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FORCE suppliers to stick to 'open data principles' – MPs

UK government suppliers should be required to adhere to the same "open data principles" as government departments, a committee of MPs has proposed. The House of Commons' Public Administration Select Committee backed calls from UK Information Commissioner Christopher Graham, among others, for greater transparency in the …
OUT-LAW.COM, 20 Mar 2014

UK gov 'still failing' at procurement, says Commons committee

Systemic failures in government procurement and contract management continue "unabated" three years after the coalition vowed to tackle inefficiencies in the way public sector people buy tech. This is according to the House of Commons' Public Administration Select Committee (PASC) led by Bernard Jenkins MP (Con), which …
Paul Kunert, 23 Jul 2013
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Public bodies told: Swapping data feels good, but you must be careful

Sharing data on public services could have serious consequences unless the material has been valued, maintained and protected and the original reasons for its collection have been taken into account, the Information Society Alliance (Eurim), has warned. In a report (PDF) on the quality of public sector information, the group …
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Cabinet Secretary: Freedom of Info law stifles policy confabs

Sir Gus O'Donnell told a committee of MPs on Wednesday that FOI laws had a "very negative impact on the freedom of policy discussions". "The problem with the Freedom of Information Act is that virtually everything is subject to a public interest test," Sir Gus told the Public Administration Select Committee. "When I give …
OUT-LAW.COM, 25 Nov 2011
The Register breaking news goes back to school to avoid future IT blunders

Whitehall's waste of £470m on a botched attempt to modernise fire service control rooms in England begs questions about what UK plc is doing to prevent a similar haemorrhage of money in the future. A scathing report on FiReControl by parliament's public accounts committee said the project was flawed from the outset and blamed …
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Cabinet Office shuns open-source in IT-tracking deal

The Cabinet Office and its IT underlings have exhaustively championed the need for more OSS across government since the ConDem Coalition was cobbled together in May 2010. Nonetheless Francis Maude's department has just snubbed open source players by awarding a contract to a proprietary software provider to help establish how …
Kelly Fiveash, 22 Aug 2011
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MPs slam government's 'obscene' IT spend

An all-party committee of MPs has found that successive governments' over-reliance on big IT companies and poor in-house skills, has led to a "perverse situation" in which governments have wasted "obscene" amounts of public money. In its report titled Government and IT – a recipe for rip-offs: time for a new approach, the …
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Cabinet Office government-by-Facebook plans probed

MPs have called on the government to work with the Information Commissioner on how to implement the Cabinet Office's personal data proposals, which include the possibility of farming out its ID-handling to third parties such as banks and Facebook. The Public Administration Select Committee's report entitled Government and IT …
Kelly Fiveash, 28 Jul 2011
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MPs set out on quest to find's IT strategy

The government's technology strategy is being scrutinised by the Common's Public Administration Select Committee (PASC). The committee said it would look at how the government develops and implements its IT policy. "The inquiry will examine the government’s overall strategy for information technology, including how it …
Kelly Fiveash, 17 Dec 2010
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How a Tory gov will be the most tech-savvy in history

Comment When the Dragon's Den star Duncan Bannatyne realised his wife had left her dress on the train on the way to a charity dinner last Saturday he called lost property. Unfortunately, being a Saturday afternoon, lost property was closed and his wife was distraught. Fortunately Duncan's 50,000 Twitter followers came to the rescue. …
Grant Shapps MP, 06 Apr 2010
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MPs slap ICO for bad language

A select committee report on poor official language has picked on a letter from the Information Commissioner's Office. The Public Administration Select Committee provided the ICO letter as an example of an official letter which "illustrates how formulaic letter construction can alienate and confuse the reader". The letter, …
Kable, 01 Dec 2009
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Whitehall mulls new police leak investigations

The head of the civil service is considering calling police in over leaks from parts of the government that deal with national security issues. Sir Gus O'Donnell, the Cabinet Secretary, told MPs information is escaping from what he called "sensitive" areas, but he has so far not called police in. "I'm trying to work out …
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Compulsory lobby register moves closer

A compulsory register of lobby companies revealing which companies or organisations are paying their bills comes a step nearer today. The European Parliament adopted a resolution yesterday in favour of such a register, which would list groups seeking to influence either Parliament or the Commission. The Parliament proposes a …
John Oates, 09 May 2008
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Plan B from Petty France - the other UK ID card

Analysis The UK is to go ahead with a biometric-backed system of ID verification this year, whether or not the ID Cards Bill is passed by parliament. The 'Plan B', which is going ahead under the auspices of the Passport Office and which does not require parliamentary approval, was touched on by Home Office Minister Baroness Scotland …
John Lettice, 23 Jan 2006