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James Clapper

'Non-state actors*' likely to blame for Dyn mega-attack – US intel chief

A senior US intelligence chief has said that "non-state actors" – bored kids or crooks* – are likely behind the high-profile attack on DNS provider Dyn last week. A massive DDoS attack against Dyn resulted in multiple high-profile websites – including Twitter, Amazon and Netflix – to be unavailable last Friday. US director of …
John Leyden, 26 Oct 2016
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Apple to stage New York education event next week

Apple has sent out media invitations to a launch event in New York on January 19 that will announce a new initiative aimed at the education sector. Cupertino is being typically mum about the content, saying only that it is an “education event” and will kick off at 10am Eastern time at the city’s Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum. …
Iain Thomson, 12 Jan 2012
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Clive Sinclair unveils 'X-1' battery pedalo bubble-bike

Famous home-computing pioneer, unsuccessful electric kart promoter and balding sugar-daddy Clive Sinclair has announced his latest product: a sit-down electric-assisted bicycle fitted with an egg-shaped plastic enclosed body. The Sinclair X-1. Credit: Sinclair Research Yes! It's the battery-assisted bubble chopper! The …
Lewis Page, 04 Nov 2010
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Phorm: How it went down

Analysis For a company without customers, users or revenues it's pretty extraordinary that Phorm achieved the dubious distinction of being the biggest UK technology story of the past 18 months. It couldn't have done it on its own, of course. As it slinks away from the UK market this week, investors can thank BT executives, alongside …
Pirates ahoy!

Street-savvy Microsoft tries to pop the pimply face of piracy

Microsoft has tagged schoolkids as the UK's worst culprits for illegally downloading files from the net. The company, in its latest swoop on software piracy, today put out the results of a new study - dubbed Real Thing - which was based on a survey of just 270 children and 1,200 adults aged 16 and above. It found that 54 per …
Kelly Fiveash, 15 Jul 2008

Firewire to gain 3.2Gb/s bandwidth boost

Not to be outdone by rival peripheral interconnect technology USB, Firewire is likewise having its data throughput increased, the organisation behind the standard said today. But it's target speed of 3.2Gb/s falls some way below that of USB 3.0. Firewire currently supports two speeds: 400Mb/s and 800Mb/s. Both use different …
Tony Smith, 17 Dec 2007
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Blue Note label to offer downloads'n'social on web

Jazz and blues record label Blue Note plans to revamp its website from later this month, transforming it from a regular corporate front window to a combined social network and music download shop. The move could be seen as flying in the face of conventional marketing wisdom. Jazz fanciers are assumed to spend their music-buying …
Lewis Page, 13 Aug 2007
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Future warfare and all that Jizz

Letters This week, the MOD took to gazing into a crystal ball, and came up with a number of scary sounding predictions for what the future might hold. Many of you felt that this shameless pilfering of the best of cyberpunk might have been better avoided. Perhaps the MOD's think tank could lend its future diagnosticator to Des Browne …
Lucy Sherriff, 13 Apr 2007
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Tinsel takes out Wi-Fi Dalek

Letters Let's get right to it. This week, there was terrible news for sleepy people on rush hour trains: Mobile phones are safe to use. Can't you somehow combine this story with to produce a seasonal scare story entitled "No 'evidence of risk' of cancer from Xmas decorations" …
Lucy Sherriff, 08 Dec 2006

BBC mulls database of kids

Still plotting ways to root out Blue Peter benefits cheats, puritanical BBC producers are chewing over plans for an intelligence database that petty officials can use to keep an eye on pesky kids. Producers of Blue Peter, the hit children's TV magazine show, have been considering options to prevent imposters from buying the …
Mark Ballard, 27 Apr 2006
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Sky HD is here

Geek TV Get your Sky HD here Deck your telly in bunting: Sky has finally announced a date for its high definition service. You can start snapping up HD Sky+ boxes and subscriptions next Wednesday (12 April), though you'll have to wait a few weeks for installation. Meanwhile, you might want to amuse yourself by selling all your old …
Jane Hoskyn, 07 Apr 2006
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Blue Peter ID Cards for pesky kids

BBC bosses are mulling plans to issue Blue Peter ID cards in place of the coveted badges awarded to kids who prove their lickspittle credentials to producers of the hit TV show. The Beeb is understood to have tabled the initiative using emergency powers granted under the Prevention of Antidisestablishmentarianism Act (1869), in …
Mark Ballard, 28 Mar 2006
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French firms rampage through Reg letters bag

Letters Wanadoo got in lots of hot water last week for their advert showing teenagers snogging in a scrap yard. The advertising standards people said it was too risque and that scrap yards are dangerous places to play; so it slapped a ban on the ad: You can see it now: Kid one: "did you see the Wanadoo ad?" Kid two: "Yeah it was so …
Lucy Sherriff, 22 Mar 2005
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Teen 'angel' arrested for £20k web fraud

A teenage boy described as "an angel" by his grandmother has been arrested and bailed amid allegations that he netted £20,000 flogging non-existent gear from his website. The l4 year-old, who cannot be named for legal reasons, allegedly ran an ecommerce operation from his bedroom at his gran's house. He offered cheap plasma TVs …
Tim Richardson, 25 Jan 2005
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Hacker groups declare war on

A record number of malicious hacking attempts were made this month, and anti-American groups are responsible. So says Mi2g, the London-based security consultancy, which notes that US government on-line computers belonging to the House of Representatives, Department of Agriculture, Department of Education, National Park Service …
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PSINet caught red-handed with spam contract

Stumbling ISP PSINet has owned up to a contract with a sender of bulk unsolicited commercial email - known to you and me as spam. It has long been a suspicion that some ISPs have had illicit contracts with spammers, despite a publicly stated policy against such practices. However, after news site CNet obtained an unsigned copy …
Kieren McCarthy, 07 Nov 2000
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DDos degrades the Net

Whether pesky kids, or the CIA, are to blame for last week's high profile distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks, it seems all Net users were affected by the online mischief-making. According to Keynote, which monitors such things, the Net's performance suffered across the board as a direct result of the attacks on Amazon …
Tim Richardson, 14 Feb 2000