.50 discounts per flight; being unable to book a month in advance …
Robert Blincoe, 09 May 2001
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Gates back on top of the world

Last week, the Sunday Times Rich List claimed that Wal-Mart Chairman Robson Walton had surpassed Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates as the most obscenely wealthy person in the known universe, but appears to have neglected to carry a two or somehow misplaced a decimal point in its calculations. Indeed, the Times overestimated Walton' …
Thomas C Greene, 28 Apr 2001
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Time Computers culls 130 workers

Time Computers cut back around 130 jobs from its head office this week, according to the remaining staff. The company admits it was caught out by the first time computer market dropping off 12 months earleir than it had expected. Workers have gone from almost all departments except sales, and the figure includes at least 20 …
Robert Blincoe, 27 Apr 2001
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Dixons' PC builder talks to The Reg

The Register has been given a quick tour of the Centerprise factory - the place where Dixon's Advent PCs get built. Here's what we found out. Around 20 per cent of Advents being built are P4 systems at the moment. The Centerprise factory in Basingstoke can churn out a maximum of 800 PCs in an eight-hour day if they've got 60- …
Robert Blincoe, 26 Apr 2001
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Gates no longer richest man on planet

Bill Gates is no longer the richest man on the planet. Thanks to the DoJ and the recent fall in tech stocks, poor ole Bill will have to make do with £37.5 billion. He had lead the world for three years thanks to his huge share holding in Microsoft but now new king of the castle is publicity-shy head of Wal-Mart S Robson Walton …
Kieren McCarthy, 23 Apr 2001
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PC Vendor Bender

The year 2000 will not be remembered as a golden year for the PC industry. Manufacturers struggled to get over Y2K order slumps at the start of the year, only to be greeted at the end of it with another sales slowdown - in the quarter when they expected to do the briskest business. In 1999 PC shipments grew 23.3 per cent, but …
Linda Harrison, 26 Dec 2000
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Forbes doesn't release breakdown of the world's poorest men

About every two months, some exposure-hungry company releases a list of the richest people in the world. This grew so boring (because Bill Gates was always number one) that one firm even produced the "richest men under 40" - or something like that - just to oust Bill and get some more column inches. Well, we secretly hoped …
Kieren McCarthy, 22 Sep 2000
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Queen stakes claim in dotcom bonanza

Four months ago, the Queen invested £100,000 in a firm called Next month, her three per cent stake will magically transform to £1.2 million when the company floats. is a geographic information Web overlay play - it is producing an aerial map of Britain in digitised form. And it needs to …
Drew Cullen, 19 Mar 2000
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Net millionaires crash Sunday Times wealthiest Britons list

The Sunday Times' annual rummage through the bank statements of Britain's most well-off has unearthed some wealthy characters and a new breed sterling tycoons who have made their pile from the Net. Paul Sykes, who saw his £10 million investment in the ISP Planet Online swell to £47 million after it was acquired by Energis for £ …
Tim Richardson, 12 Apr 1999