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Spoilsport scientists unstick Spider-Man

A team of scientists from the University of Cambridge has disagreeably grounded Spider-Man after concluding that were the arachnohuman crimefighter to use gecko-style sticky pads to scale buildings, they'd need to measure 40 per cent of his body surface.* That's because the bigger the animal, the less surface area versus …
Lester Haines, 18 Jan 2016

Microsoft can't even shift Windows 8 slabs in the middle of a tablet frenzy

Microsoft can't tap into the fast-growing tablet market, according to new figures that reveal lacklustre sales of Surface RT and other Windows 8 slabs. Canalys figures for Q4 show a 12 per cent growth in the worldwide PC market, fuelled by a 75 per cent rise in tab shipments to 46.2 million units. Notebooks sales were flat (58 …
Paul Kunert, 7 Feb 2013

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