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Chris Shelton

UK micro pioneer Chris Shelton: The mind behind the Nascom 1

Archaeologic Chris Shelton is not well known today, yet the British microcomputer industry would have been a very much poorer place without him. Never as famous as Sir Clive Sinclair, with whom he worked in the past; Acorn’s Chris Curry, Herman Hauser, Steve Furber and Sophie Wilson; or even Tangerine and Oric’s Paul Johnson. Nonetheless, …
Tony Smith, 21 Aug 2013

WTF is... IPv6?

On the 8 June, it’ll be World IPv6 Day – a coordinated effort by major services on the internet, including Google and Facebook, to provide their services using the new version of the Internet Protocol. It’s part of the plans to cope with internet addresses ‘running out'. But just what is IPv6 - and what does it mean for most …
Nigel Whitfield, 10 May 2011

Want to do a desktop refresh? How would you like to pay?

Workshop Developments in both the worlds of PC technology and the global economic climate have conspired to slow down much of the “routine” desktop upgrade cycle that takes place periodically in most organisations. The combination of Windows Vista and the financial meltdown combined to push many refresh projects onto the back burner, …
Tony Lock, 14 Oct 2010

MS virtualisation bug dodges defences

A newly discovered flaw in Microsoft's virtualisation technologies creates a potential mechanism for hackers to sidestep security defences. The unpatched vulnerability creates a possible route around security threat mitigation technologies such as Data Execution Prevention (DEP), Safe Exception Handlers (SafeSEH) and Address …
John Leyden, 17 Mar 2010
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Windows 7 gets built in XP mode

Microsoft is adding a "Windows XP Mode" to Windows 7, in a move to encourage users to make the switch to the software vendor's forthcoming operating system. The firm has built its XP mode into Windows 7 by using the Windows Virtual PC technology Microsoft acquired in 2003, to make the OS compatible to run apps designed for …
Kelly Fiveash, 27 Apr 2009

Hitachi goes global with vein recognition biometric

Retinal scans, finger prints or facial recognition get most of the attention but developers across the world are quietly labouring away at alternative types of biometrics. Recognition by the way someone walks (their gait) or the rhythm they make when they type and others have each been tried as potential biometrics. Hitachi is …
John Leyden, 23 Jul 2007
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Trade Commission probes HP-Acer patent spat

The US International Trade Commission said today it will investigate allegations that Taiwan-based computer vendor Acer has violated Hewlett-Packard patents. The commission stated that no decisions have been made on the merits of the case, and will sick administrative law judge Paul Luckern on the feudsters to hold an …
Austin Modine, 17 May 2007
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Acer sues suppliers over HP patent lawsuit

Acer is suing a posse of suppliers to share the pain of patent infringement suits filed by rival PC maker Hewlett-Packard. The company confirmed today its US subsidiary has filed complaints against electronics contract manufacturer Hon Hai, notebook maker Quanta and Acer's former manufacturing arm, Wistron, to jointly face HP's …
Austin Modine, 10 May 2007
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'Please read this important email: you are being shot'

Analysis These days, no major tragedy is complete without ambulance-chasing technology boosters muscling in on the aftermath. The Asian tsunami and the London 7/7 attacks both provided a tasteless excuse for evangelists to hype their favourite cause: instant real-time communications in general, and blogging in particular. But with the …
Andrew Orlowski, 18 Apr 2007

HP looks to teach Acer about Texas Justice

Hewlett-Packard has sued Taiwan-based PC maker Acer for alleged infringement of five U.S. patents related to PC technology. HP hopes to block Acer from selling products stateside allegedly using HP's technology, including notebooks, desktops and media center systems. The five patents involve processor tweaks, power- …
Austin Modine, 27 Mar 2007

NY Times rattles IT industry with analyst ban

On Nov. 10, the New York Times declared a radical change in its editorial policy. The paper ceased quoting technology analysts in stories, if the analysts do business with the vendors mentioned in the articles. The policy shift has proved so radical that the Times has failed to adhere to it. The Times needed only 121 words to …
Ashlee Vance, 12 Dec 2006

Elonex: the end of an era

Analysis The reaction of many people in the PC business to the news that Elonex Plc (UK) was in administration was a shrug: Elowho? Elonex logo The brand name and some assets of the veteran PC were picked up last month by Afics, a cartridge recycling firm, which is still mulling over whether it will sell Elonex-branded PCs. So now …
Tim Phillips, 18 Jul 2006

SGI delisted, becomes penny stock

Silicon Graphics Inc today issued a melancholy press release confirming that it has been kicked off the New York Stock Exchange, and will now trade as a "penny stock". The news will bring a shudder to many in Silicon Valley for whom SGI was not simply an employer - and many Reg friends have passed through its doors - but a …
Andrew Orlowski, 02 Nov 2005
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Infinium to bring game rental downloads to Europe

Interview Infinium Labs' plan to target "yesterday's gamers" with its long-promised console/online game rental service will involve a European roll-out the company revealed this week. Speaking to The Register yesterday, CEO Kevin Bacchus and European MD Greg Koler remained tight-lipped on the service's launch window here - and, for …
Tony Smith, 02 Sep 2005
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The post-PC era is upon us

Analysis IBM is trying to sell its PC business. Korea has already launched a programme called "The Post-PC Era." Jonathan Schwartz, president of Sun Microsystems, told the New York times: "We've been in the post-PC era for four years now." Can we really manage without the PC? For rivals to IBM, the news that its ThinkPad range may be …
Guy Kewney, 06 Dec 2004
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And now some words from our game sponsor

Analysis The first several generations of electronic game playing were hit and miss affairs, based primarily on powerful arcade consoles, low resolution PC graphics and specialist games consoles that simply didn’t do enough. Today’s electronic games business is worth in excess of $20 billion of predictable annual global revenues, with …
Faultline, 18 Nov 2003
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Microsoft picks IBM as Xbox 2 processor partner

Microsoft has signed up IBM to manufacture chips for the "future" generations of its Xbox console. According to a statement offered by both companies, Microsoft has "licensed leading-edge processor technology from IBM for use in future Xbox products and services to be announced at a later date". That's the same language used …
Tony Smith, 03 Nov 2003
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Next DVD spec. to offer Net access not more capacity

The DVD Forum, the body that oversees the DVD specification, has decided to stick with red laser technology and current storage capacities rather than make the move to blue light and more capacious discs. Instead, it will offer Internet integration to tempt upgrade-hungry consumers. The Forum, which counts consumer electronics …
Tony Smith, 27 Oct 2003
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Nimble reveals personal multimedia phone

Reg Kit Watch Videophone Nimble Microsystems has launched the Nimble V5 personal video conferencing player, a compact information appliance based on VIA's C3 x86-compatible processor. How compact? The V5 measures 19.3 x 19.3 x 5cm (7.7 x 7.7 x 2in), says Nimble. It offers e-mail, web browsing, instant messaging, IP telephony and video …
Tony Smith, 19 Jun 2003
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Bored and confused by the PC Internet – world turns to phones

A Pew Research report published yesterday makes sober reading for techno-utopians. It reveals that Internet usage in the US has stalled. Half of the population doesn't want the Internet and doesn't care less about what it might be missing. "Missing out on the most popular movement of the 1990s didn't seem to bother the unwired …
Andrew Orlowski, 18 Apr 2003
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RIM opens up technology

ComputerWire: IT Industry Intelligence Research In Motion Ltd is looking to propagate its Blackberry platform more widely by offering other manufacturers a reference design based around the wireless technology. As part of the effort, Analog Devices Inc will provide potential partners with an integrated processor …
ComputerWire, 05 Apr 2002
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Steve walks on water; you're a moron, and so's your old man

See also: Thank God someone's finally exposing this charlatan You both make good points, but we're still leaning in Steve's direction Dear Mr. Greene, While I don't want to come across as strident, you don't seem to have read the "thousands of words on his Web site" you mention Steve Gibson as having written. There is one …
Thomas C Greene, 09 Jul 2001
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Connectix previews virtual Windows, Linux even OS/2 tech.

Emulation specialist Connectix - the company that ran into so much trouble by daring to allow Mac and PC users to run PlayStation games - has released a preview version of its upcoming Virtual PC for Windows software. An x86 emulator for an x86 platform? No, it didn't seem to make much sense to us either. Virtual PC began life …
Tony Smith, 02 May 2001
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Everything you ever wanted to know about CPRM, but ZDNet wouldn't tell you…

1. What is CPRM? CPRM or Content Protection for Recordable Media is a mechanism for controlling the copying, moving and deletion of digital media on a host device, such as a personal computer, or other digital player. It's already used in specific removable media, and is now being proposed for inclusion in the ATA specification …
Andrew Orlowski, 10 Jan 2001
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HW Roundup Freaks cook eggs on CPUs

Kyle, at HardOCP points us to Freaknuts, who are turning their PC technology into a method for making a good solid breakfast. The lads at Tom's Hardware have an interesting and comprehensive piece reviewing 18 motherboards using the i815 chipset. The Solano, you will recall, is the chipset supporting PC-133, which Intel was …
Mike Magee, 06 Sep 2000
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Numeritech semi floats: share price flies

A US firm which creates proprietary technology which it claims will assist yields for semiconductors at processes of .18µ (micron) and far below went public on Nasdaq at the end of last week. Numerical Technologies (ticker: NMTC), works on technology that will circumvent lithography problems that occur creating semiconductors at …
Mike Magee, 10 Apr 2000
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Otellini: Watch out for the killer apps

Intel Developer Forum Paul Otellini, senior VP of Intel's server architecture group, this morning demonstrated the depth of the cunning plan Internetzilla is developing to secure its place in the coming revolution. Otellini claimed that a new class of killer applications was emerging, based on XML, which he said formed the basis of the Third …
Mike Magee, 16 Feb 2000
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Intel: Memory strategy unchanged (cough)

Intel Developer Forum Pat Gelsinger, vice president of Intel's desktop products group, said today that Rambus memory is still the company's top choice for the desktop and mobile markets. But, at the same time, he acknowledged that Intel will use DDR (double data rate) memory for its server platform, and that unavailability and high pricing of Rambus …
Mike Magee, 14 Feb 2000
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Bill Gates luvs Sir David Frost (true)

Bill Gates duly trooped on to Sir David Frost's BBC1 breakfast TV show yesterday, where he signalled his intention to bid with Richard Branson for the rights to run the UK Lottery. Yesterday saw the chums in good form. Gates was given the chance to make a point about the need for cutting-edge technology, complaining that " …
Graham Lea, 07 Feb 2000
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Gates promises enriching experience for UK lottery

Microsoft has joined the team of companies fronted by Virgin's Richard Branson in order to bid for the UK's lottery. Bids for the contract, which will run for seven years, are due in next month, and a happy Bill Gates of Microsoft was yesterday telling interviewers all about how PC technology would revolutionise the process and …
John Lettice, 07 Feb 2000
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Cross my Palm with Sony

Analysis Apple's Steve Jobs must be now be really pissed off that 3Com CEO Eric Benhamou wouldn't sell him Palm Computing when he offered to buy it. How come? Well, last week, while the PC industry was focusing its attention on Comdex, its annual shindig, held in Las Vegas, a deal between Palm and Sony slipped quietly by, barely …
Tony Smith, 26 Nov 1999
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Buy a PC for Christmas and Yule be sorry

Even though the prices of PCs have consistently dropped over the last four years, the question of whether to buy a machine is still a serious one for most families. And around this time of year, as the tinsel starts to appear, draped over otherwise unappetising looking boxes, the pressure to buy increases. The question that we …
Mike Magee, 15 Nov 1999
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Nintendo selects S3 texture comp. for next-gen console

Top marks to S3 for rushing out a release informing us all of Nintendo's decision to license its S3TC texture compression technology in Dolphin, the in-development successor to the Nintendo N64. However, Nintendo will have to wear the dunce's cap and stand in the corner for paying S3 for technology it could have got from S3's …
Tony Smith, 30 Sep 1999
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Amiga president bails

So farewell, then, Jim Collas. You were president of Amiga, inc. but now you have quit to pursue "personal interests", as your former employer puts it. Did you jump -- or were you pushed? Actually, we suspect the former. Collas was put in charge of Amiga in an attempt to make something of the moribund operation PC vendor Gateway …
Tony Smith, 01 Sep 1999
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Lightweight mobiles in vogue in Japanese market

While the Japanese economy is still staggering towards an unsure future, enough new technology is on view in the 500 or so shops in the Akihabara market in downtown Tokyo to demonstrate that innovation is on a surer footing. A sort of a super Tottenham Court Road, each side of the 500 metre street is lined with electronics …
Mike Magee, 29 Nov 1998
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C-Cube unveils DVD recording chip

Recording DVDs could soon become a consumer PC technology, thanks to a new chip from C-Cube, DVxplore. The chip can encode video from analog or digital camcorders in MPEG 2 format -- the standard DVD encoding technology -- and save it on a PC's hard disk, a CD-R or DVD-RAM disk. According to C-Cube, it also allows the encoded …
Tony Smith, 02 Nov 1998
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Intel's Barrett says company made $2 billion from Net since July

Intel CEO Craig Barrett has used his visit to the UK to hit out at the high price of telecomms charges and a lack on behalf of the educational authorities to implement PC technology. Barrett, who later this afternoon is speaking at the House of Commons as part of a joint educational initiative with the University of Oxford, said …
Mike Magee, 23 Sep 1998