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Mainframe emulator goes commercial

Roger Bowler - the creator of the open source Hercules mainframe emulator - has put together a company called TurboHercules to try to commercialize the decade-old program that he created as a "programmer's plaything." Rather than go straight at the IBM mainframe base, which many a company has tried to do and ended up in court …
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T3 girds loins for IBM legal fight

Clone mainframe maker T3 Technologies - one of the last few non-IBM alternatives for running Big Blue's mainframe software - says that it doesn't anticipate settling its IBM lawsuits in Europe and in the United States. In other words, it won't pull a Platform Solutions. Platform settled its IBM litigation after being acquired …

Novell recovery continues

Novell increased its estimates for full year revenue yesterday to between $940 and $980m, and said margins for the year were also improving. Reporting third quarter results, Novell said it brought in revenues of $245m, compared to $237m for the third quarter of 2007. Income from operations was $1m compared to a loss of $10m …
John Oates, 29 Aug 2008
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EU still greasing IBM antitrust probe despite PSI withdrawal

IBM may have corked the wails of antitrust outrage coming from the diminutive mainframe vendor Platform Solutions (PSI) by purchasing the upstart, but the European regulator genie has already slipped out the bottle. The rival firm's legal fight in both the US and Europe over Big Blue's mainframe monopoly came to an abrupt …
Austin Modine, 3 Jul 2008

IBM rids world of mainframe up-start PSI, inherits Itanium server biz

Platform Solutions Inc. (PSI), the upstart mainframe house that's been leading international anti-trust charges against IBM, has today been bought by, er, IBM. IBM refuses to disclose how much it paid for the start-up at this time. It did, however, confirm that the two companies have dropped their legal charges against each …
Austin Modine, 2 Jul 2008
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EU may be lubricating IBM anti-trust probe

European Union regulators may be preparing for an anti-trust review of IBM, following on the complaints of start-up mainframe challenger, Platform Solutions (PSI). Bloomberg reports today that the EU is gathering information on IBM's mainframe business, citing two anonymous sources close to the case. The request for such data …
Austin Modine, 22 Apr 2008

PSI takes a bigger swing at IBM's mainframe biz

Upstart mainframe house Platform Solutions is adding a bigger box to its lineup of Itanium-based servers that have been such a burr under IBM's saddle. PSI specializes in open server boxes that can run concurrent versions of z/OS, VSE, Windows Server and Linux. That ability to run mainframe software has put the startup under …
Austin Modine, 27 Feb 2008

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