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Google faces antitrust charges in the European Union

Google on Google: The carefully collated anti-trust truth

Google doesn’t always take the threat of anti-trust charges too seriously. After the Wall Street Journal implied that the FTC opted for less aggressive action against Google because of political pressure, Google responded with references to a laughing baby, and by personally attacking the newspaper’s owner. After all, when you …
Andrew Orlowski, 16 Jun 2015
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Schmidt ducks antitrust questions lobbed from Congress

When Google's Eric Schmidt testified before Congress on Wednesday, the first question came from Senator Herb Kohl, chairman of the Judiciary Subcommittee on Antitrust, Competition Policy, and Consumer Rights. And Schmidt responded with the sort of holier-than-thou attitude you find only at Google. "Google has acquired or …
Cade Metz, 22 Sep 2011
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One-third of US consumers will buy an iPhone 5

According to a new survey, over one third of US consumers plan to buy an iPhone 5, and a new rumor suggests that they'll only need to wait until the first week of September to assuage their aching desire. "Our survey data confirms the strong following Apple has built around its iPhone, with more than one-third of consumers …
Rik Myslewski, 26 Jul 2011
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Google accused of hard-coding own links in search

Updated Update: This story has been updated with comment from Google. In a still-simmering Google antitrust complaint, UK-based vertical search outfit Foundem accuses the Mountain View web giant of using its search monopoly to unfairly favor its own services over those of its competitors. Google chief executive Eric Schmidt denies the …
Cade Metz, 15 Nov 2010
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Why the Google antitrust complaint is not about Microsoft

Google should spend an afternoon with Shivaun and Adam Raff, the two very real people behind a recent EU antitrust complaint against its web search monopoly. To meet the pair - co-founders of the British price comparison site Foundem - is to know you would never describe them as Microsoft mouthpieces. They're computer scientists …
Cade Metz, 29 Mar 2010
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Acer rides little netbooks to big profit

The ongoing global Meldown isn't melting everyone, as Taiwan's Acer demonstrated in its 2008 financial results, released Tuesday. In fact, 2008 was a growth year for the world's third-largest PC maker, with operating income up a hefty 38 per cent from 2007: income was $428.8m (£299.8m) in 2008, up from $310.3m (£217m) in 2007 …
Rik Myslewski, 31 Mar 2009
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Netbooks: A bit popular

If you have a desktop or notebook computer and are aged between 25 and 55, there's nearly a one in five chance you have already bought a netbook. According to a PriceGrabber survey, netbook users overwhelmingly own desktop PCs (91 per cent) and a notebook (87 per cent) and PriceGrabber's report writers think this is because the …
Chris Mellor, 02 Feb 2009

Online data shows netbook demand rocketing

Ten per cent of online computer buyers now owns a netbook and almost 20 per cent of mobile PCs sought out by buyers in December 2008 was one of these mini-laptops. So reveals survey data from price-comparison site PriceGrabber, based on an online questionnaire fielded earlier this year and filled in by some 1545 respondents. …
Tony Smith, 30 Jan 2009

16-card GPU bangs-per-buck mega shoot out

We've looked at a host of graphics chips, and while each new GPU generation has its fans who'll dash out and buy it no matter what, plenty of punters prefer to wait and see whether they're worth the money. In short, they ask, what level of bang will we get per buck? Or would be be better off spending a lot less on an older GPU …
Leo Waldock, 12 Aug 2008
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Yahoo! wins sponsored links ruling in High Court

Yahoo! did not infringe a businessman's rights by displaying adverts for other companies when users entered his trade marks as search terms. The High Court dismissed a lawsuit against the web giant as being "totally without merit." The trade mark was not used by anyone other than the user who entered the trade mark term into …
OUT-LAW.COM, 07 Mar 2008

Price, not format war fears, holds back Blu-ray, says survey

Toshiba has judged its HD DVD strategy correctly, according to consumer research from price comparison service Pricegrabber. What's stopping punters picking Blu-ray Disc is not the risk of backing the loser in the format war as the high price of players. During January, Pricegrabber listed HD DVD players priced between $144 …
Tony Smith, 14 Feb 2008
The Register breaking news mulls sale - report - the UK-based utilities comparison web site - could be up for sale, according to The Times. It reports that the privately-owned independent business is understood to have slipped a 'for sale' sign outside the business. Analysts reckon the business could be worth around £100m, says the paper. Free for consumers to …
Tim Richardson, 15 Dec 2005
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GUS hands over $485m for

GUS plc - the UK-based retail and business services group that owns Argos and Experian - is forking out $485m for shopping comparison site The US outfit enables punters to check out the prices of thousands of different products on offer from retailers enabling them to compare items before making a purchase. …
Tim Richardson, 14 Dec 2005
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Yahoo! launches shopping search site

Yahoo! has launched its new price comparison service, the latest salvo in the battle for dominance in the Internet search space. Yesterday, the company opened the doors to its new Yahoo! Shopping service, which lets users search for products sold over the Web. More than 10,000 e-stores are listed on the new service and the …